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  1. Tonight I'm not cooking. I'm heading to the local church for their spaghetti dinner. Apparently the men cook for this one. They heat up all the sauces made by the ladies, then cooking -the only part of the 'cooking' they do- the spaghetti and pouring the sauce on. This is the first time I'll be there so it should prove interesting. And since it's a small country church, and most of the people are farmers, you can be sure the sauces will have the freshest ingredients. Can hardly wait!
  2. I am so very sorry for your loss.
  3. Dead at 85 http://entertainment.msn.com/news/article....05&affid=100055
  4. Not really an obit, but will suffice in the meantime. Gerald Ford Rest in peace, Mr. President
  5. I'm in shock on this one...He was always there...He always bounced back. There's gonna be some kick ass reunion 'up there'. Rest in peace.
  6. This year I've made snow cookies (actually sugar cookies but the book says 'snow') and 'icebox' cookies, and the family favourite is chocolate squares that my m-i-l used to make for her boys. Think 1/2 bag - 500 grams - of icing sugar for the top layer. Are your teeth hurting yet??
  7. Our weather here in southern Ontario will be a balmy 43F today. We won't be having a white Christmas. Just a few flakes on the 25th would be nice, but then it can all go away after that! The long range forecasts haven't been all that accurate, but who knows?? It may happen yet...some...a little...a teeny flake......
  8. silvergryphon

    Peter Boyle

    A real shame...way too young. He should have had lots of time left and lots more to accomplish. Very sad day. Rest in peace.
  9. I don't know how many of you started at the beginning of the month and saw the structure that's holding all that gingerbread, you could actually live in this thing! Maybe next year, FF I'll get more ambitious and make a much larger house. I'd been thinking in that direction for a little while. I'll start with taking some pics of houses then go from there.
  10. Thanks FF. I appreciate you adding that link. That shows the back of the house, but if you use the arrows at the top of the picture, the one pointing to the left, you can see the front of the house too. I love making these. The one FF gave a link to is for a hotel. The chef wanted something simple and not all gooped up. He was happy with it. I don't think that I'd eat these things...not with all that royal sugar!! They are nice to look at for sure.
  11. A very sad day and a great loss for the world and journalism. Rest in peace, Ed.
  12. Truly a genius in his field. A very unfortunate loss to the anthropology community. Rest In Peace
  13. silvergryphon

    Glenn Ford

    Not one of my favourites, either, but he was good in westerns. Rest in peace.
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