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  1. Many years ago (many, many) Ginny's friend bought a condo or co-op in the West Village that was then made famous in The NY Times since it was converted from a stairwell landing.
  2. Steve R.


    You don't have to wonder. Ginny has done the research.
  3. IF you want a nice place to stay in Florence for more than a couple of days where you can park a rental car & yet walk (20 minutes) or bus (local bus right outside on Pza Galileo) into the city, try https://www.parkpalace.com/index.php/services/faq.html. We stayed there well over 10 years ago, so I cant guarantee what's happened since, but we found it to be a very comfortable compromise between being right in the middle of the city and having a way to take day trips. I think that, in addition to having an array of room types, they also have a 2 bedroom/2 bath apt. on site. I think the r
  4. Really? I mean, the list is "top" Italian restaurants, not places you should go to for the experience. Both Joe's and Fernando's are steam table operations &, although I've eaten at Joe's maybe a dozen times in the past year, its because my friends and I grew up there & not because we think that the food is fresh or of high ingredient quality. There are better Sicilian places around. These are not some of the best Italian places in NYC, even though they're dear to me. How they can overlook Park Side is a good question that goes unanswered all too regularly. It's not better
  5. While you're looking, note that the anterior method is the one that is more likely to have just pushed muscles aside, while the posterior method is more likely to have cut some muscles to get to the area. Regardless, I'd recommend involving your surgeon in creating a specific PT plan, as well as a do/don't list. He did the work & knows where the "weak spots" are in your muscle groups.
  6. Professional advice: if "joe..." is correct then you should file a police report now. Its never too early to go on record... she may not stop.
  7. As I understand it (that means layman's knowledge + a little bit of past reading when squash/tennis friends have had hip replacement problems), there are only 2 reasons thought to cause this problem. First is the possible non-perfect positioning of the replacement & second is the weakening of the muscles surrounding it. If your surgeon has done more than just decided that the first is not the problem (has s/he given it any thought?) & is correct, then the muscles are the issue. Some hip replacements are done by pushing existing muscles aside, but many cut the muscles to get at the a
  8. Steve R.

    Baseball 2022

    On paper, the various starting line-up players & bench support the Yankees have managed to have make it impossible to pitch around anyone. But, as we learned during the season, anyone’s bat can go cold, leaving those that havent unprotected. Right now, things look good. Let’s hope.
  9. If it was a shark, the bed would definitely be wet.
  10. Cant vouch for the food, but Colbeh opened a Kosher Persian place in midtown. https://www.colbeh.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/manhattan_dinner_menu_v1.pdf I assume that you know about Le Marais: https://www.lemarais.net And, of course the various supposed Kosher Indian places around Lex/26th St. (vegetarian, but are the kitchens supervised? I dunno) & one that seems to have a buzz called Ahimsa. https://ahimsanyc.com/new-york-murray-hill-ahimsa-food-menu Have fun. Brooklyn's easy.
  11. Whoa! Spelled backwards, that's...
  12. Yeah, I ordered claret & the idiot som. repeated it back, pronouncing the t. What has that profession come to?
  13. Ok, I'm willing to shower before bed, but what about the rest of the week?
  14. (That was a joke. You see, you said you wanted a conversation, so I jokingly gave a one word answer. Funny, right?) now, you and joe can get back to not being argumentative... or not
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