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  1. back to Park Slope- I'd add two places to the list: -Grab, at 14th and 7th- excellent cheese selection and knowledge with good picnic baskets as well. -Colson's- belgian pastry shop at 9th St and 6th ave. amazing waffles (not for breakfast) and lots of ambition
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    while three hours is insane, my family and I spent an hour waiting a few sundays ago and had a lot of fun- Owen (3) loved watching the scene- the pizza was terrific (artichoke) and now I have to convince Owen he can't put his hands in a hot oven.
  3. Sixpoint IPA is my current favorite- nicely balanced- http://www.sixpointcraftales.com/
  4. I bought a Technivorm KBT 741 this year and love it. brews at 205 straight into a thermal carafe. http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.technivorm.shtml of course, as the guy at taralucci will tell you: 1/3 bean 1/3 machine 1/3 barista
  5. wait- they're closed Mondays.
  6. Applewood. http://www.applewoodny.com/ just down the street.
  7. Try Cantalupo's Il Mimo- made from nebbiolo- also, if you see it, Abiouness from CA.- not your typical crisp rose, but worth a try- made from sangiovese
  8. The issue is that the SLA didn't know there was a mosque this close (no one did) and that the mosque DOESN'T CARE about the bars- a resident on White Street who's been trying to stop any new licenses found the clause and alerted the SLA. Tribeca trib edited to include link
  9. I ended up having to delete the entire keychain file, which worked perfectly- thanks for the help!
  10. I didn't change my password at all- I never used a keychain password before I upgraded so I have no idea what it might be if it isn't my login password- which it isn't.
  11. OK, looking for some help- I upgraded to Tiger and now I'm constantly asked for a keychain password, which is supposed to be the same as my overall, or my .mac, but isn't. and I can't change it, because I don;t have it. any thoughts?
  12. thanks- it will never have a lot of content, nor traffic, but it'll be fun. didn't make any of Taste- Owen napped too long
  13. Alex (Blue Moon) has live lobsters today in Tribeca- small, but lively- not enough for him to harvest last year, so he considers this a good sign- he also said that there were "tons" of fish around this week- another good sign. BTW, Megu's dish at the taste of Tribeca is Kobe and chicken skewers- easily the best sounding dish of what we read.
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