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    NFL 2010

    I guess Bonner doesn't pull for the Cowboys?
  2. Ron Johnson

    NFL 2010

    yeah, I'm not surprised that a lot of these guys might be more comfortable sacrificing their brain rather than their ACL.
  3. Ron Johnson

    NFL 2010

    nothing. the purpose of stricter enforcement of the ban on hits to the head is meant to limit traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. broken arms, legs, and clavicles are still ok.
  4. Neither Ira Glass nor Harry Shearer work for NPR.
  5. exactly, he got fired for a good reason, his ratings were down. NPR fires people for the same reasons all other employers fire people. it happens. Juan needs to be a big boy and go enjoy his gig at Fox and start shopping for a new car with that 2M paycheck he just picked up.
  6. It's designed to make you get and up and leave, so they can turn the table. The Rendezvous, a BBQ restaurant in Memphis, does the same thing, only with cheap soft serve ice cream.
  7. soon, you will be able to smoke a joint inside a building, but you wont be able to smoke a cigarette outside of one.
  8. NPR has stated repeatedly what rule he broke, and that they had warned him repeatedly about prior violations he committed before finally shitcanning him. Not everything is a vast right or left wing conspiracy, sometimes you just piss off your boss by not following the rules and you get fired. It happens. where was Bill O'Reilly's indignation when Bob Edwards got the axe?
  9. sorry I missed this post. This thread is pretty current. I love Pat's for old school steaks, but Jeff Ruby's is the place to go for a more traditional steakhouse experience. Italian is kind of weak in Louisville, but Volare is probably the best right now. 732 Social Club, Proof, 610 Magnolia, Wiltshire on Market, Mayan Gypsy, Jack Fry's, Limestone, Corbett's, Seviche, Palermo, Basa, are all very good options.
  10. which one got Dan Rather fired? He got fired for purposely running a story that he knew was false.. He got fired for having his producer contact someone in the John Kerry campaign prior to the story running.. He got fired for not admitting his mistake and refusing to not only retract the story but, continued to lie about an "unknown" source that never existed. exactly. you break the rules, you get fired. doesn't matter which way you lean.
  11. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans . . . Behemoth's post really makes me want to get back there soon. We had a great visit a little over a year ago. I was concerned that Treme would make Thursday nights at Vaughans an impossibility, glad to hear that one can still get in there to see Kermit.
  12. Nina Totenburg probably isn't the best example to cite for fairness. She was the person who wished "AIDS on Jesse Helms and on his family" at one time. Wasn't a problem, although many people complained about it at the time. The NPR ombudsman mentioned a complication in the NPR contract with Juan Williams, which differs from the contract with Mara Liasson for their appearances on Fox. Williams was already under contract to Fox when he signed on at NPR. His contract allows him to continue offering opinions on Fox. Ms Liasson was already under contract to NPR when she was granted perm
  13. If stuck in ATL airport and in need of food, go to One Flew South.
  14. It reports the news. They grilled Jack Conway, democratic candidate for Senate in KY, the other night on All Things Considered. I mean they really went after him for his attack ad on Rand Paul. Hardly seemed liberal to me. When someone asks me for news outlet that is liberal, I can point to Olberman and Maddow on MSNBC, but is Nina Totenberg really pushing a liberal agenda? Linda Wertheimer? c'mon. I think NPR gets tagged with liberal label because it is perceived as highbrow and academic. I dont think that is fair to conservatives and republicans, as it suggests that they all
  15. I never thought he was a good fit with the NPR format of hard news analysis. He was very average on Talk of the Nation and almost drove that show into the ground before he got the hook (Juan ain't no Ray Suarez). Then he sort of existed in NPR no man's land without any discernible role aside from dropping snide digs whenever he got the chance. He seemed a better fit on Fox News where he was allowed to editorialize more freely and express his opinions and bias. Calling the first lady "Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress" is mild for Fox, but that just doesn't fly at NPR. Bully for him i
  16. I used OT to book a couple of my meals in France as well, including lunch at Mirazur.
  17. See, I'm so sick that when I'm going out with people, I think and think about what would be the perfect place for us and then call and beg until I get a table there. nobody's knocking your methodology. we are talking about how OT is used by those who use it.
  18. I think it was an instructor at CIA. I dont think this was about liability issues. Not everything is a lawsuit.
  19. correct. let's say there are a dozen restaurants in a given city where you would be happy to dine that evening with a few friends. everyone has agreed that 9 pm works best. you either start calling each restaurant one by one to determine which have a 9pm opening, or you can open OT and see that information all at once. It's not a relationship, it's a tool. It's like Zagat . . . worthless restaurant reviews, but handy for having all their addresses, hours, telephone numbers in one place.
  20. Pure cornstarch is gluten free. I find adding a beaten egg white to the cornstarch vodka mix makes an even nicer texture correct, and that is why they used half corn starch. they experimented with 100% corn starch, but found that it did not coat well and other undesirable qualities.
  21. This is a welcome new column by Lobrano.
  22. Ron Johnson


    Did you check out the oven? I recall from the article that it was imported brick by brick from Napoli and built by one of Italy's top dudes on the subject. what a waste if they are turning shitty pies out of an oven like that.
  23. yes I did! My wife and I saved it, and we hope to do something similar one weekend. I really want to do a long overnight roast of a whole animal like a sucking pig or lamb.
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