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  1. As the Bonner said elsewhere, Never trust a man in a sweatervest. I will add, never trust anyone who wears a keyboard.
  2. I had that last summer and assumed bites - turns out I've develpoed a shellfish allergy. Most distressing and unwanted.
  3. Liza


    It's been awhile so I probably haven't mentioned that I got the Big Green Egg for hubby's birthday in November. We've smoked duck; chickens; short ribs; pork butt. Lots of smoking going round. But I love the grill part. Chicken skewers marinated in yogurt and yellow chile paste were amazing. And the pizza stone insert is going to get a lot more use this summer. I'm looking forward to smoking some veggies, as well.
  4. It's the calico cat hair - makes every man cuter.
  5. Try Tenafly, why don't you. We could certainly use the support. ETA: Lani's Farm (whom many of you will associate with his ex-wife, Nevia)_ Bread Alone Van Houten Real Live Food Hudson Valley Duck D&J Organic James Drew farm Starting next week, coffee roasters from Tarrytown.
  6. So sorry for your loss, Ghostie. Hope there's more fur in your future.
  7. Four trips in a few months, great restaurant scene. For casual, I liked Six Penn. Bill Fuller's Big Burrito restaurant group has a couple that I really liked as well, especially Eleven and Swoon.
  8. Liza


    I couldn't go - been working your kind of shifts, Blondie.
  9. Liza


    I got tickets.
  10. Liza


    Mercury Lounge, Jan 13
  11. Liza

    St. Eve's

    Do we really need a water list?
  12. I'm sitting here in my pajamas, contemplating Christmas dinner tomorrow. I had planned on two massive rib eyes, some mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a bread pudding with caramel sauce. But somehow, now, after the Italian chair tablescape, I feel so fucking inadequate. Let's see...just next to the computer I have a plastic garbage can, some wrapping paper, some cat litter, and what's that over there? OH, a seven year old boy. Now, with some duct tape, a small sprinkling of dryer lint, and the careful application of spray paint, I'm planning a replica of Michelangelo's "David". I figure if
  13. Ahold's Stop and Shop in America uses Modiv Media's Scan It! technology for scan and bag. It's been in many of their stores for about a year now.
  14. Liza

    World Cup Soccer

    Someone asked me if there was grass (field grass, mind you) in either location. Tundra and sand, right?
  15. Liza

    World Cup Soccer

    Russia Qatar Discuss.
  16. Liza

    The Kitchen

    http://thekitchenny-nj.com/ Looks promising, though I won't be able to check it out until early December. Anyone been yet?
  17. What? I mean... what? Respecting our no discussion of politics rule, it's possible MSNBC may be lusting after the higher ratings that the so called conservative channel has generated. Fox News is way out in front, MSNBC and CNN are fighting for a distant second place. NPR had a discussion of Olbermann's suspension tonight. Their take is GE's broadcast properties (MSNBC and CNBC and NBC) have a rule, and Keith broke it. Fox doesn't have a rule like this, and Fox should have such a rule. If Fox had a rule like that, Fox could sanction Hannity, Beck, etc for gifts to political candida
  18. I, for one, cannot WAIT to see how she's going to tablescape the inaugural party.
  19. I look forward to reading his blog posts.
  20. I think someone deserves a tiny apron.
  21. And they say chivalry is dead.
  22. Any Elkhound of the Norwegian variety is welcome to my lap.
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