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  1. 2010 Louis Michel, Chablis: 12.5; clean and penetrating lemon and mineral scents; likewise on the palate with good breadth, intense and vigorous; good length. Not a hint of wood anywhere; Chablis and distinctively so. Under screwcap. About $20. I buy a case of this almost every year and the closure allows me to have a glass at a time over the span of a week; nothing like a glass of Chablis to start off dinner. 1995 Laurel Glenn, Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Mountain: 12.5% abv; the aromatics tend toward the greener aspects of cabernet although not so much that I’d call it bell pepper; in the
  2. 2002 Brégeon, Muscadet: 12% abv; a clenched fist when opened with no aromatics, little flavor and piercing/almost spritzy acidity; after about 15 minutes it became very pretty with lemon, mineral aromas; lemon-drop and stone flavor impressions and nice length; with about an hour open it was superb with greater depth and breadth, more integration and a lively balance that made me wish I’d decanted this. With linguini and white clam sauce; none better. 2009 Ducroux, Régnié: 12% abv, Demeter; the nose is ladies’ face powder, red fruit and warm earth; the same in the mouth with an accent of
  3. 1996 Laurel Glen, Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Mountain: 12.5% alcohol; expansive nose with all sorts of red fruit and chocolate tones, accents of herb and earth, quite complex; extraordinary balance in the mouth and without edges, flavors echo the nose, richness without cloy, concentration without being extractive, complete and with great finesse, but again, balance is the lasting impression; long, delicious finish. A mature wine without being an old wine. Some secondary development, well resolved but does not lack grip and as pretty a cabernet based wine as I have had in years. A recent ’94 of
  4. Whites: 2010 Louis Michel, Chablis: Textbook Chablis for the stainless steel crowd; delineated, fresh, some complexity and good breadth. Not deep or long or in anyway profound but distinctly Chablis (which all by itself, makes it preferable to 99% of other chardonnay) and only $20. Screw-cap. 2010 Chateau de Maligny, Chablis: Much like the Michel with a bit less approachability and a bit more complexity. Charming now, reasonably priced (low $20’s) and has a future in the cellar. Nice. 2009 Edi Simčič, Rebula: 12.5% alcohol from Slovenia; rebula is also known as ribolla gialla; o
  5. Four times a year, the four of us get together to celebrate a birthday; he who is honored, doesn't pay. We usually go to the same restaurant and everybody brings a bottle. I look forward to these gatherings as much as any. This past Thursday was one. The bottles were: 2009 Rhys, Pinot Noir, Home Vineyard 2009 Phelps, Pinot Noir, Freestone 2002 LaJota, Cabernet Sauvignon, Howell Mountain, and, 2010 Occhpinti, il Frappato. Between mouthfuls of carpaccio, filet, pork chop, sea bass, pasta, etc. we tasted the wines over the course of about three hours and caught up. These guys have
  6. 2002 Dom. Michel Voarick, Corton-Renardes: Very pretty cherry, horehound, beet root aromatics that are a little sweet and a little savory but not very expansive; tastes of Corton as it is firm, structured and edgy in the mouth. But half way through the evening the wine turns to black fruit and the tannins become quite prominent and somewhat drying. By the end of the night this is all iron and tannin and not something I want more of. I am guessing we got to this just before it falls off a cliff . . . or maybe I just don’t get its aging potential. 2004 Giacosa, Nabbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore:
  7. I'll take that as a compliment. Best, Jim
  8. I can't believe the academy hasn't called yet . . . Best, Jim
  9. Café les Amis, in the Cow Hollow district of San Francisco, was the meeting spot for our group of winos on a fine October evening. Good food and nice service . . . and a few Burgundies: 1996 Laurent, Vosne-Romanée Les Suchots: I tasted this early on and never got back to it; initial impressions were not of wood (which I expected) but rather of sous bois, and attenuated fruit. I suspect that air helped but don’t know. 2008 Jerome Chezeaux, Vosne-Romanée Les Suchots magnum: I liked this and while I would not say it was exceptional, it was clean, pleasant had some complexity and enough fruit
  10. Thank you. No intention of selling the vids. The wine, on the other hand . . . Best, Jim
  11. An annual event; grilled food and covered dishes in Mark’s back yard with a diverse gang of folks. And a little wine . . . 2002 Raveneau, Chablis Forêt: Correct, pleasant and of its place; but it’s just that and the breed is not showing. 1990 Cheval Blanc: Blocky and closed both on the nose and palate; angry at the moment and not ready for drinking. 1990 Conterno, Barolo Cascina Francia: Immense disappointment; perfect cork, high fill, raisin juice. 1999 Gilles Robin, Crozes-Hermitage Cuveé Alberic Bouvet (magnum): Got better and better as it opened; no sign of brett, complex and deliciou
  12. Gordon, While I haven't had one that I thought was bad wine, I have had some so young and oaky that I did not enjoy them at that time. American oak and I do not get along - at least not in the early years. Best, Jim
  13. Dinner with “the boys” in honor of a birthday (not mine): 2010 Dagueneau, Pouilly-Fumé Silex: Sauvignon blanc doesn’t get much better, IMO; crystalline flavors, energy, presence and length. Stupid price but great wine. 2009 Kistler, Pinot Noir Kistler Vineyard: Pinot noir concentrate from anywhere. Not bad wine just not worth wasting calories on. 2002 Thomas, Pinot Noir (magnum): The antithesis of the preceding wine; translucent, weightless, with mostly savory flavors and aromas, silken, distinctive; a mag was not enough. 2005 Ridge, Cabernet Sauvignon Monte Bello: Expectin
  14. Most of what I drink is 'value' also but I run with some pretty generous people. Best, Jim
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