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  1. Interestingly, the certain guys (and, yes, they were all male, I believe) who drove away posters with their ugliness have now gone away themselves (or curtailed their posting)...thereby making it obvious they cared little about this Board.
  2. Suzanne, it appears that you somehow (intentionally?) got it backwards. Advertising is greatly reduced because circulation and readership had dramatically dropped off.
  3. Sammy, I confess I'm missing whatever your subliminal message might be.
  4. This is a bit hard to believe. From deadline.com...
  5. Y'all are making me wonder if I made a mistake converting to an iPhone 7.
  6. Margaret, when I need dough to rise, I heat up a spare oven in advance, then turn it off but leave the oven light on while preparing the dough. I leave the oven light on during the rise process in the oven.
  7. Favored restaurateurs here (including Robert Del Grande) have said a number of times they much prefer the parts of the animal that get exercised. The veal chop would not qualify. It lacks the texture and flavor that more active cuts have.
  8. I tend to think of veal chops as boring and totally dependent on its sauce treatment. Unless the iconic listing cites the sauce treatment, then I'm surprised a veal chop would be considered iconic.
  9. Yes, Joe, we have dramatically toned down the prep time/demands. And we have not observed any diminution in guest enjoyment.
  10. Interesting and worthwhile posting!
  11. Margaret, can't visualize anything "depressing" about this scenario once the event gets started. After it's over, you'll surely be feel good about having done everything. Totally a normal sequence!
  12. I'm still thinking about the restaurant workers' position. Perhaps it's similar to the situation when the tip is automatically added to my tab by the restaurant. I'm always amused, and perhaps even pleased, because the percentage they automatically add is always less than what I would have offered up. If people know the servers are more dependent on the tip, then the servers are likely to fare better...which I guess is their position on this.
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