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  1. Score one for Rancho Gordo.... Beans versus Cancer
  2. Are you talking about "a fine tang of faintly scented urine?" Try using relish, like Leopold Bloom:
  3. Is Celia (I wish you wouldn't say "Madame Chiang") involved with the resto? I hope it's better food than the food her brother's name is on.
  4. He's also aware that in that neighborhood flageoletion is in.
  5. Well, RG didn't make it to the FPFM on Saturday (unless they moved his stall) so he may still be partying. He already said he wouldn't be there, in post 163. Well, as the herring said to the whale, "Am I my blubber's kipper?"
  6. Well, RG didn't make it to the FPFM on Saturday (unless they moved his stall) so he may still be partying.
  7. I believe they came out of the rear end of a chicken, as is customary in China.
  8. I became addicted to jianbing (a.k.a. dan bing) for breakfast during my recent brief trip to Shanghai and as if by magic came across these videos right after I returned. The "Northern" style is almost identical to the one made by a couple near our apartment. Price? About 20 cents US. Making "Northern Style" jianbing Making "Southern Style" jianbing
  9. I was just in Shanghai where I had a steamer of a dozen of Shanghai's best xiaolong bao and a cold 640 ml bottle of Kirin beer for about US $1.20. Hmm, let me see.... $400 divided by $1.20 is.......
  10. Yeah, they've probably seen those "Wanna get away?" commercials.
  11. I found this quote somewhat offensive: The cuisine(s) of Asia can stand side by side with the cuisine(s) of Europe in terms of worth, IMHO. Perhaps someone can explain to me what defines the "level" of European cuisine if not only the numbers on that little piece of paper presented to the diner at the end of the meal.
  12. Yeah, she added a feminine touch to my bachelor pad with curtains, among other things. And it was soon curtains for my carefree bachelor life.
  13. My first wife (then a refugee from Reed College) was living in that building when I met her, circa 1966. It was a rooming house for poor artists, owned by an architect (Piero Patri) and known as the "Patri House." Some of its current opulence is, of course, added on. When the 1966 Hunters Point Riots spilled over to the Western Addition, my wife-to-be was afraid to go home one night, moved into my Telegraph Hill pad, and it was literally curtains for me.
  14. Haute Cuisine along Seoul's Rodeo Drive
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