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  1. I am really impressed with all of the ice cream knowledge.. Orik, is on some next level, .. I can't wait to try it, I was lost at the sciencey stuff. We now have a destination in Manhattan to go to with the boy. I have made ice cream over the years and always did the most simple prep. Heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, maybe some burnt caramel, maybe some chocolate, occasionally I have made a sorbet..I have made lots of granitas and thousands of semifreddos. I know I have added eggs to ice cream and played with some ratios of milks and creams. But, as I really do not eat ice cream, or dessert, I never really cared about it. My mother on the other hand, routinely travels hours to try different ice cream places. She prefers small ice crystals in hers. She likes a particular ice cream and doesn't like it too creamy, or something.. She is very particular. I eat it and I don't really consider it. And with my inlaws, they have a nightly ritual where they sit around and eat like the most discount, airated ice cream.. I think it's friendly's maybe even. 9 times out of 10 when I take Jax to get an ice cream, I don't order anything for myself. On that 10th time, i will either ask for a taste of something, or get the smallest kids cup or cone and not even finish it. Jax by that time is circling back for mine. When I eat ice cream, i don't ponder the fat, the texture... It's actually one of the few times where I don't analyze what I am eating.. It's just enjoyment. We sell ice cream at our place, my knowledge went as far as calling up my favorite ice cream place as a child... I spoke with a teenager on the phone who worked there and basically directed them to the walk in and had them check the label on their mix for soft serve! It was a success.
  2. Daniel


    Then I made pizza bread for myself.. Well, I just made it and then the neighbors were on the stoop so, well, it became an impromptu pizza party. Took a whole shewolf sourdough... Sliced on a bias, put down a little sriracha, then rubbed a whole head of roasted garlic on both sides, some olive oil, then tomatoes, then salt, pepper, squash blossoms, olive oil and pesto.. Roasted at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or more... Covered with mint and two kinds of basil.
  3. Daniel


    I was doing a photo shoot for instagram... I think our website guy just wanted a BLT but, apparently, this will help some how..
  4. Daniel

    Death Pool

    we all heard uncle boons.. I think it's personally a smart business decision.. It was a tiny uncomfortable space, they had some weird stipulation they had to close at 10.. The recipes aren't staying there... They will open a huge spot, the food will be half as good and they will be twice as successful..
  5. Daniel


    We haven't really been drinking, eating vegan, taking walks at night.. Basically, all the joy has been sucked out of my soul and replaced with spirulina. I had some potatoes in pesto left over from the other night.. I cubed the little guys and baked at 400 after tossing in oil.. Tossed in a spicy bravas sauce... In the same 400 degree oven, I added my left over hominy after tossing in oil...Topped with paprika and a little spice mix. So, that's how you make corn nuts.. I am really happy with this.. Finally, i took a cabbage, a sweet mini cabbage and split in two and removed the core.. I then rubbed harissa in between the layers... Then added a little sesame oil, some garlic, tomatoes and tomato paste and wine to a clay pot that just fit the cabbage and roasted for 1:20 minutes or so at 400 and 350 depening on what i needed the oven for... Served it with basmati rice cooked in yuzu kosho broth. Topped with some tahini. Freaking brilliant, I thought this was going to be a fail but it was really good.. I try to just add shit to surprise myself, break up the monotony and horrors of sobriety
  6. Well so far, I have made potatoes bravas and corn nuts. I took the leftover hominy and baked it, covered in spicy paprika type thing in keeping with the theme. so thats how you make corn nuts. Harissa cabbage roasting in the oven.
  7. Cooking via whim definitely helps with boredom and repetition. Sitting here deciding what i feel like for dinner vs what do i have. I have been eating the same biriyani for the last week at work, in between seitan sandwiches. These last three weeks I have had a lot of daal. I am unmotivated right now to make one. I am kind of uninspired right now. I think I may have mentioned this elsewhere but, the other night, Miss A and I split a whole bag of doritos and a bottle of wine. That was certainly a first. I guess I am in a rut. I would really like to bbq a fish. I just made miss k salmon and rice. i made this yuzu rice which, i could eat a bowl of and call a night .
  8. Why aren't we doing this in our country? https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=99GoP_1597081065
  9. Daniel


    Dinner tonight was a quick affair... Made a simple marinate for oyster, portobello mushrooms and tofu.. It was something like fermented black beans, sweet soy, sugar, chile oil.... I made a peanut sauce... heated up some rice noodles, grilled the tofu and nushrooms.. served with a few lettuces, water chestnuts, some potatoes, some cashews, raw ginger, chile, mint, thai basil, globe basil and peanut sauce, Boom easy
  10. Daniel


    On a side note, if I ever put fried cauliflower on the menu, i am going to call it, Frita Caulo Or if I open a vegan restaurant, i am going to call it Frita Caulo and then have an artist copy her self portraits and replacing her with vegetables..
  11. look at you, 745, go Sneak! I have my greenmarket routine, i go to Lucky Dawg in Fort Greene. I try to buy everything they have... Saturday I purchased 5 heads of lettuce, green beans, cabbage, mint, dill, parsley, fennel, carrots, beets, cucumber and blueberries and that was it.. .
  12. Daniel


    Made pozole this weekend for Saturday and Sunday Breakfast.... It was delicious.. I have made pozole before, I made the green kind with hatch new mexican chiles, this time I used dried mexican peppers to make a red soup base.. Also, this is the first time I made pozole from dried hominy as opposed to the canned hominy... This was the biggest difference.. I didn't follow a recipe but, it's fairly straight forward.. There is pepper, there is garlic, cumin and there is the stewed meat. In addition to the pozole, which was vegan, i served with tostada with refried beans... The beans were black beans that I had cooked in avocado leaves.. It adds almost like a root beer flavor but, not obviously.. The black beans also had cumin, lime, garlic and salt... I blended these and spread them on the tostadas. Where as the soup is traditionally made with goat, or lamb, or even pork, i did mine vegan.. To make up some of the richness, I added kombu and some msg to the mixture... I felt like it added some body and depth, on top of using three of 4 types of chile.. The cream is coconut yogurt. The boy had waffles and Ice cream for breakfast..
  13. In terms of getting Indian Food delivered, I have to be hung over and too lazy to cook myself... There is really no place with in my delivery zone, that I can think of, that isn't like a greasy mess..Since acquiring a remedial understanding of indian food, i don't see myself ordering it again, until a good place will deliver to me. For me, the only redeeming thing at one of these generic Indian Places are the fresh naan, dosas and breads directly from the oven... Once it gets delivered, the integrity is lost, it gets soggy and I no longer enjoy them..
  14. Daniel


    another Mek Mock Rib.. I am going to eat these every day until I get sick of them... This i flattened the bread on a sandwich press. I made collard greens last night and was going to add but, forgot at home.
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