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  1. A very good question. I only had my first D&S a few years ago, made with Havana Club. I hadn't been a fan of rum drinks, but this was different. I have since had them made with watery ginger beer stuff, with over-produced "artisanal" cordials that tasted like an incinerated gingerbread house; and with Gosling's own super sweet canned ginger beer. I have to agree with Nathan. Reed's extra ginger is the driest, and therefore best in my opinion for a good Dark & Stormy. With Gosling's, of course, if one can't secure any Havana Club.
  2. Wow. I'm shocked. A real loss.
  3. Pingarina

    Ari Up

    So very sad. I was such a fan.
  4. Pingarina


    Does it have some sort of sauce on it already? Either way, I would advise against adding anything other than a red or green cooked salsa, some raw (sweet) onion, and cilantro, if you like it. Layering on those other flavors is overkill.
  5. Evidently there's a recreational drug on the scene called Meow Meow. meow
  6. Please, H. You know that "fall" is not included in the southwest CA package. You're welcome to apply, via rolling admission, for the full season option.
  7. Marc Jacobs and La Wintour on Jimmy Fallon. The blind leading the undead.
  8. I just missed seeing Brion G's show today. But...I must second the vote for Stephen Vitiello's delightful installation. I saw, or rather listened to, it for the second time today. It's quite engaging, particularly for kids, who love the hourly confluence of all 59 bells. Another temporary work that must be seen at the High Line is Spencer Finch's "the river that flows both ways" The colors of the film encased in the windows changes every minute, and it is quite delicious.
  9. Quesadillas some with squash blossoms from my garden, some with avocado squash, also from the garden.
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