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  1. Manna's on 125 and Fredrick Douglass reopened this week! Yay!
  2. I am in too -- love the jellyfish.
  3. I know it's considered a really old fashioned place to go, but I love Kang Suh. The food is consistently good and authentic.
  4. I find it offensive that anyone is making a commission, no matter how small. This is an open forum for discussion, not shilling.
  5. Note: the photos are on the January 16 post.
  6. Went to Khao Sarn on Saturday and had a great meal. Chive dumplings, Haw Moak, Khao Soi and Ma Po Lo. Chive dumplings were amazing -- very chewy and reminded me of Japanese mochi, but savory. The khao soi used rice noodles, which was ok, but I was expecting banh mi / egg noodles. Haw moak was amazing -- had the salmon. Very creamy. The ma po lo was just ok -- it reminded me of Korean kalbi chim, which is a sweet kalbi meat stew. It reminded my friend Ann of a Filipino dish. It was good, but not great. We also had the lychee and mango martinis, which were nice. See photos of the meal on my friend's blog: http://superette.blogspot.com
  7. I cleared my bathtub clog by throwing down some baking soda and vinegar in the drain. Baking soda is amazing!
  8. Got this from http://www.recipesource.com/misc/non-food/...00/rec0020.html I like boiled chestnuts. Lots of work peeling them, but they are work every tortuous minute.
  9. CA fuyu growers' association's recipes. I think a fuyu salsa would be awesome. Personally, I love fuyus. They have this small window of ripe, but still crispness. Lovely.
  10. Obviously I have been staring at the computer for too long -- I just noticed that there is another thread about big screen tvs. And there are only four threads in this section. D'OH.
  11. My dad keeps asking me whether he should get a 50 in plasma tv or 42 in LCD tv, and what kind to get. I am not sure why he keeps asking me since I know nothing about tvs. Any thoughts?
  12. bbqmonster

    Jang Tuh

    Cool -- can't wait!
  13. I work on 48th btwn 2nd and 3rd and I think Sip Sak has greatly improved from when it first opened. Food and service have gotten better. The entrees aren't great, but the appetizers, particularly the elephant beans and the red lentil soup, are quite good.
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    Death Pool

    well, get your buns while you can!!!!
  15. bbqmonster

    Jang Tuh

    All of these years you've had a recipe for green eggs? Cool. Oh yes, and next time, I will show you my recipe for green ham as well.
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