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  1. I was told (by someone not in the industry, so not a qualified source) it's closed -- undergoing renovations -- as it was sold. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks.
  2. Interesting. Let's see how far this goes.
  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. P!!! So glad you enjoyed a great evening! I was there at 730pm, corner table, back room (to the left). Yes, the place is still doing exceptionally well and putting out top quality and top tasting food after Kevin's tragic death. The kids brought in one of his original protégée's who was there for a while, and then he left. They then brought in another original protégé who is still there. The main guy, sous chef has been there throughout, for the last 20 years or so. They are using Kevin's personal recipe book which has thousands of recipes. It's the first ti
  4. Incredible dinner at Cafe Panache last Saturday night! Exceeded my expectations -- and my expectations for that place are super-high, LOL. Every dish was excellent, and the layers of flavors and tastes were also excellent!
  5. Sounds like it has been sold. Anyone know anything?
  6. Of course I don't know the deal, arrangement, etc. -- but Tom Valenti is the real deal. A top, seasoned pro. I know that after he closed Oxbow, he was hoping/wanting to open a new place eventually, and while again I don't know it as fact, I would think if he wanted/needed financial backing, he would have been able to find it rather easily. Maybe the world has changed. I don't know. Regardless, I am very interested to see what they do at JH when he joins. Is CC bringing him in to do his/the JH thing, or is he going to let Tom do his own thing? Something in the middle? Interested to see.
  7. Yes, it's in Rockland County...but it's close enough to the border of NJ and it certainly rates to be discussed here. Clear, concise, to the point -- and more details to follow later...Just go. Incredible grounds, excellent food, craft/farm-to-table liquor, lacking wine list...but go!
  8. Had a nice, casual lunch with a business associate at this place. Closer to a "joint" than fine dining, LOL, and I absolutely do NOT mean that in a critical way. I liked the place. Looks like they are offering outside seating as well. Good food -- seafood salad, tuna tartare, and a shrimp wrap. I would absolutely go back.
  9. been sold? Anyone hear anything? I overheard two people (who sounded like they were in the industry) talking. Thanks.
  10. Thought I'd revitalize this thread... Recent visits include -- Bacari Grill (Township of Washington/Bergen), RP Prime (Mahwah), the new Olar (called Olar Noso, in Northvale), Stone and Rail (Glen Rock), Samdan (Cresskill), Tutto A Modo Mio (Ridgefield), Lu Nello (Cedar Grove), Capital Grille (Morris Plains), Stone Water (at 3 Peaks Marina, in Lake Hopatcong, for brunch), FuSha sushi (Parsippany), Sangria (Mahwah), Savini (Allendale), and Naru (Franklin Lakes). Details to follow...so where have you gone to eat lately?
  11. I've been back a few times -- it's excellent for fish.
  12. I went...for takeout...it's OK, good. I don't know that I would drive 25 minutes to go there, but for a change of pace, I might. Since Harold's closed, if I want pastrami, the alternatives for me are -- Benny's (Fair Lawn), Kosher Nosh (Glen Rock, which I am not a big fan of), and Petak's (Fair Lawn, which I haven't been to in a long time). So, at this place, Pastrami is their best offering. It's OK, good. Not great -- meaning not on par with Eppes Essen or Hobby's -- but good. Corned beef and brisket were fair, not as strong of an offering. Not sure how these are prepared, made, etc. -- as I
  13. Very nice, thanks! Someone told me that (nearby) Dimora is going to offer outdoor/heated seating, but I have not confirmed this. I was going to call over there this week. Thanks again Tubbs!
  14. Anyone know of any nice places in Northern Bergen County that is going to continue offering outdoor seating/dining -- and will have outdoor heating units? I believe Savini did last year, as well as Portobello (they had a very elaborate outdoor dining set up). I know a few of the places with the individual outdoor booths, igloos, whatever you want to call them, did have this as well. Anyone have an ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. I went when it first opened in 2019...and I had been to the Montclair location as well...which is what got me motivated to try the new Edgewater location...that and that De Novo had taken over the location which was home to Edgewater's long time Le Jardin, which I had gone to numerous times over the course of 20 years or so. The views alone would get me back there, LOL. Has anyone been lately? Thanks.
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