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  1. I still love the Baguette Box, though it might be too small for your group.
  2. If you go with the pie, I'll go with a chantrelle mushroom terrine. If not, I'll go with some sort of sorbet.
  3. I've seen dried ones at the farmers markets and Sosio's.
  4. Lucky. I'm heading to a wedding, so a sad no for me as well.
  5. Bjorn and I will be there. We'll ponder what to bring in the mean time.
  6. All this talk about fast and easy cooking has reminded me of my desire to make liquid nitrogen veggie chips with oilve oil dust. Someday I'll have to do something about that at an MF gathering. In the mean time, anticipate something with carrots.
  7. Thursday looks good for me. I'll see if I can settle on something tonight.
  8. I like either, but 11 AM is preferable for me this Friday. See everyone then?
  9. I could go for that. I'd prefer the 12:30 showing but could make any of them.
  10. Friday works for me, though an earlier rather than later lunch would be best.
  11. What do y'all think about Sunday July 15th for seeing the movie & maybe a dinner around it? (If we're a small group our house is available, if larger we'd need another locale) I'd be up for it!
  12. I'll be in the general LA area (OK, Hacienda Heights visiting family, but with a car) this upcoming week from June 13th through the 17th. If you had to pick a few places across the cuisine and price spectrum that really stand out that I should visit, where would you recommend? Tag-alongs also welcome. This is the first time in the 20 million times I've visited LA that I'll actually have a car and free time to see something, so the prospect of interesting foodies is always a plus. Thanks in advance!
  13. no but since I've been tagged for BoM, I say we go try it out - thanks for the suggestion. I ate at Demetres occasionally & the owners were SO nice! Now that where is settled let's get to the hard part: when... How are mondays? (June 4 or 11) or Thursdasys (June 7 or 14)? I'm up for either day of the week as long as it's the first full week in June (the 4th or 7th) and not the second.
  14. You mean at the Ballard Farmers Market? Sea Breeze Farm from Vashon vends there and sells duck eggs. Yes thanks Allyson! besides Sea Breeze there were also some from Hens & Friends- they were at the first veg stand most west. (wow does that make any sense at all?? haha!) *grins* It does. I'll have to check out Hens & Friends out, too. I haven't tried anything from them before.
  15. You mean at the Ballard Farmers Market? Sea Breeze Farm from Vashon vends there and sells duck eggs.
  16. Oooh, I know I'm late to the game, but I'd love to be in on a dinner like this. As long as it's not the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June, I'm game.
  17. 11:30 AM on May 11th sounds fine to me. I'll see you guys there.
  18. Likewise. I'd be more likely to visit the places I'm not as interested in so I could get an idea of what they're like without spending a lot of money. Places I think I'll really like (Veil, etc.) I'd rather just go and order whatever I want without feeling like I should have tried to save money by sticking to the promotional menu.
  19. Yes, I'll be there and bringing Eden.
  20. Are you trying to shame us into coming to Burien?! I'm game if the others are - but only if Tighe will join us on Monday night........ I'm fine with Burien, but apparently I need to bum a ride if possible, Bill wants to steal my car I'll take you.
  21. I'm looking for pease-meal and bere-meal. I'm willing to settle for barley-meal instead of bere-meal, but my best guess for pease-meal (or flour or anything pease related) is Central Market. Any thoughts before I take a chance and head up there?
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