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  1. Daniel


    So, i threw down with my neighbor last night... I have not seen him in like three months and well, i had a couple of beers and then we sat outside at his house and had a couple of more.. I said my good nights when he got out the whiskey.. But, yeh, even with like 3 beers and two shots over the course of a couple of hours, i felt horrible this morning... Not to mention, when I got home, having had skipped dinner, i feasted on some pizza... So, needless to say, i felt like garbage all day and starved myself because I had over eaten I am sure... Anyway, i got home from work and was ravenous.. I felt like a remedial japanese curry sandwich somewhere some reason.. I went to the store, bought a roll.. Made the curry which consisted of water, soy, sweet soy, curry powder, salt, sugar and corn starch.. I put a spicy West Indian Yellow Curry i purchased from Thew thin slices of the homemade Seitan in and cooked to heat and soften... Then I tossed my concoction onto a toasted deli roll... I had never made this type of sauce before and I only tried that boxed japanese curry a few times but, it was essentially the flavor.. I could have used a mushroom stock and added ginger or tomato paste but, this was like only a few minutes to put together and this almost got to the same place. At that point the extra hour of sophistication would have been wasted on me. This was almost an emergency. A new self is born the other self dead. it was a simple curry, it hit the spot.. i guess this is vegan junk food.. I was craving a burger but, this had to do.. pretty much same results, but really i feel much better than if I had a burger. edit: the more i think about this sandwich, i could make a sauce with hot soy bean paste and broccoli.. and of course some fried wontons would be fun.
  2. Daniel


    Still alive and kicking on the plant based diet... Last night I made my own Seitan. Chickpea flour, Vital Wheat Gluten and some spices, mainly my tears. Mixed it up into a dough, made a broth of soy sauce, sweet soy, sugar, xaoxing cooking wine, kombu, some other fun things.. The broth was amazing.. Various Mushroom and thin slices of seitan. Cooked in the broth that I made simmered the seitan in... Then added rice noodles. It was really good Simple salad with yuzu, soy, sesame... Refreshing. Lovely dressing actually.
  3. maybe go to a farmers market that has a mushroom person and ask them.. or even more so, pay to have someone come and do a walk of your grounds.. The other day, I was sitting in my mother in laws backyard and thought of a really fun gift.. I am not going to do it but, if you were to hire a ornithologist and have them walk the grounds an identify the birds during a particular season.. also have someone walk the grounds and identify the trees and plants and such, obviously wild mushrooms would be involved in that.. But, since mushrooms are reoccuring, it might be worth it to hire a mushroom guy to come to your house.. it should cost less than a hundred bucks and you will know for years to come
  4. Daniel


    Julio and I down by the school yard, just doesn't have the same ring.
  5. Daniel


    Follow up, the girlfriend asked me how to make the yuca fries and the cilantro sauce yesterday... Also, to answer your question, I think people just found out to avoid things through trial an error, or learned to live with the suffering and died early.
  6. Daniel


    i had a couple over for dinner.. The one person has a night shade allergy.. They also added, which i read while driving, that garlic, ginger and onion are ok.. Which, I read as no ok.. So, i was like, shit, what a horrible life this person has.. Not tomato, no onion, garlic, ginger.. Also, dairy is no good. And gluten. Wow, ok.. So, I cooked the meal like onion, ginger and garlic was no good.. But yeh, no peppers, tomato, eggplant, potatoes. I wanted to make vegan but, the ginger garlic mix up added with the no tomato had me confused. I also had 1.5 hours to make dinner. I was told by our girlfriend, just make him steak.. Which is perfect except, i am vegan,. But, I had a steak in the freezer, like I always do. I have like 5 more actually. Started with prosciutto melon with arugula, thai basil, balsamic. I had made a cashew cream to serve with it as well but, found out cashews are off the table as well as peanuts.. not deadly but, not fun either.. In addition, i made cauliflower that I first blanched, then cooked in hot oil with cumin seeds.. Add salt, lemon, sugar and cinnamon.. all light amounts, this was not cinnamon toast crunch.. In amounts that non were traceable on their own. I boiled broccoli and added lemon and salt and tarragon.. I boiled and fried yuca. made a vegan cilantro sauce with out jalapeno or garlic.. It was cilantro, arugula, lemon, lime, cumin and a half an avocado in the blender, a shot of vegan mayo too. Served with the fries.. he had never had yuca fries before so, that was cool.. he thoroughly enjoyed. I made them a medium rare steak which they loved.. I made a lentil with ginger, tomato paste, jalapenos, garam masala, some cinnamon a thai hot sauce i had which took the place of our main. Anyway, fun times, good food.. I served halavah for dessert along with fresh berries.. guess what, also allergic to chocolate.
  7. RAS PLANT BASED ETHIOPIAN 739 Franklin Avenue 1123https://www.rasplantbased.com/8W TWe have come to this restaurant a couple of times in the last month.. The food here is good and it's vegan. They have a limited menu now. They recently opened up either slightly before or during the pandemic.. The owners are a couple, one of who is the child of the owner of Awash the other a traveled cook.. I know they both have worked and run Awash Brooklyn for some time. The fact that they held together this brand new vegan restaurant during the pandemic, is really impressive. They have some outdoor seating available on Franklin.. Mainly two tops, one three top more removed than others. For roughly 20 dollars you are giving 5 sides and a bunch of injera. There is a collard green, a lentil, carrots and green beans, a cabbage and carrots and a ground chick pea curry. The injera are delicious.. We also added a mushroom entree going up the middle.. It had berbere spices and a shit ton of rosemary. The portions are small so you do not leave stuffed by, you actually finish all your food. Last night we sat outside and had our first meal out in new york city in some time.. Last night a few dishes, while actually the same menu item were different than previous times we got them.. It was still good but, missing some things, like the string bean dish on prior occasions had these super caramelized onions, this time no. Collard greens different as well, as well as the ground chickpeas.. The chickpeas were different in a good way as previously they were my least favorite dish. There is another Ethiopian Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn that is wildly popular called, Bunna Cafe. I like this place better so far..
  8. Hey @joethefoodie The rice cakes are super easy.. They come vacuum sealed.. You take them out, "rinse them off" i have never and then boil for a bit until they get soft.. Then treat like a noodle.. tekkboki is so easy and rewarding, i have to make this again.
  9. Daniel


    So last night, I stopped by Meks and noticed this beautiful tomato.. It was super juicy and about to burst..By today, it would have been maybe too far gone. I took it home and made a salsa of sorts.. Squeezed the tomato, added two cloves of garlic, salt, sugar, red and black pepper, olive oil with mint and basil.. Let that sit and marinate for a bit... Meanwhile, I soaked cashews and blended with some salt, sugar, mint and lemon... Blended until a creamy paste, almost like ricotta... At this point in my veganism, i have no concept of what creamy is.. This ricotta to me is as creamy as regular ricotta.. It's crazy, it doesn't take long for your brain to be tricked. I remember, I had been vegan a month and i tried this soy milk in a hotel.. I was convinced it was cow milk.. Taking a sip of cow milk feels and tastes like eating a stick a butter. Anyway, he is pasta with fake ricotta. It was really good. Like a trapanese sauce with cashew cream instead of almonds. i would eat this right now Made a salad with three lettuces from the green market, one is a green butter, the other a real rough and bitter green and then a purple maybe red oak.. Vinegar, lots of oregano, salt, sugar, olive oil.. Made croutons with a sesame loaf from sullivan. also cucumbers which i salted prior.
  10. Daniel

    Death Pool

    wow, i would have told you they closed 15 years ago...
  11. Daniel


    Walked again last night... When we got home, i broke up a cauliflower into florets.. Added oil to a pan, then cumin seeds, then ginger, then jalapenos, then cauliflower, then some water and covered... Let it steam, then uncovered the water left and was left to fry a bit.. Added a little curry and a little sugar.. Served with three types of lettuce with a ginger salad dressing and some onion.. Rice was leftover from lunch.. Rice was garlic with oil, then peppers, then rice, then tomatoes, wine, basil.. I stopped measuring my rice all together... I don't know, i keep saying.. I have never soaked, never rinsed, my proportions don't seem to make sense.. I make it perfectly every time.. I think it's the copper pot.
  12. Daniel


    10 lbs in three weeks.. And you can't say water weight as I have been drinking water and eating a lot.. No real set meal times, just whenever we are hungry... We also have missie k with us, who is home from college.. She is not vegan but, I cook most of her meals.. Sometimes with meat, sometimes with us.. She is super in to ground turkey these last few weeks and learning to cook for herself.. I taught her some seasoning things I like. She loves making a mustard salad dressing. Occasionally I will cook for her when she gives me her measured ingredients.. X amount of turkey weighed, olive oil measured and then i can add spices and procedures and such... This was a turkey kebab. I grated ginger and garlic and added soy and cornstarch and garam masala and I forget what else.. Avocado salad. Also, i used barely any oil which blew her mind.. So, no show me get interested in grilling. ackee, kale, peppers, onions, all spice, lemon and tomato. a couple of days later.. Ackee, spinach, chickpeas, I made that cilantro The green sauce I made for fried yuca.. That was dinner one night... 2 jalapenos, i head of cilantro, 2 garlic cloves, cumin, vegan mayo, a little lime a little vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar. i have been making lots of juice with leftover vegetables.. Anything about to go bad, gets tossed in.. lettuce, peppers, ginger, jalapeno, apple, celery, carrot, the list goes on.. just juice it. I like a lot of lime and ginger in whatever juice i make look at how youthful it makes me look chana masala nachos with fake cheese, fake sour cream, fake meat.. served with a really good real salsa of tomatoes, thai chiles, cilantro, avocado. This was pretty damn good actually I made a few other things this weekend.. A vegan pasta, some lettuce wraps with the peanut sauce, cucumber dish chinese dish, a couple of rice noodle dishes... Lots of vegan things. This is kind of funny... for the first time in my adult life, I do not have butter in my fridge.. So, we have now started using mayo and my MIL margarine she left, to make grilled cheese sandwiches.. The boy has made no mention, of the change. Also, we are starting to make some headway with spicy foods.
  13. Daniel


    Beautiful looking.. if there is one thing i miss its, whole fish... I was looking through the webs the other day when I noticed a very cool presentation.. You take the whole fish, prop it up like that... you have fileted the fish on both sides starting at the tail and working your way towards the head.. You leave it connected it by the head.. Then you roll up the filet towards the head and secure it up by the head with tooth picks,... in the rolled filet you can have added a filling, i assume. You then leave the tail and fins on and roast the fish like this... It makes the fish look like a sea robin... it looks beautiful but, i don't know if it's more gimmicky.
  14. uh, scrolling a website and eating my very last bite of vegan something or other, i bit my damn finger.. like hard... And now I am in pain and it looks like a blister is forming.. Whats funny is, thats the most hardy bite I've had in three weeks.
  15. I think i started a lettuce cup craze...
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