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  1. I don't know why we are working with assumption that people who have license to carry concealed weapons are "responsible" people. They have not been convicted of a felony and dont have an active domestic violence order entered against them, but there are lots of total nutjobs who look good on paper.
  2. What's the hotel, The Chatwal, look like? I am thinking about staying there in a few weeks.
  3. so you're saying it would be better if the bars never closed. that way we wouldn't have to leave and expose ourselves to these gentlemen? the problem with a bar you never leave is the other people in there with you. No Exit.
  4. the shooting usually occurs in the parking lot. it is more gentlemanly that way. RP: yes, I have no doubt that more people will carry a concealed weapon into a bar if it is legal to do so.
  5. why are we only looking at murder rates? not everyone who gets shot ends up dead. are people more likely to bring a gun to a bar if it is legal to do so? are people more likely to get intoxicated at a bar? are people more likely to get into altercation if intoxicated? are people more likely to use a gun during an altercation if they are intoxicated?
  6. That was an impressive win by alabama. I really expected them to lose one game in the Arkansa, Florida, South Carolina portion of the schedule, but they are looking strong. They should handle SC just fine.
  7. they consider a high number of shootings to be normal. seriously, in Kentucky so many of our state legislators were packing heat during the legislative sessions that they had to enact a regulation to prohibit firearms in the state capitol. we love our guns down here.
  8. What the law is matters far less to those who are inebriated than it does to those who are on their way to becoming inebriated. It's a lot easier to avoid driving drunk if you don't drive your car to the bar in the first place.
  9. You can't smoke in a bar anymore, but you can shoot the bartender who tells you to put our your cigarette. you can't make this sh*t up.
  10. Man v. Food is terrible. It is unwatchable. A man shoveling obscene amounts of food into his mouth is not entertaining. It's not merely that he eats a lot (I loved Jim Harrison's essay about a lengthy tasting menu), it's that he eats a lot of the same thing for the sake of eating a lot. A twelve course tasting menu is one thing, a twelve pound burrito is something else. The shame of it is that Richman does visit some interesting mom & pop restaurants in less well known locales, but his focus on eating some spectacularly sized dish overshadows the good food available at these restauran
  11. This guy was sitting in first class on my last flight: and, yes, he was playing video games.
  12. I intend to pick up smoking again at 85, and any other vice I can still manage.
  13. I am going to be there for two nights next week. where to eat? I've done Blackbird/Avec to death. I need to branch out. Publican? Gage? the comments on this thread seem positive.
  14. That wasn't really what I meant re: coaching. I meant a better coached team by virtue of the fact that they maintained their poise and confidence and continued to play like a team that knew it was going to win the game despite being down 2 touchdowns late in third quarter. I don't think Saban made adjustments in the second half that shut down Petrino's offense (although he did make adjustments that were effective somewhat), instead I think Mallet's head exploded and he stopped executing. Did you see how many times Petrino was screaming at him because he did not run the play that was called?
  15. I disagree that Saban outcoached Petrino in the second half. Saban outcoached Petrino in every practice leading up to that game. By that I mean that this win for Bama was not a result of Saban having better x's and o's in the second half than Petrino, but that Saban's player were more confident, better prepared, and executed better. Petrino is one of the best offensive play-callers in the game (and I hate the guy), but his players, especially Mallet, were not executing his instructions. Petrino was furious at Mallet at several points in the second half, and not just at the interceptions, b
  16. The first episode cost $20 million. I too was shocked, and at first did not get, that Mol's character was supposed to be his mother.
  17. Buscemi is an outstanding actor, and he kills this role. The set, costumes, vintage automobiles are all a lot of fun to see. Scorcese can't help himself though. In the first episode we already have multiple violent gunshot deaths, and of course, a close range, gunshot to the head execution resulting in: (a) Scorcese's favorite projectile spray of blood and brain matter from the exit wound onto the camera lens, and (b) the body on a white tile floor with a pool of dark crimson blood spreading outward from the head. Martin, you have an issue with violently bloody head wounds. Episode two fe
  18. Cheese grits are VERY popular around these parts. This past weekend I was served a version that included whole corn kernels. I immediately thought of Fantasty's soofle.
  19. Whew---way too close for comfort. Guess the answer for this game was, the defense has come far enough-this week. I told ya Arkansas was going to be dangerous this year. That was a good win for Bama. Arkansas might not lose another game.
  20. Last week was ridiculous here. I think it was 96 on wednesday, broke a record. every other day was above 90. finally, over the weekend the heat wave relented. today is the first day that feels like fall.
  21. Ron Johnson

    NFL 2010

    I can't figure out which team sucks more, the Cowboys or the Vikings . . .
  22. Ron Johnson

    NFL 2010

    yes, it's only ugly women dressed in sacks who should not be subjected to loutish behaviour. ah yes, if only things were always as they should be rather than as they are.
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