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  1. Bootleg Brewery wins some sort of contest. whoo i guess.
  2. Yep. I hadn't gotten around to the Korean recs, mostly because I'm sick of Korean food. Somebody else do it.
  3. I was just remembering that I was recently at Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton. It's a drive for you, about 20-30 min, but this place is amazing. The food is catered by food trucks, which is kind of trendy, but the food is actually good, depending on the truck of the day. it's located in what looks like a forgotten warehouse. The beer is what you come for though. The people who come here are insane about beer and really liked this. I don't drink but I witnessed the insanity. --in irvine, OC Wine Mart and Wine Tasting Bar has always gotten great reviews. I've never been.
  4. I forgot, if you're going to be in OC, you gotta have pho. The pho here is very good, most likely way better than what you can get, unless you're in Vietnam. LA pho sucks ass (though there are some good places near El Centro, to the east of LA) and SF pho is--generally speaking--a joke (there are a few exceptions). While the epicenter of US phodom is prob Westminster, Irvine actually has a few very good places; they're just pricey compared to their Westminster cousins. I like the Pho Bac on Barranca and Culver. Pricey (about $7), and they don't have culantro, but I personaly tink the pho i
  5. Probably the best place for coffee is Kean, two locations (Tustin and Newport Beach). A nice variety of beans and they roast in-house and do a decent job. I prefer the Tustin location, the guys at night are pretty good. Otherwise, I go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf *shrug*. As for beer, I don't drink so I dunno. 85C is that Taiwanese bakery that is all the rage, and I believe Irvine has the only US branch. I'm not a big fan, but it's perhaps worth a looksee if you're interested in huge lines and lots of Asian people. Hmm, for actual food, a lot of things are better in LA, but t
  6. Whoah, that's too bad, because when I was there the service was outstanding! Also, the waiters were so totally hot, I briefly considered asking moving back to the Bay Area. I mean, damn. Daaaamn.
  7. His Kumamotos are quite good, if you are ever back in the area. I also liked Shibucho better than Wasabi, mostly for the value factor. I never liked sitting in front of the son though. I absolutely made sure I sat in front of Shibutani-san or else I didn't want to play.
  8. Triumphal Palace is now Lunasia. they keep getting very poor reviews, though like TP, Lunasia apparently has some pretty good food. Not sure why they get such bad reviews. --btw, the next time you're at Elite, they also do some good claypot dishes.
  9. Maybe my mistake was not so much ordering the vegan stuff as ordering a plate. Next time, I'll try a kati roll. A Japanese place that is open on Sunday is Maki, in Japantown. I tried it with Carrie a couple of times and it was reliably decent. Pretty space, good food, though a little light on the vegetarian options, unless you can eat eggs. However, I think they have this "Sansai Wappa" which is mixed vegetables and mushrooms over rice that is pretty good, and vegan iirc, though that's pretty much the extent of the vegan offerings, iirc. I know this sounds strange, but I really lik
  10. I kinda like Kasa Indian Eatery, in the Castro. I think the vegan stuff blows, but the meat-filled kati rolls smelled very good. Also, they're very popular. The kati rolls are like $5, or so. The space itself is cute.
  11. Nobody's tried that new place in Berkeley? Emilia's is the name. Near Berkeley Bowl. Looks like truly great pizza from the reviews so far.
  12. This list is not nearly as weird as the LA list. The LA list defies comprehension.
  13. I'm sorry, Animal isn't the one I was thinking of, The Bazaar was the one I wanted to try and haven't yet. I'm so out of it these days.
  14. I thought Palate was interesting and well-priced when it first opened, but I think the bloom is off the rose. Animal looks interesting, haven't been yet. Ditto for Rivera.
  15. I'm not really one to talk about being weird, but I'm sorry, that is one weird ass list. --I'll say this about Jonathan Gold, at least his lists make sense.
  16. I just reread my last comment and realize that the Costco mention could seem like a put-down, but honestly it's not! Actually, I read this long thread about the Costco steaks and I knew Merlin's man would be totally down for that. (Though I suppose it's not the healthiest thing). I don't get the sense that Napa has much in the way of vegetarian eats, other than Ubuntu. Have things changed much in the last year or so? LA is having an explosion of vegetarian restaurants, yet I don't hear much news from up north.
  17. Oh man, that sucks. I'm surprised the husband allowed himself to go to a vegetable restaurant, knowing his tastes. Too bad Coles wasn't open. Costco (at least the one down here) has some really decent looking ribeye steaks these days, if he's interested.
  18. It would be good to see the old gang again. You want anything from SoCal? Edible I mean. Er, food I mean. Okay I'll stop there.
  19. lol. good thing you didn't see my theme. wow. terrible.
  20. Maybe it didn't cook enough? When I made the pudding, it SERIOUSLY set up. It was actually quite thick! I had to spoon it into a dish to cool it down; it wouldn't pour.
  21. I made a vegan version of this cake (took out the egg/milk and made appropriate substitutes). My pudding set up just fine and it was a damn good cake. Actually, I should say cupcake because I cupcakified the recipe.
  22. I think I know who it is. LOL. Moron. Well, I guess you're bound to create some jealousy. I mean, you're an artist, you're smart, and you're living large in the big city. Also, one of your bestest friends in the whole wide world is taking you to a no-holds barred dinner at Urasawa for your birthday! And whatever else strikes our fancy that day!
  23. Alice Medrich also has a good discussion on brownies, probably in "Cookies and Brownies" but I thing I remember her breaking it down at bit in Pure Dessert as well.
  24. Going back to school was a pretty good cure for full-fridgeritis. I had to eat everything in there, so as not to starve. After a while, I actually started liking the fact that I had so many jams and jellies. I made muffins and glazed them. I also made ice cream, ala Mark Bittman's cornstarch ice cream recipe. I also ate the stuff as the maker intended, on toast and such. I still have a bunch of olive and caper jars though. I'm thinking puttanesca, but haven't had the interest.
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