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    My total lack of any sophistication and knowledge regarding birding is on display for all. On another note, I wonder if Omnivorette has ever eaten wattle? I bet Ali knows a tasty preparation for it.
  2. Hey pal, you guys ain't exactly representing Mother Teresa over there.
  3. Be satisfied you can take a draw. true
  4. Wasn't there a thread a few months back about the best ways to store cheese?
  5. Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. Not only is Grisham a very very poor writer, but he engages in all sorts of hyperbole and exaggeration in unfairly painting a very negative picture of the attorneys who engage in class action lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs. Notice no one ever maligns any other profession for making money? As someone who represents plaintiffs (albeit not class actions) I have learned to get used it. The feeling one gets from helping a horribly injured person or a child who lost a parent helps take the sting out of the namecalling instigated by the insu
  6. For some Got up, drove to work, on feet for 5 hours so far...about another 8 hours to go on feet.Does this burn calories?? I am losing a bit of weight, i had to hunt out a belt last week, all my jeans are falling down. When I worked in the restaurant biz (front and back of the house) I never needed to exercise. Whether it was churning out apps in a boiling hot kitchen or flying around the dining room loaded with full trays of food, all I did was burn calories. Also, add in the two packs of cigarettes and 7 or 8 cups of coffee that I consumed per day, and my metabolism rivaled a
  7. Ron Johnson


    Yesterday, on my back from Frankfort where I was filing a complaint in the Eastern District of Kentucky, I was driving up the bluffs from the Kentucky River and I saw this massive wild turkey perched on the guardrail. Turkeys are really amazing creatures to see up close. They are HUGE, and full of brilliant colors. This was an older tom complete with the full waddle. He spread his wings and leaped off the guard rail down into the gorge below. Pretty cool.
  8. After having fallen off the exercise wagon since the new year, I am determined to get back at it. Bonus is the fact that my new office is just a block from my gym, and I can now go work out at lunchtime. I shall report back, as I am planning to head over there in a couple of hours. This thread will be a good motivational tool.
  9. Contacted by a hotshot mass-torts plaintiff's firm about being local counsel for all of their Kentucky clients in some massive MDL. I just finished drafting and filing all the complaints in federal court, and they told me that they are pleased with my work so far and are prepared to offer me 15% of whatever fee is generated from all of the cases. SWEET!!!!! I am going to pro hac them in once its referred to the MDL commish, and then I will just be along for the ride. Should be cool to see the Learjet Lawyers in action.
  10. Ok, so I 86'd the whole idea last night and had two glasses of 2000 Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage last night with my duck leg confit. Nice wine.
  11. I like that record very much, but I don't see it as life-changing. Why did it have that effect on you? Not sure how old i was when that came out, but looking back it had a fairly profound effect on me as well. Perfect Blue Buildings and Anna Begins come to mind in particular.
  12. As a recently converted devotee of the NYC subway system, I say let 'em raise the damn cab fares all they like.
  13. Did you put the slaw ON the sandwich?
  14. I have Thai Food. I have not cooked anything out of it, but I have immensely enjoyed reading it as a treatise on Thai cooking. Thompson focuses on the cooking of the royal court and wealthy upper classes. I also have Hot, Sour, Salty Sweet. Its more about street food, although not exclusively Thai. It includes cuisine of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I've cooked several recipes from it. I would recommend reading all of the introductory information in Thai Food before leaping into a recipe. They are fairly complex and require specific and sometimes hard to find ingredients.
  15. A friend of mine from Louisville, Scott Harper, was one of the 41. This was his first crack at it. The dude has extremely impressive wine knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if he licked it next time.
  16. I doubt one would've caught Liebling jogging around Luxembourg Gardens.
  17. Macaroni and Cheese: Penne pasta baked in a bechamel sauce fortified with a medley of cheeses from the fridge that I needed to consume. I think there was quesa fresca, asadero, parmigiano reggiano, and some gruyere. Talk about a melting pot! The bechamel was accented with a touch of cayenne and smoked paprika. Baked until bubbly and golden brown crust on top. It was delicious.
  18. No, but thats kind of what I meant by:
  19. Just finished Adam Gopnik's "From Paris to the Moon" after having set it aside for several months. At first, I was very disappointed in the book, but then after revisiting it, I realized that I had gone in with the wrong set of expectations. He turns a phrase about as well as any writer around today. Several times I took note of some sentence constructions that were particularly stylish and pointedly metaphorical. Its a very tender and warm story, and in many ways a love letter to his family. While it certainly lives up to the billing as an examination of the differences bewteen an Americ
  20. Based on this post alone, I am scrapping the idea. What the f**k was I thinking? Actually, I awoke this morning with a splitting headache and I haven't had a drop of alcohol in over a week. If I am going to wake up to my head splitting open, I damn well have better crawled into a bottle of Armagnac the night before. I also just remembered that I don't trust non-drinkers.
  21. I've just recovered from a nasty bout of food sickness (bad bad seafood), and without going into detail, let's just say that my stomach is a little weak. As a result, I have no desire for any alcohol, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to go on a little alcohol break, what with Derby coming up in a month. I figure 30 days sans alcohol will do me some good. Am I crazy? Has anyone else ever done this before?
  22. Vegetable oil is probably indeed the culprit, especially if stored with enough still on the surface. I wouldn't use any soap. Try heating it to liquify the sticky crap, then scour under hot water. You can follow this with salt scour also if needed. Then just season again with shortening. I use almost exlcusively peanut oil in my cast iron and I've never had this problem, but I did when I used vegetable oil. Odd.
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