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  1. Daniel - FWIW A friend just went to the opening of Porto - https://www.portochicago.com/ and spoke highly of it. Au Cheval is still great for a burger as is Kuma's Korner. Andy's Thai Kitchen under the El on Wellington is worth a visit and is BYO. And sitting at one of the bars at Proxi is great if you are a solo diner.
  2. Hopefully I am not too late. Can't really say there is anything new to recommend in Boulder. We have had several misses at Arcana. Frasca has new chefs, the team of Eduardo Valle Lobo and Kelly Jeun and they have really invigorated the menu. We always love Basta and Oak -- Oak is right off of Pearl Street but Basta is further out in more of a strip mall setting, but don't let that fool you. Kelly Whitaker serves up amazing wood-fired pizzas, order ahead lasagna, and amazing short rib and roast chicken. The chicken liver terrine is one of the best. Top Chef winner, Hosea Rosenberg has two restaurants, Blackbelly with its in house butcher shop and Santo, an homage to his New Mexico roots, is fun and casual. In Denver, Frasca's sister restaurant, Tavernetta, is serving impeccable cuisine right in Union Station. Also in Union Station is Ultreia, both creative and traditional tapas with a great wine list. Weekend brunch is a combination of some traditional egg and breakfast dishes but also almost all of their tapas are also available. For a fun and creative menu, try Super Mega Bien in the Ramble hotel, also home to the only other outpost of NYC's Death and Co. Super Mega Bien is dim sum style latin food. Large format punches and other shared drinks are served up. For classic French is Morin -- the tasting menu is $68!! w/out wine pairings, a veritable steal given the quality and creativity. More craft beer than you can shake a stick at -- go to the Source and have some sours at Crooked Stave and then a meal at Safta, Alon Shaya's new Israeli restaurant. That should get you started . . .
  3. Sorry I was too late for your visit!
  4. Also in the West Loop for cocktails, CK Distillery and Maude's.
  5. We just returned. Fine cocktails at Kumiko. Do not bother with the omakase and food pairings in the basement restaurant - Kikko. Acadia, Oriole, the Bellemore if you have time, inclination, can get reservations for fine dining. Varied menu, great cocktails, first come, first served at Proxi -- try the hamachi collar and their riff on elote -- elote fritters -- you can thank me later. Feeling like venturing further afield, go to El Ideas in the Pilsen area. And if you are a carnivore, go on a burger crawl in the West Loop and compare Au Cheval with Kuma's Corner, but the latter only if you can withstand some serious death metal with your burger.
  6. "Dinner at Dishooms with cousins" -- are said cousins going to wait in line at whichever of the Dishooms you choose for hours on end in order to secure a table?
  7. FWIW, I dined at Clove Club solo and had a great experience. Bartenders quite lovely and because I was on the early side, they gave me a tour of the dining room and kitchen and I chatted with the chef for a while about his influences.
  8. Nathan- We will be there from July 28-August 7, any overlap? We have reservations at Onyx (which closes for August) and Borkhanya Wine Kitchen. Other than that I have various lists that I have pulled together (lots of hipster coffee shops I'm told) and would be happy to share if you want to message me.
  9. Another vote for Publican. Or Green River, but then you have to get more alcohol.
  10. At Heathrow after dropping my daughter at LSE. Amazing meal at Restaurant Story. Masterful drink pairings by a great somm team. To share would be to spoil many of the surprises that the team put together to go with the story of the meal. More to come when I am back.
  11. Huckleberry Roasters is local and very good, but they are over in the Five Points neighborhood, as is Crema which sources their beans from several different roasters. There is an Amante Coffee that is local and very good. They just opened on 17th near Wazee. I haven't been to Little Owl but it is probably the closest to the convention center, so if you check it out, report back!
  12. Mongo- Don't do it. You are going to be very disappointed.
  13. A short walk from the Convention Center, you have Euclid Hall with, MORE beer, sausage pairings, chicken and waffles and the like. Osterio Marco, on Larimer, for roast chicken, wood fired pizzas, burrata with leeks. I do think they do takeout. The 16th street free people mover really opens up your access to the entire downtown area. You can take it right down to the newly refurbished Union Station. Beautifully re-done and worth a visit. There, you will find Zoe Ma Ma, an offshoot of the one in Boulder, hand pulled noodles, excellent dumplings. Try the Lion Head or Braised Beef. Very good for takeout. You will also find The Kitchen Next Door, also a good take away option. They do great salads, pulled pork sandwich, great meatball with soft polenta and the ubiquitous in Boulder and everywhere else, kale salad. Still at Union Station, the Mercantile has great upscale dining but they also have a market with great house cured meats and cheeses for another good to go sandwich option. Check out ChonLon for amazing "non-authentic" onion soup dumplings and other great dishes. If you can get away from downtown and into the Five Points neighborhood, try Cart Driver in a re-purposed shipping container, for amazing woodfired pizza, oysters, and prosecco on tap (if you get sick of beer) or their next door neighbor, Work and Class -- meats by the pound, the cabrito and cohinita pibil are worth the inevitable wait, and the house batched cocktails are quite delicious. For more shipping containers, Avanti just opened in the LoHi neighborhood, about a 15 m That should get you started. In the link that Sneak gave you, above, The Source is great but not conveniently located to downtown. Crooked Stave is amazing if you have a passion for sours and Acorn is great for both their shared plates -- try the charred octopus -- and craft cocktails.
  14. http://www.zumstammtisch.com/menus.html#menu-party-menu Uhm. This is weird. They actually have a funereal luncheon menu!
  15. Wow! You guys are great. This will get me well on my way to finding something. I was also thinking, maybe a good diner might be nearby . . Thanks for all the suggestions.
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