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  1. How about if it was shaped like a burger and put on a burger bun? In an ice cream cone? Just what are your boundaries? I can't remember who did it or where it was when I had gefilte fish that was molded as a fish & served w/a "side" of horseradish. That worked.
  2. Actually 600 if you count both feet 😇
  3. Point well taken vis a vis the Bklyn Bridge Park music, but the Brooklyn Icehouse is 300 feet away from the Lobster Pound and Grindhaus is across the street.
  4. And, then, there's this going on very close by: https://www.brooklynbridgepark.org/events/brooklyn-americana-music-festival/all/?mc_cid=96a791ee0e&mc_eid=72d361fb33
  5. And, although I haven't been in 10 years or so, Grindhaus is across the street and I hear she got her original chef back. Could be hit or miss, but I certainly wouldn't mind you taking the chance.
  6. Or Brooklyn Icehouse? Right up your alley, no? (or both)
  7. Steve R.


    Yeah, but the ones they had topped with "béchamel au Parmesan" were even better. We actually liked our dinner at Foiegwa better than our lunch at Lemeac. Apples and oranges for sure, but still...
  8. Charleston, S.C. had that individual bottle law. Maybe it was there?
  9. Our lunch at Le Comptoir 3 years ago was not worth it. However, each of the "L'Avant Comptoirs... (de la Terre, de la mer...) a couple of doors down were great. Maybe not for kids though, as they are stand & eat places. Take a look... it may be entrertaining enough.
  10. Had Joe Beef's version as an app. last month. When we were in Provence (7 or so years ago), every town's street market had horse, donkey, etc both as loose meat and as dried street food.
  11. Well, then... never mind. eta: upon further reflection, I shoulda known that small_h probably wasn't a regular at Sammy's Romanian (Rumanian?)
  12. A very good line: "...the restaurant and dining world, which once occupied its own eccentric corner of the culture conversation, moved to the very center of things, then simply became part of the mainstream".
  13. Wondering if you ever ran into Wilf there? (he asked innocently, while ducking) 😇
  14. Steve R.

    joe beef

    During our month stay (we returned last week), we ate at Joe Beef twice (about 3 weeks apart), both times at bar seats. Both dinners at Joe Beef were excellent, even though they were out of quenelles the 2nd time. The staff were all knowledgeable, friendly & attentive, while shucking tons of oysters & plating seafood platters that looked great & sold for a great deal more than we were willing to shell out (yeah, that's a pun). The long time bar manager (who said he'd originally been a customer, then worked his way up over years) noticed that we weren't going for "show" dishes (l
  15. Steve R.


    Nora Gray gets a lot of mixed reviews these days, but we liked it a lot. First of all, it was Ginny’s birthday, the waiter was solicitous without being overbearing, and the place was upbeat. And, it is a 5 minute walk from our apartment. All that sets a good stage. Secondly, we ordered well. We started with the focaccia & an order of fried fiddleheads. The ferns were seriously good & can replace calamari anytime. Nice array of butter and spicy stuff for the bread and a couple of other good dips for the fiddleheads. We each then had a ½ order of pasta: her, the gnocchi w/asparag
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