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  1. Everyone in this area is struggling for staff...both foh and boh
  2. Looks like Talde's restaurant in Nyack at Palisades Center Mall is closed. (The Hudson) Posters advertising its opening were there longer than the restaurant itself
  3. Haven't heard the official grand opening stats, but they were expecting 24k. Town wouldn't allow overnight 'campers' so that might have taken a certain segment of attendees out of the festivities. From what I heard from attendees, it was busy, but not as crazy as they had expected. Wegman's is the only store open. To drive by you'd think it was all still under construction, as none of the other buildings have been completed yet. Between this store, and the Sloan Kettering hospital opening up not too far on the other side of Chestnut Ridge, it should be interesting trying to drive to work
  4. some info on where Adam will be. http://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/dining/2017/09/5/fall-restaurant-preview-10-new-spots-try-autumn/517801001/
  5. . http://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/dining/2017/06/29/due-ridgewood-shuttered/438972001/
  6. joechartreuse - Give Defiant Brewery in Pearl River a try for the BBQ. Used to be a Bailey's fan, but have made Defiant my go to place in the area. PL
  7. Had several applicants in last night looking for work. Seems like they left their people go with no notice.
  8. JackJack123


    Closing as of Sunday. Was told that staff was unaware of the closing until the article came out. http://www.northjersey.com/food-and-dining-news/closing-harvest-bistro-and-bar-in-closter-1.1599973
  9. I thought it was interesting that the existing license holders would receive a tax credit if the value of their license declined. Who would determine what the value of the license currently is if the market has several new ones issued?
  10. http://www.northjersey.com/food-and-dining-news/restaurant-closing-local-seasonal-kitchen-in-ramsey-1.1474491
  11. If you read the comments made to the article, a person who says she is a part time employee , says that it's closed now, and was done so with no notice.
  12. Reported this morning by Elisa Ung in the Record that they are closed. Items being auctioned off Monday afternoon. Shame right before the holidays.
  13. I'm sure that every drink will be bumped up $0.50 for the summer....no one will notice...and by the time the 'suspension' comes along, a significant portion of the fine will have been put aside.....
  14. I would assume that a 'living wage' would be a figure substantially above the minimum wage. Many servers/bartenders that I know now, who work for tips, will go home with three to four times the minimum wage, per hour, for time spent at work. If we were to drop them to say, $16/hr, twice the minimum wage, which is a good hourly rate to begin with, they would jump ship in a heart beat. Those who excel at their craft, which make our dining experiences what they are, would not stick around for that
  15. Think this is who you are looking for..... http://blog.northjersey.com/secondhelpings/495/hells-kitchen-contestant-opens-fort-lee-restaurant/
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