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  1. I saw this batter used on America's Test Kitchen. They were seeking a batter that would not become gluey and thick while sitting through multiple batches of frying. They were seeking to not develop gluten so they used half corn starch and half vodka. becuase vodka is basically half alcohol and alcohol wont develop gluten, it results in a less glutinous batter.
  2. wow, the grill guru, Steven Raichlen, has been long time advocate of spearing a half of onion, getting it's cut side covered with oil, and then using that to lube the grate.
  3. Where are we supposed to post our smug comments about the film's production values? The whole project looks fantastic. So does that pizza. How long does it take to get your oven to temp? yeah, his slide show is purty bad. Reaching max oven temp really depends on type and size of wood and weather. cold wet days seem to affect the wood even though it is covered. also big chunks slow down the heat up. generally, I would say that from striking the first match to sliding in the first pizza is 45 minutes. of course, that is not just heat up, but also knocking down the fire and
  4. There are traditional outdoor wall fixtures outside of the doors. There is a ceiling fixture under the roof over the bar area and under the pergola over the dining table (with a ceiling fan). The pergola also has ambient low voltage lights in several places, and those are also recessed under the wall caps and under the one step up to the upper patio where the fireplace is located.
  5. If restaurants want to avoid the fees associated with Open Table, then build a simple website with a decent on-line reservation system. I use OT strictly to avoid having to pick up a telephone and speak with the inevitably dumb, rude, stupid, or all of the above reservationista who is manning the phone. "I'd like to make a reservation for four for 8 pm." "I'm sorry we have no room at 8 pm." "How about 9?" "hmmmmmmmmm . . . nope." "why dont you tell me what times you have available for four persons." "why dont you tell me what time you want to come in." "I just did.
  6. Here is slide show that my builder has on his website that shows before and after photos. the after photos are not great because we didn't have all the furniture out and there is some weird tablecloth on the table. Patio Project Here is a pizza I made the other night: I have also done a few roasted dishes: baked apples, stuffed pork chops, a leg of lamb. all turned out insanely good. I am going to do a duck this weekend from a recipe I saw Steven Raichlin do.
  7. Even Jean Georges is not immune. I imagine that in some locations this is a never ending battle that can never be won 100% of the time despite best efforts. I was in a restaurant in NYC (nowhere near 4 star) where a woman freaked out when a roach crawled over her table. The manager came over and accused her of bringing the bug into the restaurant in order to try to get a free meal. He kicked them out on the spot. I think the roach got to stay.
  8. I really hope this is as great a game as it should be. The last two weekends the Badgers have been something a bit less than polished. My nephew, a freshman at UW, will be sitting in the student section so I have requested updates via text message. Tell him to watch out for the flying lunchmeat.
  9. yep. I thought they'd lose to USCe, but no more. need to stick to my convictions. me too I think somewhere earlier I predicted that Bama would drop one game in the Ark., Fla., S.C. stretch, but after the way they handled the first two, I changed my mind. I should've looked at this one more carefully. It was third game in a tough stretch for Bama, it was one the road, and SC had two weeks to prepare. Plus, Spurrier is always good for one big upset win each year. Hindsight . . .
  10. That's a good story. The guys who work there could not be more gracious or humble. Carlson never came out of the kitchen during my visit because he was cooking non-stop. I gifted the kitchen a really good bottle of bourbon, and they were so appreciative it was heartwarming. We offered to share our BYO wine, and they in turn brought us a can of beer that they thought paired better with a particular course than the juice in our glasses. I hope he never changes a damn thing.
  11. That's the thing about the internet. Gentle sarcasm will always be met with shrill uncomprehending hyper-literal obviousness. I give up.
  12. There is nothing worse than being on a road trip with no CD player in the car, and the only NPR channel is playing a Thistle & Shamrock marathon. makes one want to strangle Fiona Ritchie.
  13. Wow. Who served you? The cooks? yep.
  14. That is exactly the correct description. The kitchen staff who ran the food out to the tables could not have been nicer dudes, but they were not exactly the type you'd see working the floor at Charlie Trotter's. They admitted having not slept in two days because they did a private dinner for a well known hip-hop artist the night before and then closed the restaurant to go to his show and hang out all night. They were running on fumes. The soundtrack of hip-hop and speed metal was also a little . . . different. I forgot to bring the menu today, but it was not markedly different than wha
  15. I love "Car Talk", but could you imagine a more wordy show? And do the Magliacies ever let you forget they live in Cambridge and went to MIT? NPR is what it is. If it changes, I'll abandon it. But what it is, among other things, is smug and elitist. I knew the minute I hit send on my reply to this thread that I would regret it. jesus christ.
  16. This reminds me of a guy on my college radio station who claimed his show was eclectic because he played "everything from Hot Tuna to Frank Zappa." I wasnt trying to say that Bluegrass music and the Grateful Dead are different. I was . . . oh nevermind . . .
  17. What is elitist about a media source that is totally free? Also, given that NPR has such a wide range of programming, I fail to see how it can pigeonholed as highbrow or academic. Is "Car Talk" too wordy? Is "This American Life" really designed for older people? My NPR station features bluegrass music, a Grateful Dead hour, along with local and national programming. There's more to NPR than Garrison Keilor and Terry Gross. I do hate the pledge drives though.
  18. Ron Johnson

    NFL 2010

    At least they are better than the Bengals. That loss was hilarious.
  19. They are not at all similar, didnt mean to imply that they were. Just wanted a back-up to Schwa because it is so difficult to get a reservation (especially on a friday night), and I have not tried Girl & Goat. We did get into Schwa on Friday night. It was definitely an experience. The place is like nowhere else I have been. No bar, no waiters, no host. It is tiny. The kitchen is as big as dining room. It is located in a non-descript, unlit, storefront on the outskirts of Wicker Park neighborhood. We had a multi-courser tasting menu, as that is your only option. We byo'd the wi
  20. I am going to Schwa this week, if I dont go to Girl & Goat instead. Carlson needs a better writer for his website. This passage is especially cringe-worthy: Chicagoland native Michael Carlson began his professional training working under Chef Paul Bartolotta at Chicago’s Spiaggia. He then travelled to Europe to work and train, focusing his time working under Valentino Marcattilii at San Domenico in Imola, Italy. Upon returning to Chicago, he was hired at the acclaimed restaurant Trio, where he worked alongside renowned chef, Grant Achatz (now Chef/proprietor of Alinea). He later r
  21. As a former criminal defense attorney I can assure you that the number is surprisingly high. thank god. I would've starved otherwise.
  22. Everytime I go on iTunes there is a new version to download. You can't just hop on, download a few songs and hop off because you always have to download the new version. also, this causes you to have to agree to a new license agreement before you are allowed to buy your song causing you to have to do the transaction twice.
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