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  1. Done. Went today and switched over. Since we're over 55, we got their discounted senior rate for the Magenta Max. And they waived the activation fees, switched the SIM cards, coordinated the AT&T disconnect, did the set up with our current iPhones so that we kept our phone #s, etc. in about 45 minutes. We walked out with phones working as they ever did. Unless there's some hidden issue or cost, it looks like we'll be paying $90/month total for the 2 phones, taxes & fees included. And the plan includes Canada/Mexico calls/data/text & also over 200 countries for data/text (incl
  2. It was on HBO this afternoon, it was rainy &, well, I finally watched it. Aww! 🥰
  3. Although I appreciate reading (& learning from) a lot of what has now been written on this thread, I’m going to go back to my original point just to rev Sneak up again. I think Sneak understood me correctly &, although he & I might agree on some points, we really both get that we don’t agree on the main one that I stated. So... My basic point was that technology was increasing quickly, stoned out rock musicians were playing music, but some of them were also playing with recording and producing music. And a lot of them (& those they hired)were bad at it — so much so that
  4. Ok. Sounds like a fuller, more comprehensive analysis. But, as you agree, the result is that some rock music is worse with equipment that is better. Somewhat like not wanting the lighting to be better in places where I’m enjoying the taste of what I’m eating.
  5. sorta. I think you're just about 100% correct with classical and much of the jazz/ambient stuff. But, when you start using the great equipment on 60s-70s rock, its a mixed blessing. Everyone was experimenting with how to make the music come more alive and technology was being invented and made available for the great (expensive) studios that they built. This led to some major failures alongside the success stories. While Brian Wilson was able to capture the potential, as was (in my opinion) Pink Floyd, I think that for every "Gasoline Alley" there were others that sound worse to god awfu
  6. Imperfect answer: if you’re both getting the same vaccine, try to insist on the exact date one month hence (for Moderna) & agree beforehand on what hour to try to negotiate. If your calendars are sync’ed, immediately put in the scheduled date/time so that the other can use it to negotiate (beg).
  7. Steve R.

    Sonny Fox

    Yep. And he went to Madison H.S. 16 years before Bernie.
  8. Steve R.

    Sonny Fox

    Weren’t there 2 Sonny Fox shows? Wonderama & Just For Fun? Ok.... gotta go Google him.
  9. Thanks all. It might well be time to take the plunge and leave AT&T. I just looked and it seems I'm paying about $100/month more than T-Mobile's top 55+ plan (2 lines @$35/mo, including taxes and fees).
  10. Okay, so its now many years later. Anyone have T-Mobile? They offer a nice flat rate for seniors and AT&T bleeds me whenever we travel to Europe or Canada (not that I think we're going anywhere any time soon).
  11. Steve R.

    NFL 2020-21

    6 games. Got me thru the weekend.
  12. According to the post counter, the MFF member with the most posts on this thread has been Wilfrid, with 79. The poster with the 3rd most posts on this thread is Wilfrid1, with 52 (I think that's approx. 25% of the total posts). Given this, he must be devastated by this news. Inconsolable.
  13. As I sit here in the den, watching Star Trek: Discovery, my wife is watching The Bee Gees doc. in the living room. I've seen most of it already. Always liked listening to their harmonies and the songs are harmless enough.
  14. Steve R.

    Death Pool

    It was meant to be a thinly veiled reference to Wilf having been allowed in, given his sometimes interesting choices of attire. Never thought you’d wear a plaid suit; after all, it’d clash with your pink tights!
  15. Steve R.

    Death Pool

    But apparently they let in plaid suits?
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