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    Sloan, in the back room at the Black Cat DC playing all of their super second record, Twice Removed and then an equally energetic second set. Tommy got me into this band back in the eGullet days, even sent me some mix CDs of their music. Great power pop, in a packed room. Thanks, Tommy, wherever you are.
  2. Heather

    Steven Shaw

    The best thing I've read on the web in months. Bon voyage! :lol:
  3. Heather


    Was just offered a free ticket to the Black Keys tomorrow night, but can't go. I will be drinking gin out of the bottle and weeping on my wasted Paul Weller ticket instead.
  4. Actually I went to a party at a house in College Park down a quiet leafy road and it looked really idyllic, with lovely spacious houses and shady gardens etc ... The problem was when you left the nice middle class enclave ... College Park and Langley Park are in Prince George's County. Takoma Park is in the much more upscale Montgomery County. Better county services, schools, etc. Much less crime, too.
  5. I haven't been since Justin Guthrie left a couple of years ago. Nice to hear that it's still good.
  6. It's fun, but Todd Thrasher's drinks are not fabulous enough to get me to drive across the river. I like Tom Brown's skills at Passenger, but it's not a dressy place. I've only been to the Columbia Room once, but liked what I had. What I would most like to see sitting in front of me right now is one of the "slushitos," or the Old Raj & housemade tonic at Estadio. If you like gin, New Heights has an amazing selection, but I can't vouch for the bartenders right now. Society Fair in Alexandria isn't a cocktail bar, but the wine director is John Wabeck, a chef/sommelier with an excelle
  7. On to drinks: PS7's has a good reputation for cocktails, but I haven't been since Gina Chersevani left. I adore the Passenger, but it gets insanely loud. Owner Tom Brown makes outstanding drinks. Proof & Estadio are overseen by Adam Bernbach, who I have been following for many years, and wrote about a couple of times for our City Paper. Very creative. PX is a fun, swanky place with great drinks, but I almost never drive across the river for cocktails. Dan Searing's little Room 11 is nice if you're in the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant area. Derek Brown's wife, the lovely Chantal Tse
  8. Takoma Park? I don't know where you are thinking of, but Takoma Park is a beautiful little town full of Arts & Crafts bungalows & old Victorian houses. I've lived here for several years. Maybe you are thinking of Langley Park? The donrockwell.com board is useful, but there are many sacred cows there and the owner has shifted the focus has shifted from objective accounts to a mutual backscratching between board members and the restaurant community. Take the posts with a grain of salt. I don't participate there anymore. I guess I've only seen Takoma Park from New Hampshire Avenue e
  9. Takoma Park? I don't know where you are thinking of, but Takoma Park is a beautiful little town full of Arts & Crafts bungalows & old Victorian houses. I've lived here for several years. Maybe you are thinking of Langley Park? I wish I had looked at this thread earlier, balex. I would have steered you to Fishnet in College Park. The owner Ferhat Yalcin is a friend. He worked for Tom Power, whose restaurant Corduroy is always on my list. In Cleveland Park I like Dino (Dean Gold is a friend & a good guy) and Palena Cafe. I tend to avoid the Penn Quarter area except for Proof
  10. Heather


    Just discovered to my dismay that the ticket I bought for Paul Weller on 5/19 is actually for 5/18, and I can't go. One of the handful of musicians that I've never seen & always wanted to. Damn. I might try to sell it, but the horror of Craigslist NYC is strong. And I have to cancel my trip to Bonnaroo. Coming up in DC: Ted Leo, Justin Townes Earle, Lucinda Williams w/ Drive-By Truckers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, M83, EMA, Spiritualized, & Matthew Sweet.
  11. I work for a nonprofit children's theater. Right now, my hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a half-hour paid lunch. I do work some evening and weekend events. My time is pretty flexible, and my boss is willing to let me "fix the week" if I have to leave early or come in late for an appointment or child care emergency. I've worked for nonprofits since 1989. Lower pay but more generous leave & scheduling flexibilty has been the norm.
  12. WithoutBacon, where are you staying? Will you have a car? I'd be happy to help.
  13. I was lucky enough to dine there in 2009, and can say with confidence that Chilhowie really is in the middle of nowhere. The food was interesting, if not always delicious, and I had plans to give it a try again this summer on a trip south before hearing the news of their closing.
  14. Hi Blondie! Ghostrider, I just subscribed to your concert blog. I go to many, many shows myself. Now, to try and catch up here...
  15. Remembering my Mouthfuls password, logging in, and finding that the members have stuck around and that the discussions here are just as interesting as they always were. (I could add, "unlike other websites I used to frequent" but that would be mean, wouldn't it?)
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