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  1. 12 minutes ago, joethefoodie said:

    Evidently gonna continue selling to wholesalers.

    Good catch. Their farewell note reads, in part:


    After providing millions of meals, driving countless miles, and enduring many sleepless nights, it is time to retire from selling at the NYC Greenmarkets.


  2. 1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

    No more Blue Moon Fish!

    What's a good option for local squid -- whole (uncleaned) -- after this weekend? Their squid and some of the whole fish, if roughly handled, have been fairly reliable over the years, especially in that price range. I had fun with the random bonito Alex would haul in every once in a while.

  3. Agreed. Started with the tuna, followed with the meatloaf and choose the gravlax pie for dessert for old times' sake. Fun. Would have been tempted by the seafood cobbler if not for the larger format. Good thing that they were out of the grilled octopus, or I might have ordered a fourth dish. Good times.


    The usual steakhouse menu seems solo unfriendly. Am I wrong?

  4. I'll second Maria's pastry shop (46 Cross St.) for cannoli and their pasticciotti are worth a try as well, especially as a different take from the ones available at Gian Piero (in Astoria.)


    For no-frills lobster sandwiches, I've had good luck with Alive & Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge (269 Putnam Ave.) A retail shop preparing them to order. Sandwich and bag of chips for $14 a couple years back. Apparently up to $15-17 these days, according to yelp.


    If you're in Brookline and looking for a bakery, Clear Flour Bread (178 Thorndike St.) is a nice stop. Sweets and savories, both good.


    Same for Flour Bakery, mentioned above, though their savories go beyond breads. Better than decent quiche at the South End location on a 2012 visit.

  5. they really seem to focus on what's available seasonally, again, very typical for restaurants in Japan, but less frequent in Japanese restaurants in North America.


    I agree. Lots of items that would be familiar at a homey izakaya in Japan. Braised daikon is a classic cold-weather dish.  Chikuzenni (second dish on the last column) -- stewed chicken and root vegetables -- is like a country cousin to the braised pork belly. Homemade fish cakes could be good as well.

  6. The latest message from their mailing list:





    The good news is we will reopen somewhere nearby, sometime soon.


    In the meantime, we are leaving on a HIGH note as we throw a series of mega farewell dinner parties each weekend. Tonight it’s “Our Trip to the Fulton Fish Market”. Another night it might be “TinTin et Le Temple du Soleil.” We are only taking reservations for these evenings; reservations for dinner and brunch for the rest of the month are closed.



    Tonight, August 6th “Our Trip to the Fulton Fish Market”


    As the birds started waking up early yesterday morning we packed canned beers, coolers and cooks into the back of a cargo van and headed to the Bronx to fetch our fish. It seems the saltiest fishmongers have the freshest stuff and we went wild filling up our vessel. Chef Hugue and the crew are creating a massive, magical feast and our wines and spirits will tie it all together.


    One seating at 8 pm (we won’t kick you out)

    $200 per person all inclusive (food, beverage, service)


    Call (718-425-6917) or Write@MWellsDiner.com or stop in to reserve your seats. There are six more Fridays and Saturdays in August. We hope you will join us to celebrate and sign off on a fabulous year and to gear up for the one ahead.

  7. I was just there this afternoon to pick up some tortillas. The corn for the fresh masa is ground downstairs. Makes a noticeable difference. Great flavor. Four types of tamales ($2 to $2.50): chicken/green, chicken+pork/chipotle, pork/red, sausage/pepper/cheese (Italian). Larger than the standard $1.50 tamales sold on street corners. All perfectly fine. The Italian special works well. Just think polenta. Light hand with the lard/fat, so that might be either good or bad depending on your view. Enjoyed the posole on a prior visit, though I'm no expert. The accompanying fried tortilla was excellent. Fish tacos and a chicken mole enchilada dish were new on the menu.


    Just to be clear, this isn't a restaurant at all. A couple makeshift tables and a countertop, each seating two. The above is all the food they serve at this time. But if fresh masa tortillas matter to you, it's definitely worth the trip.


    Tortilleria Nixtamal

    104-05 47th Ave

    Corona -- Queens


    Closed Mondays

    Closest station: 103rd St/Corona Plaza stop on the 7 line. About a five-minute walk down 104th St, essentially across from Leo's Latticini (Mama's) -- the sandwich place.

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