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  1. My daughter brought takeout last week. The ribs were tough and the rest was just routine. She had called her order in many hours in advance and when she got there it was a zoo and had to wait 45 minutes to pick it up. We're going to wait a while before we go back and hope they get their act together.
  2. The strip is $46, but the $30 pasta is shocking.
  3. I"m a Brooklyn expat living in N.E. Bergen for 20yrs. If your willing to travel a little, Bergen and Passaic have a wealth of food shopping and ethic foods that I think rival NYC. Just a short list to start. H Mart in little Ferry and Ridgefeild Park great oriental supermarkets with good fish and vegetable selection. Two Fairways in Paramus and Nanuet NY Costco in Teterboro South Paterson for Middle Eastern food supplies and restos including many bakeries and butchers. Hackensack for Giant vegetable on Main St for fresh choices and very good value. Whole Foods in Closter and Paramu
  4. Came for lunch today, but they were still serving brunch. We didn't get to try any of the stuff on the regular menu. We had the breakfast sandwich with porchetta and the smoked salmon on everything baguette. The breakfast sandwich was one of the best I've ever had. We also had an ice coffee and a few beers. They give small tastes so you see if you're gonna like it. Daniel came in while we were eating and introduced us to his wife, both lovely. We purchased some cheese and cold cuts to take home, tastes were given on everything. The cheese mongrel was wonderful. I wish there was some thing like
  5. Sure, been there many times. The wife loves the "cuteness" of it, I find it it a little tight. Always a good place to go for lunch(soup and sandwich).
  6. It sucks just as bad on my Ipad as it does on my desktop. It seems to me that all these websites are released way before they are ready for prime time.
  7. Chowhound beta...WTF. There doing the same thing as Serious Eats and Eater. I liked that I could keep the forums that I was interested in seperate from the rest. I hate this Sh!T. Why can't these guys leave well enough alone?
  8. Think of 1/2 Fairway, 1/2 Shoprite with alot of takeout(and eat in) possibilities and maybe a liquor license for consumption on premisses.Wegmans house brands are good.
  9. I've got to agree with you about Joyce. We've gone since the first week. In the beginning the food was much better than it is now. The last time we went convinced me that we need to take a break,and hope it improves. I also noticed the drop off of customers in the restaurant, it didn't fill up the whole time we were there.
  10. Went to Stickey's in Hillsdale on Sat. night after trying two other restos and not being able to get in. We had burgers,fries and cole slaw and it was all top notch. My wife said this was her favorite burger(She's a die hard Davey's person). They cooked the burgers exactly like we asked for it. We had 1/4lb and a 1/2lb burgers. Tax and tip was $25.I've been for the BBQ in the past and wasn't impressed, but these burger will make me come back.
  11. They have been advertising that in their monthly advertising brochures for the last couple of months.
  12. We went two weeks ago and it was a major disappointment. I think they need to spruce up the rooms a bit. I got Peconic Bay scallops assuming they would be a very lighty sautaed version with maybe a little butter sauce, but it came over cooked with a very strong vanilla sauce. It completed overshadowed the scallops. My wife's side on her dish was listed a risotto, but was a very dry cup of rice. My son's salmon was way overcooked. I think for the price you pay this was no better than fish in a diner.
  13. Maywood Market is hit and miss on cheese. They have some great values, but sometimes the cheese is past its prime. Because it is all prepackaged there is no way of telling. I think the best choice is Fairway, its expensive, but they let you taste and you can tell for yourself. They also wrap cheese the way its suppose to be wrapped.
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