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  1. The Bathroom Guy. Our office shares a common men's restroom with another law firm that is on the same floor. A lawyer from that office has taken over the men's room. I have never been in there when he is not present. He always uses the more spacious, disabled access stall. In the beginning he would be in there for 45 minutes or so, 3-4 times per day. Now, he is in there damn near all day. Under the stall door there is a stack of newspapers and his thermal coffee mug. Lately, he has started taking his cellphone in with him, and you can hear him conducting business on the phone whil
  2. MSNBC is not holding him out as someone without a point of view. He does a full-blown editorial every night that clearly sets forth the fact he is not Brian Williams reporting the news. This is not the NBC Nightly News, nor does it pretend to be. This is where MSNBC splits from Fox. Fox still maintains the facade of "fair and balanced" even though it hasn't been either since day one. The policy at NBC is outdated and dumb, especially for someone like Olbermann or Maddow, hence his two day suspension.
  3. I wonder if Fox News will offer him a 2M contract?
  4. I was at a store yesterday that sells "Mexican" coke. The label on the bottle listed sugar as the only sweetener used. No HFCS.
  5. and one from each league. His work in Cincinnati with the Big Red Machine was amazing.
  6. tell me what banker or auto poobah (who to be honest I can't understand what you think they were lying about) there is concrete evidence they lied on the stand about. Are you serious? Actually I am. I'm on my way to the airport right now, but when I get a chance I will type up a quick list of corporate reps who got on the stand and outright lied about their product.
  7. tell me what banker or auto poobah (who to be honest I can't understand what you think they were lying about) there is concrete evidence they lied on the stand about. Are you serious?
  8. It's been a long time since we have been a welfare state. Assuming that people are rational actors, I am surprised that so many choose to work at jobs where the pay is so ridiculously low that they actually have less by doing so.
  9. Except for a bit of (uncharacteristic) sexism. I assume you mean my comments about Hesser. The overt "Sex and the City" influence on her early work is not of my making, that was all her decision. My sorority quip was not sexist, it was an accurate metaphor of how she came across when undertaking criticism. In order to be sexist, I would have the same description for Burros, Fabricant, Reichl, Greenspan, etc., and I most certainly do not. I think Hesser was a very engaging and entertaining writer when she had the "Mr. Latte" series going strong, but it did not translate well into criti
  10. agreed, and there is a time and place for that perspective that could be a useful addition to the dining section of the paper, but not as part of the restaurant criticism.
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    yep. two lines: one luxury and and one affordable. sounds familiar: Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti
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    No question they got off track in the last decade with ugly, plastic cars, but I'll see your aztec and raise you a 1965 GTO convertible:
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    When my grandfather returned home from WWII he took a job in the service department of a new Pontiac dealership. He gradually convinced the owner to allow him onto the sales floor where he went on to become one of their best. He sold Pontiacs six days a week from age to 21 to retirement at age 65. He led the dealership in sales for more than half the years he was there. Generations of the same families would return to buy each new car from him. I remember being a small kid when he gave me a poster of a Pontiac Trans-Am T-top with the firebird on the hood. The late 60's models of the GTO we
  14. Grimes was discussed during early eG days. He was solid, and predictable, kind of a like an umpire who occasionally blows a call, but you know where the strike zone is. He never struck me as a foodie though. Bruni tried too hard and found himself in that awkward position of knowing enough about food to be dangerous but not enough to be accurate. Hesser's bias for her friends/idols in the biz showed itself all too often; Batali was fawned over, while up and comers couldn't get into the sorority house. Sifton is an all together different type of mistake. Certainly, he is ill-equipped to be
  15. Sending a message This is a very regular occurrence. I'd like to think so, but it's very rare in NJ. Baltimore, too, if that article was any indication. I wonder if other restaurant owners who played by the rules dropped a dime on the guy? Or, as a former offender, was he on the radar already? I did a search using a variety of terms, and came up with Ohio and Arizona as being the places where many arrests of restaurant owners / managers have taken place. Significant round ups, too. Five and six restaurants in the chain, 50+ workers detained. Now, if they can put the ow
  16. I heard some toner cartridges had their ink replaced with a white powder and were shipped UPS to a couple of religious centers in Chicago, other suspicious packages were in front of a federal building in Portland, Maine, and on Market Street in San Francisco. Now a news source says there are couple of F-15 fighter jets escorting a commercial passenger jet into JFK airport in New York. If you're flying soon, airport security is going to slow you down... toner cartridges?
  17. I used to do a Wellington around the holidays at a dinner party. It is a show-stopper and tastes damn good. Pairs beautifully with a nice Bordeaux.
  18. of course they would have, and paid him twice as much to boot. High fives from O'Reilly and Beck too!!
  19. I like to do these on the grill. Most whole filets have a tapered shape. Double over the tapered end and tie it so that it is the same thickness as the rest to creat a uniformly sized cylinder shape. Rub the outside with a flavorful spice rub of your choosing. Start over high, direct heat to get a good crust, then finish with indirect heat until internal temp is 120 or so. Let is rest well before slicing.
  20. She is now opening a line of all you can eat buffets in rural casinos. $19.99 will get you more calories than a human should consume in a week (17.99 if you are in Tunica). Paula Deen Buffet
  21. Ron Johnson

    NBA 2010-11

    Lebron has no post-up game with his back to the basket. His few efforts in the low post were laughable. I guess he's never had to do that before in his career. The Diesel looked surprisingly game, and his presence definitely frees up Garnett to roam outside the paint. He did settle for lay-ups (some of which missed badly) when he would've dunked the ball a few years back. The 8 year old boy who lives next door to me could whip Shaq's ass in a free throw shooting contest.
  22. He drives me nuts, but at least he is cooking instead of smearing Cool-Whip® over canned chilli and making cocktails out of cheap vodka and Pine-Sol®.
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