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    The Beatles

    Hellooooo everyone. I have no intention of wading back into this mess after a long absence. Except that Frank Zappa was mentioned. And I just want to add that we all should know quite well that Zappa both heard and thought about the Beatles because "We're Only In It For The Money" is an explicit Beatles tribute and parody on several levels. In its own way it proves the Beatles' cultural influence since a fringe figure like Zappa had to contend with their hegemony and meaning.
  2. I am sad! Why is this "not surprising?" I don't know the reasons.
  3. SethG


    I just posted some very similar comments over on the holiday party thread. This was an insane meal and an insane value. Dave is a great chef and a mensch. He is sending out the best food I've ever seen from him RIGHT NOW.
  4. There were eight of us who were there and it was not just an incredible value-- Dave fed us an insane amount of food for about $80 a head (including wine!!)-- it was also the best meal I've had at the restaurant. The highlights were numerous. I think my favorite was the garlic soup with the egg. Or maybe the chicken with the truffles. Or the (smoked?) oysters. Or all of the pastas... the squash agnolotti was Robin's favorite. Actually I think it was the tilefish.......
  5. We'll be there for dinner and maybe come a little earlier.
  6. SethG


    Robin and I would be in for January 4.
  7. I wish they carried Rancho Gordo at New York's Fairway markets. This thread reminded me to place an order with Rancho Gordo, to whom I am ever loyal, but the hassle of mail order means I don't buy them as often as I should. I see now having just visited Steve's web site that there are about a dozen NYC purveyors of his beans now but I don't visit these particular shops that often. I will look for them the next time I'm in Union Market. Have any of you tried the Zursun Idaho heirloom beans? I have purchased several varieties and I think they too are quality beans. They needn't compete dire
  8. Dude I gave up on picking out this sort of thing for Robin years ago, but she asked so I'm trying. If she hates it the return is free.
  9. I went to Zappos, great idea, then found the exact jacket I was looking at for half the price on Amazon, so I think I'm just going to do that.
  10. Thank you Splink. You know I am clueless about this sort of thing. Do you think it is a good choice for my wife whom you met once I think? (Half kidding.)
  11. Is Andrew Marc the same as Marc NY?
  12. You know this was the one I liked, though I thought it was kind of thin and not substantial. It looked good. Linkety But I see a whole bunch more on the website that I did not see at the store. Hmmmmm.
  13. I want to buy my wife a leather jacket for her birthday. Something smart and urban, black or brown. I've been to a few shops and it seems leather jackets are out of style. Lots of puffy jackets everywhere. The leather jackets all seem to be biker style which I know she doesn't want. I did find something nice at Bloomingdales but it was $1000. I'd hoped to spend a little less than that! You have any good ideas for me?
  14. I often use a grill pan to mark boneless/skinless chicken breast on both sides and then cook until just done in a 400 degree oven. Almost no added fat-- just spray a tiny bit of cooking spray on the grill pan. Stays moist and has a good grilled flavor on the outside, can slice up and do whatever with it.
  15. SethG

    Gerry Goffin

    One of the greats, R.I.P.
  16. Wow I know this was five years ago, but Daniel do you still order three arepas? We ordered a couple of apps and then one arepa each and I was full.... also at happy hour (before 7:00) you can get yer Dark & Stormy for $5. I thought this place was good and cheap.
  17. I think I was too hard on this restaurant, not that I panned it. But it serves good food at a very reasonable price point, much more reasonable than many of its similar brethren out there in Brooklyn. Robin and I stopped in for a quick bite the other night. Both of our pastas were quite good-- Robin had a squid ink pasta with octopus which was very tasty. I would have used a little less fish sauce, myself, but it was still very satisfying. I found no fault with my cavateli with mushrooms and cheese. It is great to have this place in the neighborhood, though I don't think I'd tell anyone to mak
  18. SethG

    Steven A. Shaw

    I don't know what to say. This is such a shock. I knew Steve Shaw as a law student before either of us became interested in food. I will always remember the impression he immediately made upon me; his inquisitive nature and enthusiasm for life were obvious. His early food writing is what brought me to this foodie world. Rest in peace. I'm so sorry.
  19. SethG

    True Detective

    This is the best post in years! Very funny.
  20. SethG

    Joe McGinnis

    Have you read the Errol Morris book about MacDonald, A Wilderness of Error? He makes the case that the trial was a joke and that McGinniss simply sold out MacDonald for his own purposes. I started re-reading Fatal Vision after finishing Morris' book and found it to be an exciting read, if (in retrospect) slanted in a thousand ways. I started out calling it a hack job but I don't know, I think McGinniss may well have become convinced of MacDonald's guilt over time. I'm pretty convinced MacDonald got a crummy trial but I too think he is likely guilty.
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