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  1. I think a red would absolutely pair with that dish. I only limited to white because he asked for it. I'd go with a Morgon or Fluerie from Beaujolais, or perhaps a Cab Franc from Bourgueil or Chinon.
  2. She'll be here all week, matinee and evening performances.
  3. Gruner Veltliner Alsatian Riesling (Trimbach or Leon Beyer) Vermentino
  4. Wildrid, because you have mentioned Wild Turkey on more than one occassion, I thought that I would share two little pieces of trivia with you. First, its nickname is the 'Kickin' Chicken" Second, about 4 years ago there was a fire at the Austin Nichols distillery and a river of flaming bourbon ran into the Kentucky River near Frankfort after several barns containing thousands of barrells of uncut bourbon collapsed in the conflagration. They say the fish died happy.
  5. Lovely Bones is a good but very very sad book. I read her memoir "Lucky" after I read Lovely Bones. Middlesex is a good book for all the reason mentioned above, but I don't think it was worthy of the Pulitzer.
  6. I liked Lost in Translation very much.
  7. Cathy, I don't doubt that she misquoted Mr. Johnnes to make a point, but she was the first journalist with enough guts to call bullshit on those ridiculous wine spectator awards. I've been railing against those things for years, but no one listens to me.
  8. I learned to like Hesser's writing when she got away from the bloody food diary where she demeaned her fiance and everyone in her family. She really hit her stride with some of her essay pieces, including a nice bit of investigative journalism on how the Wine Spectator restaurant wine list awards are just a marketing gimmick and money maker for the magazine. However, she is not cut out to be a restaurant reviewer. First, an absolute (and unwarranted) slam on Montrachet and now an over the top fawn-fest for JG's glorified egg roll shack. I am not saying that the food here is not good, or ev
  9. There is no choice, but I am hoppin' mad over this.
  10. Point Reyes is a beautiful spot for hiking. I like the 12 mile loop that takes you along the ocean bluffs and through the woods. There is the one spot about halfway through the hike where you can scurry down to the beach itself. Wonderful location to stop and have a simple picnic lunch. You should've gone to Manka's Lodge for dinner.
  11. I love long road trips when there is no tight schedule and you can stop for as long as you like at any given point along the way. I have twice driven across the Western United States in this fashion and it was most enjoyable. Flying, in general, sucks, and does so even more now that we have the Patriot Act. Everytime I go to NYC it snows very hard and my flight gets cancelled. I intend to plan a trip in mid-July and see if I can instigate a weather anomaly.
  12. I am so furious over this idiotic move by NPR. I am crafting a rather strongly worded letter to them as we speak. Bob Edwards IS Morning Edition. It won't be the same without him, and I, for one, will not be listening.
  13. Have you seen The Truth about Tully? I'd be interested to hear how All the Real Girls compares.
  14. Saying the New York Times is just a newspaper is like saying that: Martha Stewart is just a shareholder Jayson Blair is a just an exagerator Mel Gibson is just an anti-semite. Thank goodness for home delivery . . .
  15. Chicken braised with mirepoix, two hot cherry peppers, morrocan spiced olives, san marzano tomatoes. Served with gruyere and yukon gold potato gratin. Wine: 1996 DeBoysset et Chol St. Joseph.
  16. It probably has been ten years since I've been there, but I had a very nice meal as well. It was a tasting menu as I recall and the wine list was surprisingly good. Neat place.
  17. Melampo Tehuitzinga (that is badly mispelled) I concur on DiFaras and Kebab Cafe, and Grand Sichuan.
  18. I put myself on double secret probation.
  19. I drink a little bourbon from time to time. My everyday bourbon is Maker's. Tastes great and the price is right. I like it on the rocks with a water back. For special drinking I like: Jefferson's Reserve (neat) Pappy Van Winkle 20 year (ditto) Blanton's (a cube or two) For a change of pace, I will drink: Basil Haydens Bookers (makes a knockout Old Fashioned) Knob Creek Elijiah Craig Woodford Reserve is claimed to be made at the Labrot and Graham distillery in Versailles, KY (pronounced ver-Sales) but in actuality it is just selected barrels of Old Forester,
  20. We had a nice nice Sangantino de Montefalco and that was probably the highlight of the meal. I scraped the lime sorbet off of my otherwise perfect Hog Island oysters. If I had know what the rest of the meal was going to be like, I would have saved some of the bed of kosher salt that they were served upon. Grilled mackeral was fine, but extraordinarily plain. Lamb loin in curry was good if undersalted and contained the odd addition of broccoli florets. Overall a decent if uninspiring meal. I doubt I'd return. Company was an A+ however.
  21. Ron Johnson

    Al di La

    I think I have a new signature . . . I agree on all counts regarding Al di La. Very nice rustic Italian meal. Interesting and fun wine list. The lamb carpaccio was brilliant, as was my braised fresh pancetta with brussle sprouts. The wine bar was quite bizarre. I was expecting a real enoteca complete with lots of cool Italian wines by the glass. Instead it was a lot of fairly mainstream Aussie, Cali, and french wines. I found a decent languedoc, but not what I was hoping for in an Italian wine bar. Hopefully, he will make the wines from his restaurant list available at the bar
  22. Well, as of this minute, I am finally all set up in my new office. My new computer is hooked up (hence this message) and my office furniture is in place in my new office. I am on the 8th floor of a really cool historic building one block from the courthouse. Now, let's see if I can rustle up some clients . . .
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