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  1. AB, of course you are correct from a statistical analysis perspective, but you and I both know that 99.9% of the folks out there watching college football don't think that way and never will. Plus, the comments by the media only fuel the fire. Bottomline is that if your conference goes into bowl season or march madness and loses game after game to other conferences, the public perception will be that your conference is not as strong. that's just people.

  2. there is no information in how a conference does in a series of bowl games, even less information then comparing how conferences do in the NCAA BBall tournament.

    there's just the record of wins and losses. not so good for Big Ten so far. If Arkansas whips up on OSU, that will only get worse.

  3. Your criticisms of Whistler are cetainly valid. The 2000 ft base can make for some heavy snow. The mountain basically has 3 microclimates. it can rain at the bottom, snow at mid and sunny at the peak. I've been lucky and had some great days there.


    Sounds like you timed the Tahoe trip perfectly. I saw how much snow they got. I remember driving up to Squaw a few years ago from SF in blinding snow storm. Got poured on the next day; and then 2 gorgeous days.


    Some of my best days were at Alta. My best friend lived at the base of Little Cottonwood and would drop me off and go to work in downtown SLC..pick me up at the end of the day. Only drawback was it wasn't really a ski vacation. Evenings were spent in a regular houehold instead of a slopeside chalet/condo


    That Delta SLC Boston nonstop made it almost as fast as driving to central VT..especially since I had no car..:)

    I am skiing at Alta on wednesday this week. :)

  4. True altitude sickness is not common, but can happen. Much more common is feeling unwell because people are not accustomed to drier air and lower oxygen levels at altitude. This, coupled with excessive alcohol consumption, greatly increased aerobic activity and insufficient water consumption (all of which are common during ski trips)result in feeling like crap.


    I never drink alcohol on the first day of a ski trip, and I try to drink a ton of water and juice throughout the day to counter this condition.

  5. Say what you will about "tobacco road" and the movie "Hoosiers", but everyone knows that the real home of college basketball is Kentucky. So, tonight we will see the annual occurrence of the greatest rivalry game in college basketball . . . University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky.


    If you are born and raised in Kentucky you are indoctrinated into the cult of college basketball loyalty from day one. You love UL or UK, and there is no middle ground. You must hate the other school. It is the job of every parent to insure that their child grows up rooting for the proper program. UL parents must be vigilant to fend off efforts from UK cousins and grandparents to turn the child toward the wildcats. UK parents decline invitations for their child to attend UL basketball camp.


    For many fans this game is more important than making the Final Four.


    Go Cards!

  6. About 8 years ago, I purchased a set of "appetizers spoons" from the shop at MOMA. These are the type that are meant to serve as vessel and utensil. You know, the handle is curved under and the spoon is made to hold a small amuse or appetizer that is to be consumed in one bite. I have never taken them out of the box. But, I am going to tonight.


    any thoughts on something that would be good to serve in them? it has to be vegetarian or seafood based as I am hosting two non meat eaters.

  7. I am waiting for the supermarket that will take it to the next level. Customers don't just check themselves out and bag their own groceries, but will also stock the shelves, sweep the aisles, retrieve the carts from the parking lot, and work the deli counter.



    The Park Slope Cooperative has been doing that allocation of work for decades.

    Hence the word "cooperative". When I shop at a "store" I expect there to be employees who perform the various tasks associated with retail sales. Frankly, I am shocked that the hotel industry hasn't figured this out yet and started requiring that we clean our own rooms.

  8. I, too, got the book for Christmas, and I've spent many hours so far curled up on the couch with it. Last night I was inspired by the book to make quiche, of all things. I can't remember the last time I made one. It was a welcome change for supper (with a simple salad of mixed greens on the side).


    I didn't follow any of the recipes, per se, but cleaved to her ratio of 1 egg per 1/3 cup of heavy cream and stuck to her recommendations for time & temperature. It made for a lovely silky filling.


    (For flavorings, I used sautéed mushrooms and shallots, chopped steamed spinach, diced ham, and grated Gruyere.)

    I made the quiche from last week's recipe in NY Times. I think it was 3 eggs to 1.5 cups of heavy cream. Also made for a very silky texture.

  9. I am waiting for the supermarket that will take it to the next level. Customers don't just check themselves out and bag their own groceries, but will also stock the shelves, sweep the aisles, retrieve the carts from the parking lot, and work the deli counter.

  10. Born and raised in the south and we have always known about home fries. we just prefer hash browns, and at Waffle House you can get 'em scattered, smothered and covered.


    however, given the choice, I'll opt for cheese grits every time.


    Yep, I know you love those grits! But I was wondering if you can go into a hole in the wall family breakfast place down South and be able to get home fries with your eggs?


    probably not. it's kind of like ordering toast instead of biscuits . . . frowned upon.

  11. Not soppressata but close: Genoa salami. I have a fair amount left from a party. It was sliced on Saturday when I bought it and after serving it at the party and having some last night I'm sort of over it for the time being. It's the Volpe brand which is not all that dry so I am afraid just keeping it in the fridge may not be an option. Can I freeze it?


    Also, any suggestions on what to do with about two pounds of bocconcini will be gratefully received.

    Volpi is one of my favorites. If you put in ziploc bag and get all of the air out of it, it should keep in sliced form for about a week or so.

  12. Louisville is looking good with its limited talent this year. One bad game, but overall I am pleased with Pitino's work with this bunch.


    of course, conference play has not started yet . . . and having a wife who is a Georgetown alum makes being in the Big East even more unbearable.


    but, as much as Louisville has developed some good rivalries in the Big East, nothing compares to the showdown set for 12/31/10!

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