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  1. I really am more than ready for spring to emerge from this winter cocoon ...
  2. Springsteen never stopped to breathe for the entire show .. kept moving all the time .. what a talent! The crowd scenes with those tiny lights all over the stadium reminded me so much of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony!
  3. foodfancier

    John Updike

    Prolific ... I will miss his writings ...
  4. As a playwright, he was sui generis. He changed the theater forever.
  5. After I read the comments here, I went back to the obit and noted that most of the paragraphs open with numerous mentions of his dance background .. the theatre aspect of his life is very miniscule by comparison ... At least NY1 gives him credit primarily as a drama critic ... Clive Barnes obit
  6. Enjoy this glorious season!
  7. Remember when decathletes were cool? Without actually reading this article, can you name the reason?
  8. Not sure about the menu but Zac Posen did their clothes: photo of the happy couple
  9. okay .. check out my last post on celeb lookalikes... in the Separated at Birth discussion ...
  10. to your honest, yet annoyingly true, response ..
  11. Always found that Keira Knightley and Winona Ryder looked like twins .... What do you think?
  12. If Phelps was a Jewish kid, his mother wouldn't let him get into the pool for hours .. "you shouldn't get a cramp, boychik!"
  13. Somehow, I thought that being married would be beneficial taxwise ... or maybe it depends upon how one files one's taxes .. I can't recall the details ... But back to the real question everyone likes to offer an opinion about, how do you feel about gay marriage? Acceptable? Unacceptable? Who really cares what a couple does in their own bedroom?
  14. DeGeneres and de Rossi wed Personally, I am very pleased that it was now officially sanctioned by the state of California ... and I believe that people, gay or straight, can benefit from being allowed to wed ...
  15. so the Chinese women are young? didn't help here ...
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