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  1. I went just after they opened with a few friends and we loved the cheesy flatbread -- I think it either was or was a variation of the prosciutto and bechamel flatbread they have now. Nothing else was as memorable, but it was all decent and a good small plates meal. None of us had cocktails, so I can't comment there. It was very loud, though. The space looks nice but certainly doesn't help the noise.
  2. No hiding! Plus, this wasn't even really my month. I did January and no one stepped up for March, so I think suggesting something tags you.
  3. Hrm, since we're running short on time here, how's tomorrow night (Wednesday, 3/21) at 7:30 PM at 22 Doors work for people?
  4. Greetings from the PNW Mouthfuls forum! I'm looking for a recommendation for my mother for a caterer in the greater Boston area to cater a party she's having this June, and it's been a while since I've lived in the area so I'm at a bit of a loss. It would just be for some hors d'oeuvres for somewhat casual Sunday afternoon affair, but that's no reason the food shouldn't be great. One of her neighbors recommended Peppers Fine Foods Catering. Have any of you used them before or have any other recommendations I might pass along? Thanks :-)
  5. I don't really want to be the coordinating person, but I want to throw in a vote for going to 22 Doors this month. There's been noise that they might be closing and I've heard their burger is quite nice. Plus, their truffled shoestring fries are a delight.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't make it to the last one and I have no excuse since I live only a block away. Anyone else think they'll make it?
  7. Has anyone else been to the Hi Spot Cafe in Madrona for brunch? I went earlier this morning on a whim and thought it was fantastic. We had a great buttermilk biscuit, great fresh orange and grapefruit juices, really tasty eggs benedict with curry sauce, and my companion had a delicious looking omelet with mushrooms, cheese, scallions, and sour cream. Plus, they had a really nicely presented fruit cup (I can't blame them for bland strawberries in February). If I hadn't been so stuffed, I would have tried the bacon and cinnamon roll and French toast. There's certainly going to be a next
  8. Early Thursday might be OK, Friday is fine :-) Oh, yes, and Feb 16th works for me.
  9. I could do something early on Thursdays if I really rushed back to the U-District if it's easier for everyone else -- say, 11:30? A Friday at 11:30 is also fine, and the lunch on the 14th also sounded great.
  10. I'm interested, but Tuesdays and Thursdays don't work for me.
  11. You sold me on the onions. I haven't gone for the lamb burger either, but mmm, fried onions...
  12. I agree with everything Eden said about our Deluxe burgers -- way overdone, nice crispy bacon, way too big. I'd go for a Cafe Septieme blue cheese and bacon burger any day over it on Broadway. sparrowsfall, have any ides for next month?
  13. Ok. I've never been, so I'm up for Jade Garden. Is there a time that works best for you?
  14. I'm in need of some dim sum -- let's say for Sunday brunch. Anyone interested? More importantly, anyone have suggestions for places to go?
  15. So for tonight at Deluxe we've got the following people: Me Laurie Matthew (maybe) Eden (if she can grab a ride) Anyone else?
  16. This sounds so delcious! Seconded. I hope we'll see a bunch of recipe posts after this -- I'm really sad I can't make it.
  17. Ok, I totally dropped the ball on this since I went out of town. How does next Monday (January 22) at 7:30 PM sound? It's dinner, so people who work far away can make it, and it's not Wednesday (or a weekend) meaning both parking and Deluxe should be less of a madhouse. Along a similar line, has anyone been to Red Mill Burgers? They were just mentioned to me a few days ago as somewhere with great burgers.
  18. Ok. I have to confess I came to BoM because I've been having trouble finding good burgers in Seattle, not because I know where to find one. Do people have any preference on lunch or dinner and dates? As for locations, I've been told the Deluxe Bar and Grill on Broadway has good burgers with nice buns from Grand Central Bakery... can anyone confirm or deny and would people be interested in finding out?
  19. I've seen them at the Godiva stand in Northgate Mall.
  20. I'm still up for it and any time works for me, though I'm sure I'll be hungry fairly early.
  21. I thought the spreads at Coco la ti da were just as good as at Lola. Maybe it was a batch thing, but the beetroot added a lot of color and just a hint of flavor when I had it. The butternut squash was the only one which I would say was just OK and it was really the consistency that turned me off. The nice crisp crackers needed something a little more liquid and mushy. I went back today for brunch and while there isn't a full brunch menu, there were three brunch specials (they open at 11 AM on Sundays for brunch). The first was a yogurt parfait with pomegranate seeds, honey, pecans, and
  22. I also agree that the Portage Bay Cafe is fabulous. I've had their “ranchers breakfast” before because I couldn't decide what I wanted of all the great things on their menu. Their wait on weekends is somewhat crazy, though. Having just gotten back from Monsoon (since I live down the street and patronize them quite often for brunch), I have to plug their brunch. Their dim sum has been mentioned in passing on that thread and while it doesn't have the hold-in-the-wall ambience with the carts and the yelling Chinese grandmothers, their few options are really tasty and made to order. They'v
  23. I'm all for next Saturday (11/25) as I'll be out of town the following week and am in desperate need of good dim sum.
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