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  1. Mesob has consistently been one of the best/most popular restaurants in Montclair...very good food, excellent reviews, strong following. I've been several times and would always look forward to going back.
  2. https://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/dining/2020/11/18/jockey-hollow-bar-kitchen-morristown-nj-temporarily-closes/6318543002/ From the above article on NorthJersey.com . . . "He (Jockey Hollow owner, Christopher Cannon) plans to continue holding virtual wine tasting events, which he said are popular, and to sell wines. A passionate oenophile, Cannon has amassed a 175,000-bottle wine cellar. He also plans to do some catering. He hopes to reopen in May 2021."
  3. https://patch.com/new-jersey/clark/iconic-union-county-italian-restaurant-closes-after-100-years While we know it's just one of the very many, Spirito's, which is considered to be a NJ icon restaurant, and which has been in business for over 100 years, has closed. After some bumps in the road over the past few years, the restaurant has closed, and from what I heard, the property (building/land, equipment, furniture, etc.) and the liquor license is up for sale.
  4. For me, mentally, I keep "considering" in my mind, going to a restaurant where I know the owner, he/she is taking this situation seriously, has outdoor seating, hasn't crammed in the tables too close together, isn't letting people congregate (under the tent) around the tables, etc. I actually think about it, go through it in my head, and actually think about who I am going with. Then, about 2 minutes later...my intellect, prudent, responsible, etc., behavior and thought process kicks in...and the reality is that I am not going to any restaurant right now. That's just me. No right or wrong
  5. The Shorr family and their business has been around -- not that location obviously -- for what, close to 100 years?!?!? Harold's moved to Paramus over 50 years ago. Fair Lawn before that, and I think the original butcher shop/market was in Paterson before that. While I wasn't a regular...I did go there to get matzo-ball soup, LOL. Of course I went there for the Jewish holidays. If I couldn't make it over to Benny's, I even stopped in on occasion when I had a fix for pastrami, LOL. While I still traveled and went out of my way to go to Eppes Essen (not kosher), it was still nice going
  6. OK folks, non-political, non-BS... How many of you are comfortable going to a restaurant -- for outdoor seating -- if the restaurant/ownership is practicing social distancing, all staff is wearing gloves and masks, and the outdoor seating space is something less than full capacity? Anyone comfortable going to a restaurant for INDOOR seating? Same conditions as above? Thanks in advance.
  7. E.L.A.

    No. 12

    No. 12 just had a wild one year birthday party celebration! They had the best, most popular menu items from their first year, some specials, rocking music, and just a great night of fun and great food! I strongly suggest you get on the list, get a reservation...and go!!!
  8. Any news on when they are re-opening? Thanks.
  9. E.L.A.


    Chakra has closed...stay tuned for Tom's new restaurant (Closter)...
  10. Over the last couple of weeks...River Palm, Savini, No. 12, Rudy's (Cliffside Park), Bacari Grill, Oceanos, Varka, AB&G (for lunch while running errands), St. Eve's, Mantra (lunch), Sangria (Mahwah), Jack's Cafe (Westwood, for lunch), Mezza (Westwood)...and Callahan's...and Hiram's... Yes, I know, I go to a lot of the same places over and over again, LOL.
  11. Closed for the summer for major renovations.
  12. E.L.A.

    No. 12

    Well...since there isn't a single person who has anything to say about this place...I will... This has become my favorite restaurant in Bergen County! From arriving, to the raw bar (a minimum of 10 different types of oyster every night), to the shared-plate menu items, to the few entrees...the bread, served hot, right out of the oven...the music, the ambiance, vibe...to dessert...this is the real deal! The chef gets a daily inspiration and the menu is born. Some things stay, some rotate out and come back...but the menu is fluid and ever-changing. The flexing of creative muscle, intelect, i
  13. Thanks for the heads up, review -- I've been hearing good things about this place! Thanks again.
  14. Thanks...made the SumiLicious recommendation...thanks again!
  15. Very, very surprised to hear this. Thank you for the heads up.
  16. Where is your favorite smoked meat place in Toronto? Thanks in advance.
  17. I've been super-busy lately or else I would have posted this sooner...so, the River Palm, specifically the Mahwah location, has been sold to Frank Gashi and Patriot Gjonbalaj. Various reports say that the plan is to make the restaurant into a "classic New York steakhouse" and they plan on some immediate changes. A bar menu will be offered for the first time, as well as offering new, specialty drinks, some of which will be paired with the new bar menu. I don't specifically remember a bar menu per se, but I thought I remembered at various times they had "specials" and/or smaller offerings at the
  18. Thanks! I could find a reason to go to New Brunswick! Thanks!!!
  19. I am going this weekend!!! My daughter is home from Thailand and I am looking forward to going. Thanks again.
  20. E.L.A.

    The Attic

    Anyone going to the next one? Anyone? LOL.
  21. Ditto...Tommy's. 'Nuff said. LOL.
  22. Comments coming back from friends -- including several who are in the industry -- are that the place is "expensive". Everyone made that comment. Another common comment was that there is a disconnect between what they are trying to be, their prices, etc.
  23. Yes, I would think so...thanks. I was more hoping to find more of a "restaurant" setting. I'm looking around. Anyone know a place? Thanks again Anthony.
  24. Anyone familiar with the dish? Does anyone know where to get this dish in NNJ? Thank you very much. Here's a short video from youtube:
  25. I didn't know the two Mezza's were realted. Thanks for the heads up. I can tell you I've been to the Westwood local several times -- the food is excellent, and the service was good. I also didn't know about the trouble getting help -- then again, how would I know? LOL. Interesting that they are having trouble. I know there are people looking. I wonder what Saturday night was like. Like I said, by the time I walked by, while virtually every table was still taken, it was already after prime-time, so most people were well into dinner, finishing, etc. Thanks again for the heads up.
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