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  1. Damn - then why did I waste my time watching it!?!?!? :blink:
  2. 9L - that is perfect and probably more the direction I'm going to go in. The homeless shelters I worked with were one-day stints and nothing more long term. I am already connecting with some local charities where I might be able to do something more substantial. I've talked to a lot of people in the past few days about the Corps and it seems the one thing that *they* don't tell you (which I alluded to earlier), is the huge health risk. More people suffer life-long debilitating health issues during their service time and while a 20-year old body has a better likelihood of recovering, someo
  3. Jack Ryan night... Started with Patriot Games and just started Clear and Present Danger. I often fall asleep to Hunt for Red October...
  4. Hmmm... Who are you referring to as "these guys"? And how do you know they aren't criminals? Are there specifically indictable acts which were committed?
  5. I don't think that was a SNAFU. I have read here in the NYTimes that they routinely serve entire carafes and then charge by how much is drunk out of it. Surprised they didn't explain that fact when delivering the wine...
  6. This Friday is National Doughnut Day. And here is some of the history (with pictures and song, if you like):
  7. Suicide. So very, very sad.
  8. Age 76 Only one more Golden Girl left...
  9. Thanks, Jaymes. That seems to be the pervading warning in all the sites I have been reading. There is a rather high separation rate of volunteers due to health reasons. More than I would have expected. I have a lot more reading to do and will probably go to one of the local presentations.
  10. Mine is from Djibouti and he brought me some of his wife's cooking over the holidays. I'm still not sure what it was...
  11. Yeah, I was up all night reading these sites. Just curious if anyone here had first-hand experience.
  12. Comcast has figured out that I download a *lot* and have severely clamped down my internet ability. Speedtest.net says I have a download speed of almost 25 Mb/s, but several downloads I've had going for almost a week are barely going at 6 Kb/s.
  13. Thanks - this all helps. Looking at their website, the countries that interest me are the Eastern European ones; Turkemistan, Algeria, Macedonia, etc... I did some ESL training *years* ago and admittedly, my ability to learn languages is less than stellar.
  14. Grant, there were a few women there who had been standing in line since 4:30. Lisa and I got there about 4:50. I would HEARTILY recommend going on a Tuesday or (possibly?) Wednesday.
  15. I do belong to and volunteer for a handful of charities already, now most of them art-related. But last year, I met one of my best friends delivering food to homeless shelters. They have all just been somewhat limiting for some reason. But what makes the Peace Corps so difficult, do you know? Those are the sorts of things I am curious about. What a typical stint might be like, etc...
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