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  1. back to Park Slope- I'd add two places to the list: -Grab, at 14th and 7th- excellent cheese selection and knowledge with good picnic baskets as well. -Colson's- belgian pastry shop at 9th St and 6th ave. amazing waffles (not for breakfast) and lots of ambition
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    while three hours is insane, my family and I spent an hour waiting a few sundays ago and had a lot of fun- Owen (3) loved watching the scene- the pizza was terrific (artichoke) and now I have to convince Owen he can't put his hands in a hot oven.
  3. Sixpoint IPA is my current favorite- nicely balanced- http://www.sixpointcraftales.com/
  4. I bought a Technivorm KBT 741 this year and love it. brews at 205 straight into a thermal carafe. http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.technivorm.shtml of course, as the guy at taralucci will tell you: 1/3 bean 1/3 machine 1/3 barista
  5. wait- they're closed Mondays.
  6. Applewood. http://www.applewoodny.com/ just down the street.
  7. Try Cantalupo's Il Mimo- made from nebbiolo- also, if you see it, Abiouness from CA.- not your typical crisp rose, but worth a try- made from sangiovese
  8. The issue is that the SLA didn't know there was a mosque this close (no one did) and that the mosque DOESN'T CARE about the bars- a resident on White Street who's been trying to stop any new licenses found the clause and alerted the SLA. Tribeca trib edited to include link
  9. I ended up having to delete the entire keychain file, which worked perfectly- thanks for the help!
  10. I didn't change my password at all- I never used a keychain password before I upgraded so I have no idea what it might be if it isn't my login password- which it isn't.
  11. OK, looking for some help- I upgraded to Tiger and now I'm constantly asked for a keychain password, which is supposed to be the same as my overall, or my .mac, but isn't. and I can't change it, because I don;t have it. any thoughts?
  12. thanks- it will never have a lot of content, nor traffic, but it'll be fun. didn't make any of Taste- Owen napped too long
  13. Alex (Blue Moon) has live lobsters today in Tribeca- small, but lively- not enough for him to harvest last year, so he considers this a good sign- he also said that there were "tons" of fish around this week- another good sign. BTW, Megu's dish at the taste of Tribeca is Kobe and chicken skewers- easily the best sounding dish of what we read.
  14. Nemacolin is an absolute trip- Joe Hardy, the owner of 84 lumber, has invested millions into it to make it a world class resort. He "bought" a PGA tournament and moved it there as well as spending close to $9 million on the local town (Uniontown, where my mother grew up and where my family still owns a business). One of the hotel building (the chateau) is a replica of the Ritz in Paris- looks very strange in the PA countryside. The spa is gorgeous, as are some of the other buildings and it is in a very beautiful spot, especially in the fall. He expects to get one of the PA casino license
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    strollers? in Tribeca? never seen one.
  16. As I understand it, it's been illegal- I've had a number of friends with cases confiscated from both retailers and wineries. None of the wine shipments I've ever received from a retailer actually used wine on the label. As for Dressner, not sure how if might impact him, unless he started a retail operation now that's he'd be free of shipping constraints.
  17. It will impact retailers and distributors because wineries will now have a much easier time selling directly to consumers. Many of the CA big guns (Harlans, etc.) could easily sell all of their wine directly at higher profit margins. That was probably true before, but this is a significant barrier reduced. It will also impact Internet retailers (wine.com) that will now be able to legally ship to states that allow intrastate shipping. You may now see a suit to allow shipping to all states based on the ruling. (edited since I posted too soon)
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    also the only major steakhouse that allows BYO.
  19. He'd still be very good natured about it, you'd just have to lift him a lot higher.
  20. NYC transit bus at the transit museum in Brooklyn
  21. all right, I'll play. This is Owen, 10/3/05, 36" long, eater of nothing if it doesn't begin with CH (cheese, cheerios, chiquita bananas), with one exception- he'll eat Blue Moon flounder, virtually no other fish- I kid you not. a recent photo: OwenPic
  22. My favorite is to picnic at the Blind Tiger with sandwiches from Melampo.
  23. blue moon was back in Tribeca yesterday!!! got some lovely skate. no shad yet
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