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  1. I believe each dinner is $125 or $100 if you book all six dinners. I wish the dates weren't so close together - there's quite a few I would like to attend. I love Crenn's food. If you can only pick one or a few I'd recommend her.
  2. Oh, no, I forgot. da Goose, you up for it?
  3. Paul would like to come if there is room. Turns out Paul has an appointment that evening and will have to miss out. He is not happy about it. Tragic! I'm glad we'll at least have you and I'll send my best wishes home with you.
  4. I'm in, and so is my +1! Edited to add: I'll probably be able to be there for Tavern Law part but my +1 won't be able to join until Marjorie. So sorry to miss you, Allyson, but I have choir practice on Tuesdays. Have fun! I'll miss you, too! I should be back again in the not too distant future, so I'll make sure to plan something that's not on a Tuesday.
  5. Ok, I've requested a reservation for 8 people at 6:30 PM. That's their limit and when they open I can call and see if we can do any more. The current list is: Me Eden+1 da Goose Lauren Sally+1 Steve
  6. I'm going to make a reservation for next Tuesday, January 10th at Marjorie at 6:30 PM. So far we have: Me Eden Lauren da Goose Anyone else? Don't forget pre-dinner cocktails at Tavern Law at 5:30 PM!
  7. Marjorie is closed on Mondays, so I think by default we're looking at the 10th. That would explain why in my notes I wrote down the 10th was the best day. Worst case, if people can't make the 10th, I'm game for drinks and some other food (burgers don't have to be included) on the 9th.
  8. Ok, by popular demand I'm hosting a BoM in January at Marjorie on January 9th or 10th. Which date works best for everyone? I'll be having pre-dinner drinks at Tavern Law at 5:30 PM (company would be welcome) and then we can head over to Marjorie at 6:30 PM and try and grab some of those burgers. See you all soon!
  9. Looks pretty tasty. Anyone want to go on January 9th or 10th when I'm in town?
  10. Nope, but since you asked can I tag you?
  11. Looking forward to it! Do they take reservations or are we taking our chances? They don't take reservations, but I've been there before on a weeknight and it wasn't busy. They're an order at the counter sort of place with a ton of seating, so I don't think it will be a problem. See you all at 7:00 PM on the 29th!
  12. We could do the 17th or 29th, but are booked the 22nd (prefer the 29th if its a toss-up...) If we go the 29th, it's my last night in town and I'd love company for drinks afterward if everyone would be up for it.
  13. I'll sign up for doing August because it will be my last month in town and to make things easy I'll go with Uneeda. Possible open dates: Wednesday, August 17th Monday, August 22nd Tuesday, August 23rd Monday, August 29th
  14. Anyone interested in July? If not, may I suggest Uneeda Burger?
  15. It was so good that we went back last night and took my mother.
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