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  1. Went to LURRA at the weekend. Newly opened in Marylebone. Very good indeed.
  2. SamanthaF


    It was indeed a lovely evening!
  3. SamanthaF

    John Hughes

    Spookily enough, I watched the Breakfast Club on Wednesday. RIP.
  4. She's here - and thank you!! A trip to Barbados on Friday is my pressie to myself.
  5. But you've posted this on every conceivable food forum that I am aware of. What did you expect? Oh, more hits on your blogs??
  6. This is really weird - we were talking about Take Hart yesterday. RIP Tony.
  7. Generally low carb diets only disallows root veggies. Greens etc.. are good. You can get everything you need without adding supplements. Cauliflower has much more Vit C than oranges... Fruit is useless water and sugar.
  8. Doggy lovelyness overload!! GG - That is one stunning pup. Squeat - I ADORE Doc.
  9. From an email - A DIFFERENT WAY OF SHARING MY COOKING If I’ve spent 26 happy years at the helm of my kitchen, a desire to share my cooking differently and the ever-increasing difficulty of meeting the physical demands of our daily services have led me, with my wife Jane, to take the decision to close the restaurant Olivier Roellinger. This “relais gourmand”, the restaurant that allowed us to win a third Michelin star, will close its doors on 15 December 2008. This is not the end of my career as a cook but rather an opportunity to practice this profession and passion in a differ
  10. I'm going to try that recipe at the weekend. HERE is another recipe from David Kinch.
  11. I want to come back in another life as Peter Creasys food and wine taster....
  12. That looks like a great dinner Peter, and the wines sound lovely.
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