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  1. Looks like it is time for the biennial update to the Jackson Hole, WY thread. . . My wife and I are headed out later this month after a two year absence. I have heard that Old Yellowstone Garage closed (owners returned to Italy) and that JHMR has opened a new high end restaurant at the top of the gondola, called "Couloir." Does anyone else have any other updates? We will make return visits to our old favorites (Snake River Grill, Teton Thai, Billy's, Koshu, Trio, etc.), but want to hear the latest skinny on Couloir, the recently opened Blu Kitchen and any other notables. Here
  2. In that neighborhood, late-ish, not too fancy, I would say that the tapas bar at Taberna del Alabardero is a no-brainer. You can sit at the bar of at one of a few tables and enjoy some onf the most authentic Spanish food this side of the Iberian peninsula. http://www.alabardero.com/ A little farther away (17th around R) is Hank's Oyster Bar. They server very excellent, but simple, seafood items (you may see an occasional steak or short ribs too). This is a great little neighborhood spot. http://www.hanksdc.com/ Finally, over near DuPont Circle (21st and P), I would try Urbana. The
  3. I prefer to pick crabs, but if you are Hell-bent on crab cakes, the cakes at Timbuktu are probably the best around (at least on this side of the Bay). http://www.timbukturestaurant.com/index.html
  4. Zed's is classic Georgetown though - Ethiopian food for people who don't want to actually venture into one of THOSE restaurants on U Street or in Adams Morgan. That's where the help eats daaaaaarling.
  5. I recently held a dinner party there and Chef Krinn came out to chat afterwards. He intomated that he feels like the kitchen is hitting its stride, but he wants to continue pushing higher. Interestingly, he thought he was having a much better time attracting solid kitchen talent to the area than good servers.
  6. I like Indique too - for traditional Indian, during the work day, I run to Minerva (I work in Fairfax) but for dinner, I like Indique (I live in DuPont). Actually, I often just walk to Heritage because I don't always think to metro up to Indique and, while not traditional, Heritage is also quite good.
  7. I have posted about 2941 here and elsewhere (http://cenoergosum.blogspot.com/2006/02/2941-restaurant-va-falls-church.html), but I dine ther on average once a month - both socially and for work - and I am convinced that Chef Krinn is turning out the most consistently outstanding dining experience in the area. I know Falls Church isn't convenient for everyone and he has neither the star factor of Citronelle or the pedigree of City Zen, but I have never walked out of 2941 having had anything other than marvelous food, excellent wine pairings and superior service.
  8. Has anyone been to Zenga since it opened? Has anyone been back a second time and paid their own way (i.e. Not as a work function or with a date paying)? I thought the food was creative and for the most part very well prepared. Even the service was solid - something increasingly rare in DC. However, I thought I would up paying a lot of money for what it was. Am I on an island here or do others agree? http://cenoergosum.blogspot.com/2006/02/ze...mci-center.html
  9. There have been a bunch of new restaurant openings in DC lately, but I think Rasika may be the best. I know some Indian purists bemoan the non-traditional nature of many of the dishes, but the food is really "on" right now. I posted a full review on my blog, but what do the other DC denizens think? http://cenoergosum.blogspot.com/2006/02/ra...nn-quarter.html
  10. Don Rockwell is a sort of glorified Chowhounds, if you ask me. Lots of "Sietsema-heads" (people who blindly follow the Washington Post reviews). Unfortunately, the depth and breadth of Mouthfuls is much greater everywhere else, though, to be perfectly honest, we only have ourselves to blame. If there are no posts, nobody reads them and comments and then there are no posts. . .
  11. This is a tough topic because everyone down here keeps their favorite places a secret - lest they be discovered by out-of-towners. Sure, there are places we tell visitors about, but the really good places are mentioned in the hushed voices usually reserved for speakeasies.
  12. Mendocino Grille 2917 M St., NW Washington, DC 202-333-2912 Great wines by the glass and some of the best food in Georgetown. How late is "quite late?"
  13. If you have never been to Kinkead's, you really ought to go. Also, Cafe 15 is great - especially if they are running their "cherry blossom" menu - a cherry themed 3-6 course tasting (I know, it sounds tacky, but it is actually quite creative).
  14. Cabrales, It is very much hit or miss down there. I had a good experience at Heritage House (http://www.heritagehousebb.com/) but it isn't in the same league. Nothing nearby approaches the level of luxury of the rooms at I@LW. Honestly, knowing your tastes from posts elsewhere, I seriously recommend you plan to stay in a nice hotel in DC and get car service back and forth.
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