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  1. The closest to this I can come is I once paired a Linne Calodo with Cannolis stiffed with Gorgonzola, candied walnuts, and pickled cherries. I made the Gorgonzola cream pretty savory with only slivers of pickled cherry to keep it balanced.
  2. I'm not a fan of pairing big red wines with sweet - neither ever seem to benefit.
  3. $100 trebbiano... Would you say it withstands comparison to $100 wines made from 'nobler' grapes? My abysmal ignorance when it comes to Italian whites has become an increasing problem. I should probably frequent the bars at Maialino, Otto, etc, but the thirty/fortysomething scenes at the Maialino bar actively repel me. Nothing more fun at Otto oat Saturday lunch when a bunch of us 40somethings jump up on the marble after too many quartinos and fist pump while Dennis blasts "Who let the dogs out, Who, Who, Who, Who "!
  4. Scaramouche always wows me. Maybe not the food but service, the view, the mood....it's a very pleasant, serene restaurant experience best shared with your significant other.
  5. Boston has it's share, Barb Lynch, Joey Adams, Ana Sortun, etc
  6. This is straight Cab Franc purchased directly at the winery.........who sent to me using all and every legal means necessary...... I've seen Burning Kiln at the LBCO but just the Merlot/CF blend.
  7. Had something yesterday for our friends up North. 2011 Burning Kiln Cab Frank (Cab Franc obviously) A winery in Ontario that modernizes the old appassimento method by using tobacco kilns to accelerate and even out the drying process. I like it in an interesting way, not in a Abe Schoener kind of way.
  8. My local carries Southern Right which I thought was a fair pick for 18.00 but I can't speak to it's Pinotage-yness comparatively.
  9. The first one I had heard of but I'm not sure if the first - maybe for a major restaurant at the time.
  10. Very well said. Good stuff by Gary Fine on Trotter: http://chicago.grubstreet.com/2012/01/gaf.html I'd be interested on reading what either (or any) of you have to add about his influence on American dining. Well, not that I had many big meals under my belt at the time but firsts for me - Multiple Ethnic flavor profiles within the same Tasting Menu (Asian, Basque, etc) - Chef's Kitchen Table - Build you a meal around your selected wines. - A takeaway with some goodies - Multiple Amuses - Naming the farms/sources as part of the menu description. - Going with a regular
  11. Shocking. One of my first culinary road trips was to CT. Such a shame.
  12. I imagine that a lot of it would return to Park Smith's cellar. There were some rumors a while back about a lot of large format bottles beings shopped around anonymously after the first closing. Assumptions given the titles were that they were Smith's but maybe just a coincidence. ....I guessing he doesn't need the money....
  13. But the wine....it's what made it cool. My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Perignon ‘53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit
  14. They are one and the same. I remember requesting a wine list at the time they were updating their website, twice. Was told it was in process, nevertheless...
  15. Barely, I didn't drink that much wine when I was delivering newspapers or managing my lemonade stand.
  16. I thought the list to be fairly reasonable. Some will priced selections for Loire/Rhone and the Billecart was well priced. The by the glass selection was better than average too. A lot of choices in the 50-70 range for typical 15-20 retail bottles.
  17. So many years ago, we did a New Haven run spur of the moment. Frank Pepe's was the first stop and Sally's Apizza second. The white clam pie was to die for and I preferred it to the tomato pie at Sally's. In retrospect, I still remember how good the Sally's pie was and felt it suffered only because I gorged myself on at Frank Pepe's. I guess the gist is they're both so good - it's the difference between finding $ 20.00 on the ground and finding $ 25.00.
  18. Ditto, maybe one of my first wines 25+ years ago, and I still like just about anything Paul Draper makes.
  19. I'd live in Nashville over Charleston (which I assume is his current base). Thanks for telling us about it, and unveiling the fifth fat. Not me, no way. I used to have in-laws in Nashville and the visits were enligtening Sean Brock started in Nashville if you remember - at the Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel.
  20. The key questions are what will she eat? The easiest solution is go to your favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant and get some ideas. Most good grocers have a selection of Faux meats if you want to go more traditional.
  21. OpenOffice suite is a free download and you can create or utilize any (most) type of windows formats docs, xls, etc
  22. I think the resurgence of these types of street art is directly correlated to the seeming lack of ability in many of today's art students to actually be able to draw.
  23. GordonCooks


    I agree What exactly do you take issue with? LC can have a dull palate, in the sense that subtlety can sometimes be lost on her. Let's just say you wouldn't really get what was great about Les 400s Coups under Jette/Demers if you were going off her review. As much as I like Joe Beef, her review brings up a Wilfrid-like feeling of "barbarians at the gate"(and this is coming from a twentysomething). I'm not sure Joe Beef should be held as a new four star model. But overall, I'd have to say she is a fair critic, if too easily pleased by Italian food. Much better than Lortie, who doesn't
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