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  1. Tamar can't do that weekend.... because I'm graduating from law school that day. Hello cold, cruel world.
  2. oooh - kismet. Coming back to the site after a long hiatus looking for a restaurant rec and come across a bay area event! I'd love to come if I can. The 16th (and likely 17th) are out for me - I'll do better in late May or June. But don't plan around me - I'll just come if I can make it. How fun!
  3. sorry - I think I threw you off with the word "diet." For medical reasons he (an adult, not a child) had his jaw broken. The liquid diet is only because he is unable to eat solid foods. And I'm just trying to throw him 1 meal because he can't really go out for anything that involves food for 6 weeks. Horchata is a great idea to start off. Or maybe a mango lassi. The cauliflower cheese soup is exactly what I was thinking although I was thinking broccoli. I have to check to see if those little bits of broccoli that are always left will be problematic but I think not because
  4. A friend of mine just had his jaw surgically broken and reset and it is now wired shut for the next 6 weeks. He is on a liquid only diet. It can be thick liquids (he drink milkshakes), but non-liquid soft foods like mashed potatoes are out. I would really like to make him dinner - any suggestions? Probably two soup courses - a broth soup to start and then a thicker potato/cream based soup so it would be really filling. Maybe something like a cheese soup. Dessert can be a milkshake but he gets that all the time. Maybe a series of liquid goodness, like a fruit puree and a crem
  5. what happens with the credit card one? What's the timetable?
  6. Seriously. In 100% agreement with JPW. We complain when companies don't respond to complaints and we apparently complain when they do. The internet is PUBLIC, and it's public on a scale the likes of which we have never seen before. Why can't people understand that? Now if people were getting responses after they emailed their friends with complaints, that would be creepy. This? Good business practice.
  7. mmmm ... there last night. Lovely cheapish wines and good cheeses. Plus this place is just completely and totally unpretentious. Such an oasis.
  8. Don't know if this belong here or in the surrealism thread. It really belongs in a "gives you faith in humanity" thread. My parents are looking to buy an apartment in Manhattan with an eye toward eventually retiring in NY. A few months ago they put a bid in on an apartment which was accepted by the sellers. My parents started the legal work, got the mortgage docs in order and even went so far as to start the escrow process. Almost 4 weeks after the bid was accepted the seller rescinded the offer. This is not illegal in New York state since no documents had yet been signed. My fath
  9. Just received an invitation to the wedding of my cousin and his partner (in CA). They have been together for 25 years, are in their 70s and 50s respectively, and are now getting married! It's so sweet! My cousin's partner is calling the CA supreme court decision the "caterer's full employment act."
  10. I think I might just cover myself in spikes that point outward and look deadly.
  11. To the asshole who full on body-checked me the other day on the way to work because he was trying to pass a less fast walker in front of him (male, 40s, tall, in a nice suit): You clearly expected that I would get out of your way and must have been surprised when I didn't which might explain why you didn't bother to apologize when you knocked into me with the force of an elephant. Perhaps you should have realized that since I am going against port authority traffic there was literally no place on the entire sidewalk I could have moved to without hitting someone else. But I understand yo
  12. Tamar G

    The Bruni Thread

    I just can't help pointing it out since the pastry chef is a friend and I'm really happy for him: (And while I wouldn't generally use Bruni as affirmation I just love to say I told you so! About Jansen's deserts, that is.)
  13. Tamar G


    spent the weekend at my sister's "country house" and finally did some cooking this summer! Dinner was kofta, made with the little on hand (no fresh herbs, sadly): ground lamb, onion, dried parsley, zatar, chili powder and half an egg. Instead of broiling or grilling them we basically sauteed them in olive oil. To toot my horn, they were really quite wonderful. Served with homemade tomato sauce and badly cooked basmati rice and sauteed spinach with garlic. Next morning I made cottage cheese pancakes. I do love them so. Then we had really fantastic grilled summer corn for lunch.
  14. Tamar G


    oops! double post.
  15. Tamar G


    I think because of all the rich/heavy firm lunches I have been craving making my own bento lunches and I can't get wait to get back to school and get started. I'm not doing any cooking this summer because I refuse to even walk into the kitchen area of my sublet since my roommates and I have different cleanliness standards. So it will have to wait for August. In the meantime I went to the Strand and picked up a few Japanese cookbooks. They are all fairly old but they cost about $6 a piece, so even with media rate shipping back to CA they are quite cheap. I also picked up a copy of Unta
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