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  1. Liza

    The Yankees Thread

    On a Yankee note, Curtis Granderson did a book signing at my local (independent!) bookstore this week. Publicist had said no photos, no personalized autographs. Well, Curtis posed for every photo and signed every book personally. An absolute class act.
  2. Stone, that is seriously one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever seen.
  3. Liza

    Gary Speed

    At a mere 42. Very sad indeed.
  4. I just checked my calendar and am shocked it's not April 1st. Though if a roving cellist passes by, I fully intend to pull a Zero Mostel and pour a bottle of plonk down the cellist's trousers.
  5. Um, wow: from Sports Illustrated: Joe Amendola, the attorney for former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, impregnated a 17-year-old girl, according to the The Daily and the New York Post. Amendola, 63, was the attorney for Mary Lavasile’s emancipation petition from Sept. 3, 1996, which was filed just weeks before her 17th birthday. Mary became pregnant with Amendola’s child approximately around that time, according to Janet Lavasile, Mary’s mother. “At the time, I didn’t know the extent of the relationship,” said Janet. Amendola seemed more like Mary’s “mentor,” acc
  6. Half our town is without power, luckily the other half. We have tons of downed trees and a lot of our fence was smashed by massive tree limbs falling all over it. I was the only person outside last night, beating the snow off the trees so we actually lost a lot less than others.
  7. Greenmarket staff were instructed on Danish protocol. I taught Davy how to say, "I have a freckle on my shoulder" in Danish, just to be helpful.
  8. Yes, he was there - I interviewed him. But he and his PR people all said he was there as a guest. Just because something is in print doesn't mean it is true.
  9. And ok, I'll just throw in again that Natirar is not listed on the Virgin website as one of their destinations. His PR folks told me at the time of opening that it was not one of theirs.
  10. Come on, everyone knows you put highway salt on your free-range squirrel.
  11. BHSB still buys aplenty at USGM, fwiw. ETA: thassa lotta letters, Rico.
  12. New baker alert! Fridays at USGM - Nordic Breads. Their Finnish Ruis Bread, 100% whole grain rye rolls, with 15% fiber, is the rye of your dreams. It's the kind of bread that says, sure, you can eat me. But you are going to work first! And then, back to the fields with you.
  13. Branson does not own Natirar. Bob Wojtowicz does.
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