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  1. The conspicuously missing brewery name on a certain beer.
  2. Has anyone been to Albi? (menu - pdf) Planning to visit next month. Not sure how a solo diner is supposed to navigate that menu if interested in a grilled main. Dauphine's was surprisingly decent earlier this summer, especially the paneed rabbit - now skate. Just don't order the gumbo. I only had lunch at Rumi's Kitchen, dressed up Persian (menu - pdf) DC branch of Atlanta-based restaurant. Duck version of fesenjan worked well. Looking to go back for dinner. Nice change of pace from the more casual places in LA and Toronto that I've tried - still need to go to Sofreh in Brooklyn.
  3. Black Project sours (cans) and a Suarez flemish red (on reserve bottle list) were decently priced to go at Grand Delancey in the past couple months. Both excellent. But the four-packs don't carry discounts -- just 4x of aggressive single-can markups. Hopefully Grand Delancey's draft list will fill out as they continue to expand hours back to normal. And as you may know, they've been holding events to get people back into the habit. Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen bottle pours in May, and a Monkish tap takeover last week.
  4. Greenpoint Fish had bay scallops for $60/lb. a couple weekends ago. Didn't bother asking where they were from at that price.
  5. Good catch. Their farewell note reads, in part:
  6. Alex, the fisherman, is retiring. Line in Tribeca was 20 deep with wellwishers at 8:40. Picked up a whole striped bass.
  7. Thanks. I’ve had their chowder clams and shiners/spearing. Nice people. I’ll keep an eye out for the squid.
  8. What's a good option for local squid -- whole (uncleaned) -- after this weekend? Their squid and some of the whole fish, if roughly handled, have been fairly reliable over the years, especially in that price range. I had fun with the random bonito Alex would haul in every once in a while.
  9. What a coincidence. I hadn't encountered this until tonight. A swift elbow put an end to the encroachment.
  10. Thanks. That's what I figured. So I'll have to round up a crew. At least LIC isn't as hard a sell as even five years ago. How was the veal brain grenobloise?
  11. Agreed. Started with the tuna, followed with the meatloaf and choose the gravlax pie for dessert for old times' sake. Fun. Would have been tempted by the seafood cobbler if not for the larger format. Good thing that they were out of the grilled octopus, or I might have ordered a fourth dish. Good times. The usual steakhouse menu seems solo unfriendly. Am I wrong?
  12. MumonA


    This is why you should read Mouthfuls. Thanks.
  13. That sounds great. Raw purslane? I've been just barely wilting my CSA purslane to make it easier to consume in quantity. With eggs. Homemade hummus, pickles and challah would understandably make for a very pleasing sandwich.
  14. I'll second Maria's pastry shop (46 Cross St.) for cannoli and their pasticciotti are worth a try as well, especially as a different take from the ones available at Gian Piero (in Astoria.) For no-frills lobster sandwiches, I've had good luck with Alive & Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge (269 Putnam Ave.) A retail shop preparing them to order. Sandwich and bag of chips for $14 a couple years back. Apparently up to $15-17 these days, according to yelp. If you're in Brookline and looking for a bakery, Clear Flour Bread (178 Thorndike St.) is a nice stop. Sweets and savories, both go
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