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  1. I've noticed the same few people attending and hosting BoMs for the past few cycles. Does anyone who hasn't been in a while want to jump in and host for April? If not, I'll pick someone by April 1st, but I wanted to give people who've been sitting on the sidelines with ideas a chance to have everyone try their place.
  2. We ended up being short two +1s and never heard from Lauren, so we were just six. Toulouse Petit's burgers, both lamb and beef, were underwhelming. Too much bun and no pink when we asked for pink. They're clearly the safety option. Drinks and sides awesome as usual, though. Plus, we got out so early it was still light out!
  3. Ok, we're on for Monday, March 21st, at 6:00 PM. They can't do any later with a large group, but they do have two tables they can push together so we can all sit together. The 10 in the reservation are: Allyson +1 Eden +1 da goose +1 Sally Simpleton +1 Lauren +1
  4. For dates, it's looking like the 17th or the 21st would be best for me. I have too much stuff up in the air for the last week of the month. It looks like the 21st works for everyone, though. If we split into two on different dates, we might try for the 21st and the 31st. Currently: Allyson (Maybe +1) Eden +1 da goose +1 Sally Simpleton +1 Lauren (Maybe +1) For a total of 8-10 people. Let me know your thoughts on two tables on one night near each other or two nights (and preferred date if you'd prefer it split into two nights) and I'll give them a call.
  5. Well, people aren't jumping to go yet, so we might not have to worry about it. Anyone? You know you want a burger with a side of cheese grits! All of those dates work for me except the 25th. Brett would come any but the 17th or the 30th. I can do the 17th, 21st, 30th or 31st and I might be bringing a +1. I recall Lauren tried to set us up for Toulouse recently and management was limited in seating a group, but we could always try again. That's right. As Eden and Sally said - I think 6 is the largest group they can take so we may need to split into two or three groups
  6. Well, people aren't jumping to go yet, so we might not have to worry about it. Anyone? You know you want a burger with a side of cheese grits!
  7. Hrm, I wanted to try Re:public but their burger is only available at lunch. How about Toulouse Petit? I know we've all been there a bunch, but I have yet to hear a word about their burgers. Tuesdays are bad for me, but I can try and make other days work.
  8. Ok, how does having lunch at Bamboo Village tomorrow (Monday, 2/21) at 12:30 PM work for everyone?
  9. It's been a few months since anything has happened on this thread and I'm dying for some dim sum. Anyone up for a lunch next week on, say, Tuesday or Thursday? Bamboo Village has the advantage of being quick to get to from the UW, but I'm open to other suggestions.
  10. I like that idea! I'm in for two on the 23rd.
  11. Sounds good to me. Whoever gets there first should get a table. How many of us are there? Count me and Bjorn in for 2.
  12. I can do any of those except the 8th or the 9th. If it's not this week, Bjorn will likely be able to come as well.
  13. I wanted the local opinion. It's worked so far for Vancouver, so I figure I can't go wrong.
  14. After years of living in the PNW, I'm finally heading up to Victoria, B.C. for a weekend later this month. Are there any must-try restaurants or other food destinations I should check out while there?
  15. I usually get mine at Trader Joe's. They cost less than at your minimart, but I don't remember how much less. (Edited: This is what I get for leaving the window open too long.)
  16. Bjorn and I can do the 28th, probably for both happy hour and dinner.
  17. Yay! Sounds good. This Thursday works for me (plus one) if people can mobilize that fast. Other wise any day but tues or thurs the week of the 26th. This Thursday works for me. I'd also like to check out their happy hour beforehand if anyone is interested.
  18. Tragic! I'll be leaving for the Maldives on the 20th. Have a great trip.
  19. Bjorn and I went to Mistral Kitchen for brunch last weekend and it was lovely. We started with the scones, which dared to use enough butter to be good. The bacon wasn't the ultra-thick bacon so many places serve these days, but simply thin, crisp bacon that reminded me of what breakfast buffet bacon at hotels wants to be (if only because I'd recently dined at a very sad example of one of these buffets). My toad-in-a-hole was excellent and Bjorn was surprised at the size of the breakfast pizza, but also very pleased. Oh, and the drinks were great. I love the Naughty Sundress.
  20. Thank you for all the congratulations and suggestions! I was originally going to go with Union for this big dinner and keep Mistral Kitchen for a smaller dinner with just our parents earlier in the week, but I called to make the reservation at Union the day before they announced they were closing and they were kind enough to tell me about it early. We have a reservation this Friday to mourn their passing. In the end, I decided to go with Mistral Kitchen for this and push the smaller dinner over to Le Gourmand. Blueacre is also on my list to check out now when I can find some seafoo
  21. Next month a bunch of my family is coming to town and my parents want to take everyone out to dinner the night before my wedding because I'm a slacker and didn't organize any rehearsal dinners or other activities. I mistakenly thought I'd be permitted to go out and celebrate at Tavern Law with my friends or something... Anyway, I'm having trouble deciding where would be good for such a large crowd and worth the expense. Originally, I was thinking Canlis as it has food for both the adventurous and steak-and-potatoes crowds, but it looks like their prices have jumped dramatically on mai
  22. It's Terrance Brennan's first (but not last, I would guess) venture outside NYC. The original Artisinal is all about the fromage, and I'm hoping the Bellevue location is as well. It is all about the cheese - they were advertising on Craigslist for a "Chef Fromagier" a few weeks back. And they got one... he supposedly started late last week, so I'd give it a month or two before checking it out.
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