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  1. Well, I was more the money man than the builder. ah, I see . . . similar to my role. last night I cranked out ten pies for a shower my wife hosted for one of her friends.
  2. In the Atlanta airport One Flew South is a great option. Its hard to believe this place is in an airport. Some real talent in the kitchen and front of the house.
  3. looks great. I am very impressed you built it yourself. Mine is 39 inches. I agree about getting too big. I think 39 is just right. I can get mine up to pizza heat (800-1000) in about 30 minutes or so. Also, don't be fooled by thinking that a larger oven will allow you to make more than one pizza at a time. These pizzas cook so fast and need such attention that I could not imagine trying to do two at once. one is enough. plus, the fact that they cook in about 2 minutes mean that you don't need to do multiple pies at the same time.
  4. and, what are the damages? did they lose business because some customer left after noticing that the taste of the oil was not quite EVOO. Also, isn't there an assumption of the risk defense when you choose to use Rachel Ray ® olive oil? I mean c'mon.
  5. Who cares about your ER visit and the stitches, did you get blood stains on your new patio stones? no, thank goodness, I was on the other side of the house.
  6. Last night attempting to do some landscape work in flip-flops, I drop a very heavy ceramic planter on my foot. of course, the underside has a jagged, sharp edge that slices a huge gouge diagonally across my big toe, which begins to bleed profusely. A lovely trip to the ER follows, an adventure that lasts 3 hours and includes four stitches. Do not do yard work in flip-flops!
  7. the one here is prone to very long lines as the process backs up and bogs down. also, the burgers can have a greasy flavor, and not in a good way. 5 Guys must've undergone one of the largest national expansions ever. One day there was about 7 of them around D.C., the next month there were 3-4 in every city in U.S.
  8. eggs are an ingredient in frozen custard, a popular frozen dessert in the Midwest. Ted Drewes in St. Louis being a good example.
  9. I just read Medium Raw as well. It was an enjoyable read, some of the essays better than others, but what disturbed me was how it seemed to have such an apologetic tone. It really seems like he wants the industry he once chided to embrace him now. Hunter S. Thompson got older too, and he never apologized for shit. I still enjoy Bourdain though, even this mellower, more politically correct version.
  10. Caught a bunch of yellowtail snapper in the Keys. Crusted the fillets in flour, egg, panko and then fried in olive oil. Sauce was brown butter with crushed macademia nuts, lime juice, garlic, and basil.
  11. Fontainebleau: Don't stay here. Ugh. BLT Steak: Another great dinner. I prefer this to Prime 112. Florida Keys: Morada Bay Beach Cafe: Above average food in Islamorada in a beautiful setting. Outdoor tables in the sand under tiki torches with a perfect sunset. best meal of the trip that we did not prepare. Lazy Days: Overrated, even for the Keys. Nice view from the terrace, but seriously average food. Hungry Tarpon: good burgers, hilarious setting, kids loved hand-feeding the tarpon off the pier. Our best meal by far was the one we prepared with the yellowtail
  12. Two of these are burgundy not Rhone. love this: and they will glow in the dark.
  13. (deleted). it's just too depressing to read it. don't be a lawyer.
  14. ah yes, Hollywood filling in admirably for Mongo.
  15. Mongo, where are you when we need you?
  16. We had our first party on the new patio, and I made a bunch of pizzas for the crowd. This is not easy work, especially when it was only my third time working with the inferno. These pizzas cook in about 90 seconds and have to be rotated perfectly or one side will scorch. This is really impossible when a group of people choose to stand right behind you, ogling the flames over your shoulder while you attempt to slide pizzas in and out. I must have poked at least 7 people in the chest with the end of the pizza peel handle. Although one guest seemed to be particularly well-guarded from these
  17. It is reported that Abe's favorite foods were lobster and wild game, not a bad place to start for a new restaurant.
  18. Letting in the fresh water kills one season of oysters. Letting in the oil destroys the habitat for decades, killing many seasons of oysters.
  19. geez, what restaurants do you go to unless you're talking about chang, mcnally, etc. and those types of places, sorry, it's just jaded bs. i know a lot of small restaurants where the husband's in the kitchen and the wife runs the front and they very much do care that you enjoy your experience, and don't have to wait long and get good value. hell, i even find myself telling some their prices are too low. and bars care, too, apparently. the other night we were at a cocktail place that was severely understaffed and very busy. it took forever to get the sole bartender's attentio
  20. Restaurants want you to come, spend as much money as possible in as little time as possible, and be prepared to wait on line to do so for as long as possible. If you happen to enjoy the food and/or service during any part of this process, hooray for you, but they don't really care.
  21. And he isn't even 100% right now!!!. My favorite player from my two years of regular attendence at Stamford Bridge. Too bad he's as fragile as they come. Physically and emotionally I came away from the WC thinking he is tremendously overrated. Granted I haven't seen him play more than a couple times in the past, but he seems like a 1 or 2 trick pony: big left foot and good with his head. Fast? Sure. But one of the least fluid runners I've seen with poor change of direction and weak possession. Also appears to have difficulty holding his water in the box. I don't know
  22. Of course you can't – you're a lawyer. dammit!
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