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  1. E.L.A.

    No. 12

    Had dinner at No. 12 tonight. This may have been their first night opened. I am not sure. I got an email yesterday, and made a reservation for tonight. As I said above, there is a new owner, who went on a buying spree and bought several restaurants in Ridgewood (including Stella Artisan, No. 12, and the Country Pancake House). So, No. 12 -- same aesthetics and decor, but brighter lighting and very different vibe, very different music (gone is the pop, hip hop, rock, etc., now it's more orchestral, loose classical, almost elevator type music, LOL). The new vibe is not at all like an interesting
  2. Having dinner at Fascino next weekend...and looking forward it it! One of my favorites in Montclair.
  3. Open? Catering/events only? Anyone have an update?
  4. E.L.A.

    No. 12

    Looks like the new owner of Stella Artisan is re-opening No. 12 New owner, obviously a different chef, so we'll have to see how that plays out. The original No. 12 was the brainchild of Ted and Heather Rossi, and even more, the menu was Ted's creative flair, his own personal flexing of his creative muscle, etc. So, while I am not a chef, on one hand, perhaps, you can have the recipes, the ingredients, and recreate the amazing food that was being out by Ted. However, on the other hand, Ted cooked what he created, what he was thinking, his own creations, etc. I am not so sure complete creat
  5. Hope everyone is well, safe, and healthy. So, one of my absolute favorites -- O Lar (in Piermont) -- closed during the pandemic. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go one last time...but according to the below story, they are opening a new restaurant in Northvale, NJ https://www.boozyburbs.com/2021/04/22/o-lar-returning-with-location-in-nortvale/ So does anyone know anything? Any updates? Thanks in advance.
  6. Mesob has consistently been one of the best/most popular restaurants in Montclair...very good food, excellent reviews, strong following. I've been several times and would always look forward to going back.
  7. https://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/dining/2020/11/18/jockey-hollow-bar-kitchen-morristown-nj-temporarily-closes/6318543002/ From the above article on NorthJersey.com . . . "He (Jockey Hollow owner, Christopher Cannon) plans to continue holding virtual wine tasting events, which he said are popular, and to sell wines. A passionate oenophile, Cannon has amassed a 175,000-bottle wine cellar. He also plans to do some catering. He hopes to reopen in May 2021."
  8. https://patch.com/new-jersey/clark/iconic-union-county-italian-restaurant-closes-after-100-years While we know it's just one of the very many, Spirito's, which is considered to be a NJ icon restaurant, and which has been in business for over 100 years, has closed. After some bumps in the road over the past few years, the restaurant has closed, and from what I heard, the property (building/land, equipment, furniture, etc.) and the liquor license is up for sale.
  9. For me, mentally, I keep "considering" in my mind, going to a restaurant where I know the owner, he/she is taking this situation seriously, has outdoor seating, hasn't crammed in the tables too close together, isn't letting people congregate (under the tent) around the tables, etc. I actually think about it, go through it in my head, and actually think about who I am going with. Then, about 2 minutes later...my intellect, prudent, responsible, etc., behavior and thought process kicks in...and the reality is that I am not going to any restaurant right now. That's just me. No right or wrong
  10. The Shorr family and their business has been around -- not that location obviously -- for what, close to 100 years?!?!? Harold's moved to Paramus over 50 years ago. Fair Lawn before that, and I think the original butcher shop/market was in Paterson before that. While I wasn't a regular...I did go there to get matzo-ball soup, LOL. Of course I went there for the Jewish holidays. If I couldn't make it over to Benny's, I even stopped in on occasion when I had a fix for pastrami, LOL. While I still traveled and went out of my way to go to Eppes Essen (not kosher), it was still nice going
  11. OK folks, non-political, non-BS... How many of you are comfortable going to a restaurant -- for outdoor seating -- if the restaurant/ownership is practicing social distancing, all staff is wearing gloves and masks, and the outdoor seating space is something less than full capacity? Anyone comfortable going to a restaurant for INDOOR seating? Same conditions as above? Thanks in advance.
  12. E.L.A.

    No. 12

    No. 12 just had a wild one year birthday party celebration! They had the best, most popular menu items from their first year, some specials, rocking music, and just a great night of fun and great food! I strongly suggest you get on the list, get a reservation...and go!!!
  13. Any news on when they are re-opening? Thanks.
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