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  1. I was under the impression that Stone's dog was no bigger than the average house cat. But that could be because Stone photographs from a higher point of view than most of us.
  2. It's not like there's another great option. Well, my dining partner has vetoed it and he's paying.
  3. The note they send when you get a reservation totally turned me off. I'm actually canceling the reservation because of it. So, Nick, I hear ya.
  4. See, that's perfect! Except, for being two years old and not telling me which store it is.
  5. I guess I'm looking for what could be described as the supermarket of the future - maybe it doesn't exist yet.
  6. Sorry, ELA, I don't know that place. I really recommend Sushi Ten - I've even tried their omakase and been pretty impressed.
  7. Yes, Ka De We has been sited by Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, as their inspiration. I'm not looking locally at all, seeking forward-thinking European or Asian markets only.
  8. Bern's original or Sideberns, y'all? Hitting Tampa in early November.
  9. I'm a fan of Sushi Ten in Tenafly - I think their fish selection is varied (hamachi neck!) and very fresh.
  10. For a story I'm working on, I'm looking for a supermarket that ahead of where American supermarkets currently are - hoping to get suggestions from the esteemed crowd as to what European / Asian supermarket is really leading the way, and showing perhaps where US supermarkets will be in five years. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  11. I intend to fake my own death yet again to avoid another Festival of Awkwardness.
  12. My folks ended up at Picnic the other night and found themselves sitting next to Christine, who was there on her night off. They loved it. And they wanted me to tell Christine that they'll be back!
  13. Glowing, nearly love-letter-esque profile of Union Square market manager, Davy Hughes, in the latest issue of Edible Manhattan. http://www.ediblemanhattan.com/20100901/a-day-with-davy-hughes-union-square-market%e2%80%99s-manager/
  14. Thank you, but corporate dictated, so no worries!
  15. Liza

    A Late Quartet

    "Ethan Hawke has landed an exciting post-Daywalkers role. He'll play a violinist in A Late Quartet. Here, read the description of his character: "Hawke will portray the second violinist whose desire for more solos leads him to have an affair with his jogging partner." Oh, yeah, that makes total sense. "Man I want more solos. Guess I better sleep with that person I jog with." That's how you get things done in the music world, guys. "Jeez, my oboe career has really stalled. I should probably blow my optometrist, huh?" It's a fun, always accurate game to play! "Fiddlesticks, no one needs a timpan
  16. We got 112 in Scottsdale two weeks ago. I thought my shoes were going to melt.
  17. Liza

    The Yankees Thread

    NUMBER 600!!! Glad that it happened at home.
  18. Liza

    The Yankees Thread

    Today on YES, the "Salute to the Captain" game, first game after Thurman's death. Sob.
  19. People invite you to their houses for reasons other than that? Not really. I know my place.
  20. It's not her lack of interest in food. It's her criticism of everything that bugs me. But if it's cool with Sneak, that's all that matters.
  21. Flowers, bad. Wine, bad. Me, I just always offer sex.
  22. That's a friendship dealbreaker for me, too.
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