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  1. Alexandra

    Super 8

    I enjoyed the My Sharona sing-along at the end.
  2. Alexandra

    Tour 2010

    I tried watching the Versus coverage last night and almost threw my TV out the window. It sucked!! Maybe 45 minutes of actual racing coverage in the 2 - 1/2 hour broadcast. And Phil and Paul were only on for the last few minutes. The rest of the time I was forced to listen to the buffoonish Bob Roll. I've been watching live every morning so I don't have to listen to Bob and the other guy. I'm appalled that when all four of them sit at the desk during the evening broadcast, the Versus logo covers Phil's face. WTF?
  3. Based on the great recommendations here, I was able to put together a bar list for a friend in town (unexpectedly) tomorrow. Thanks everybody!
  4. I can't believe we missed her birthday. Not safe for work.
  5. GrantK stopped by yesterday with a sample of homemade banana cake with peanut butter curd and chocolate ganache. I promised to share with the mister but that didn't quite happen...
  6. My neighbor Robin, owner and chef at Post Meridian, had some last minute cancellations freeing up space for tomorrow night's extravaganza, and gave her permission to post here.... Post Meridian presents a reservations-only special book-signing dinner Help us Welcome Randall Grahm - Bonny Doon Vineyard’s founder & visionary winemaker, for an evening of good food, excellent wine & wry observations from his highly-celebrated first book: “BEEN DOON SO LONG: A RANDALL GRAHM VINTHOLOGY” - 2010 JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010 7:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.
  7. No coverage of the Tour of California due to rain. Today they are going through Sonoma County finishing in my hometown and I was looking forward to seeing the countryside from the air.
  8. I had the good luck to meet her at the SF Fancy Food Show 10 or so years ago, when she was working a booth. With an oven.
  9. I heart Sheamus, and I was disappointed to read Bauer's review. Glad you liked it!
  10. Wishing a very happy day to Slapsie and his new bride, Mrs. Maxie! How lovely that you started this thread.
  11. We just had 2 epic powder days in Tahoe, Thursday at Alpine Meadows, yesterday at Homewood skiing in the blizzard. Homewood is small and nearly all groomed, but the untouched powder in the trees meant my telemarking husband was in a state of bliss all day AND we could all ride the same lift together, just take different pitches down. I was just happy to ski blind without worrying about running into someone-we had most runs to ourselves. The 9 year old now loves the ungroomed stuff and got to follow dad into the trees a few times.
  12. Genius! Thank you Suzanne. I used bittertsweet chocolate, a lot of salt in the caramel, and toasted almonds. Best yet!
  13. After a test run during Hannukah, I have been cleared to make matzoh ball soup for the Klein/Berg/Eisler seder. I am bringing a double batch of Marcy Goldman's matzoh crunch as well, this year one plain, one with toasted almonds.
  14. Fanks everybunny! In these parts, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day with corned beef, cabbage, and birthday cake.
  15. I got sucked in to Twitter this afternoon, which led me to a challah recipe. I cut the recipe in half and made 6 hamburger buns. This is a link the finished buns. Did I mention to the new vendor at the Kensington Farmers' Market? Burger night
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