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  1. Daniel


    I have faith you can figure it out.
  2. Daniel

    Death Pool

    Ahh too bad.. I loved that place, that was in the forefront of the BBQ revolution to hit NYC. I had a lot of fun times there, use to take customers there when I had my ny showroom, pre covid. That Danny Meyer, that was his first foray into Casual and burgers? Maybe not. The last time I went there, I split a burger with a buyer.. He was getting over his second heart attack, so he was eating light..
  3. I have stated this before.. i have said, i am not without blood on my hands.. I also stated that it's possible I will go back to a non vegan diet..
  4. Daniel


    Did insurance cover the cost the rice cooker? Are crutches covered?
  5. If you want recipes, you have to do what everyone else does. Stand behind me with a scale and notebook and write it down. 😄 I’m getting better but, not for home cooking!
  6. Daniel


    Really nice soup. A simple broth, Chinese wine, soy, star anise, sugar, three inches of sliced ginger, sugar, mushroom soy for the broth. Then added yu choy, bok choy, oyster mushrooms, spinach, marinated tofu from @fongon1933 some wheat noodles. It was sweet and aromatic and really rich. I like to add a little vinegsr@to mine. But a rare omission of spicy pepper. Then some boiled and then fried potatoes with cumin and Sichuan peppercorns from @luckydogorganic . Tossed in some pickled chile.
  7. Is that a joke. While I don’t post all my meals, I post a lot of them. I only eat breakfast on weekends. We now eat together as a family. So my new eating schedule is 11 AM and 7 PM. I prefer to eat at 9:30 or 10 but, as Ronald Reagan said, America starts at the dinner table. But I often eat some sort of sandwich I make normally a Panini. Today I had a nimpossible whopper. I often will just eat leftovers, if its really good: I’d like to bring in things that can be microwaved. but there are a lot of scenarios that you can easily do. You want egg, buy a bottle of Just Egg. C
  8. I think I am vegan for 8 months or so now, maybe less, i stopped caring or counting... But, yeh, if done properly and with gusto, a vegan diet is not necessarily going to help you lose weight.. I do zero exercise these days outside of sporadic weight training and drink like a sailor on shore leave.. I am sure my cholesterol has gotten better if it was bad, I don't go to doctors, i go to emergency rooms. but, yeh, I wasn't particularly over weight and I feel strong and just really healthy. But, one would assume, if you are going to cut out meat for ethical reasons, dairy should be there too
  9. I actually served raw sunchokes the other day but, definitely peeled...
  10. Daniel


    Jax has really been liking when i make him fried rice.. and if you put it in a half of a pineapple, forget about it.
  11. I would argue, though with nothing more than my strong sense of common sense, if we were carnivores, we wouldn't need to cook the food.. We would be using our sharp claws and fangs to rip apart tendons and flesh with much gusto.. Instead, we have to create utensils, cook to soften, season with plants, all just to help the body digest this foreign substance.. And then of course we get all of the diseases that as a result of our bodies still not being able to properly process it all..
  12. This guy use to run the Awkward Scone, a small coffee shop that Eater loved. They closed a few months ago, I know they were doing some pop ups with Hunky Dory. That's great they have reopened and continue with their good press.. Have not been yet.
  13. Daniel


    But do they like fried rice balls?
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