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  1. Bistro Jeanty is a great place to go if Bouchon and Ad Hoc aren't taking walk-ins. Phillip is a no-nonsense French chef and his dishes are, for the most part, true to the classic preparations. Loved the duck and goat cheese rilettes.
  2. This just in....JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Tx. in a motorcade. Door's threads? Jesus.
  3. Are you saying great food needs to be sophisticated? I think this hits the nail on the head. I also think a base population that agrees on what is quality is essential. Nah, not saying that. Give me a Kentucky Hot Brown over the foie at Per Se. I'm just saying I live in Memphis, armpit of the MidSouth, home of Camouflage overalls, over-sized pick up trucks and pouffy mullets. This has been my vantage point to the American fine dining scene for the last 19 years. There are entirely too many idiots in our restaurant scene, rednecks that call themselves chefs because it's one of the only trades where you don't have to formal training to have a title. Anyone can lie their way into a Memphis chef gig. And the sad part is these liars, frauds, and non-swimmers last longer than the guys with the chops. The talented chefs know better and leave the city. Memphis is known for barbeque and fried chicken and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  4. A derth of unsophisticated rednecks. A plethora of top notch chefs who are competitive. Terroir. A base population that has an appreciation for quality. Good PR.
  5. I could see adding lemon if the end product was muddy and flat tasting (poorly made). But if you make it right the flavors should jump out at you without the unnecessary addition of acidity. Maybe she realized her rendition was lacking depth of flavor and wrongly went for the lemon. Who knows. Maybe she just simply thought-- "like, seafood has to have lemon with it, everybody knows that, like duh? Hootie Who..." If her and anger boy are the two best contenders left at the end of it all, the credibility the show had the last few season will have waned. Come on, give me a Grant Achatz versus Stephan throwdown.
  6. Poor Jeff the sex object food over-thinker. Next.
  7. You really want to see who's a top chef? Create an elimination challenge that pits those sorry season 5 clowns up against real chefs like Eric Ripert , Barber or even Collichio. Those guys are top chefs. There's not a season 5 contestant that could weather that challenge. But of course, that's not going to happen because everyone knows that outcome of that game. Hell, even Padma could kick all of their asses.
  8. I think the show should be called "TOP COOK". A Top "CHEF" embodies elements of teamwork/leadership/top notch cooking ability/organization. The focus has always been on cooking ability. If the show were really about TOP CHEFS most of those immature butt nuts would have been bounced long ago. And I would have told Stephan to hit the door after our first encounter. I've been keeping up with his dishes and haven't been impressed with a single one.
  9. Sorry, I'm late to the game. Not one of those "chefs" is worth a shit. The food they produce, for the most part, is ill-conceived and poorly executed. Top Chef has become just another formulaic reality schlockfest. 'Hey chefs, 1993's calling....they want their bad techniques and Vong rip-offs back. It's all about sticking a bunch of opposing personalities in a room together for days on end, giving them an open bar and watching the fire works. It's no better than that Rock of Love Bus crap on VH1. Just look at the pretty boy Jeff for example. That guy got a Wonka Golden Ticket when he got plucked from obscurity. He was probably the fry guy at Ford Models Inc. or something equal as banal before aspiring to take a title he didn't deserve on television. You can't tell me he's Top Chef material. Where are the Stephen's, the Marcel's, the Sam's. Fabio? That other German clown, Steph-an? The guy who admits he doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself? Hate to break it to ya, top chefs are team players ,chief. Ugh. Those guys belong back in their country of origin. Fabio couldn't even make pasta taste good. And as much as he espoused his grandmas secret recipes? Next. Then you have that whole team rainbow embarrassment? Leave the politics out of your pasta girls. That shit won't fly in the real kitchen. It's uncalled for and an obvious ploy by some uppermanagement types to play to a wider audience. I can almost see the disdain and disgust in Collichio's eyes when he looks at these kids. He knows not one of those morons deserves the title of Top Chef. But he's riding too high on the hog to let it get to him. I would imagine the Top Chef gig beats spending those hours doing expo. on the hot line. And the money can't be that bad. Hopefully, America wakes up and calls bullshit so the next season is watchable.
  10. Cameron's=Ease of use, lid fits snug to the pan so minimal smoke escapes, durability, built in retractable handles, long company history.
  11. Right. Grant pours boiling water over them for his ethereal vapors. My bad. Didn't mean to diss Tuscany.
  12. Here's a fun thing to do with your smoker. It's a take on the traditional pozole. Smoke some bone-in pork blade roast for about 15 minutes on medium. Put the roast in a stock pot with chicken stock, mirepoix, Mexican oregano, bay leaves, thyme Simmer for a few hours until tender. Pull the meat and return it to the pot/discard the bones Dump in a can or two of tomato puree, couple cans of hominy, a couple crushed cloves of garlic Simmer 20 minutes. Garnish with chipotle Tabasco/more Mexican oregano/raw cabbage julienne/sliced radish/tortilla strips (freshly fried). It's best to let this thing sit overnight to let the flavors meld. You can also smoke cooked Idaho Russet potatoes and combine with your normal fats (cream butter) for a killer mash. Smoke em about 5-7 minutes, any longer and they'll be bitter. Use hickory.
  13. Rosemary stems? Too Grant Achatz for my old school butt. I'm partial to the alder--especially for salmon. It adds a nice sweet element. But any of those chips are great.
  14. The one small issue with the Camerons (I found this out today when I smoked pork butt) is you have to use those finely ground chips. I chucked a small handful of regular sized hickory chips under the drip tray and smoked up the house. The lid isn't design to hold the volume of smoke back created by the larger chips. Other than that it's an great toy to play with.
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