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  1. We went to this last May & thought it was done incredibly well. The soundtrack was varied & we especially enjoyed hearing Nina Simone’s version of “(Please Don’t Let Me Be) Misunderstood”.
  2. If you haven’t already seen them, the “Young Montalbano” series is every bit as good as the Montalbanos. “Endeavor” does justice to the Inspector Morse stuff as well. Haven’t gotten attached to “Young Sheldon” though.
  3. Went to a place that will go nameless last night. Nice corner with outdoor seating on both sides. Tables spaced apart, waitstaff friendly and wearing masks. Good food menu & a nice selection of wines by the glass, with good pours & prices from $11-15. Large retactable glass doors open with a good jazz band (Miles Davis/Coltrane type stuff) playing inside for the diners outside. A Spanish chef who they said worked in some very nice places & who uses good ingredients with tasty results. So, we’re drinking wine and the waitress takes our food order. The menu has “small plates”
  4. Just watched the 1st episode & will now binge the rest this weekend. You didn’t mention that the entire season is a continuous plot line.
  5. Cant say that I've found that to be true at Park Side, Noodle Pudding, Henry's End or River Deli. We've eaten outdoors at each (some several times) and the menus have been full (as has their staffing, front and back) and the preparations equal to what they ever were. Obviously, all of these are "just" good neighborhood places (except for Park Side), but they're where we've liked to go for years.
  6. Steve R.

    US Open 2020

    It’s especially frustrating for those of us that spent most of our time at the Open watching matches on the back courts, where lots of doubles are being played and where lesser known singles matches could be watched at close range. It’s as if these are just not happening.
  7. But wasn't Plymouth Rock spectacular?
  8. Yes, “Lemon Tree” (very pretty). A big hit. About as good as Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Were Made For Walking”.
  9. Luckily, many of the concerts I went to in High School ('67-70) were outdoors in Central Park or the Flushing NYS Pavilion. Some of those I went to at the Fillmore East were brutal. Lee Michaels had his keyboard amps up as high as they could go & blasted the place. Others, like Ten Years After and Led Zeppelin weren't exactly quiet either. College at Stony Brook was the same - lots of great outdoor stuff (The Who doing Tommy; Jefferson Airplane doing Volunteers) but the indoor concerts were in the gym, with sound resonating everywhere. By the time I graduated, having seen over a hundr
  10. It's been many years since I did any comparisons (or really cared to) but my take was that vinyl was always a better sound quality than (even the digitally remastered) CDs. The "sound stage", especially for jazz, was way more alive. HOWEVER, this always completely depended upon using pristine vinyl, while a used CD would be as good as a new one. And, since keeping vinyl pristine for more than one or two playings, due to the handling and groove technology, was always impossible... well, I like my "Pet Sounds" on CD with headphones just fine. And, the older & more dysfunctional my aged
  11. Might've been the mayor. It wouldn't have been the 1st "interesting" thing she's said on the issue of the virus.
  12. Why is the sauce, and not the chicken, red?
  13. I've tried to explain to him that one should order the bright red stuff. Especially the chicken.
  14. Ginny does most of the shopping and I do most of the bill keeping/paying. Neither of us likes the other's task, so it cuts down the need to watch out for new Life Insurance policies being taken out (or banana peels "accidentally" left on the floor). So far, so good.
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