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  1. These days, no one is allowed near my face. Well, maybe Ginny. However, your link did alert me to the fact that you invoked my name on that thread when "borderlines" were referenced. As someone who (as you figured) worked with them quite a bit, I'm pretty convinced that part of the process (maybe a lot of it) is to help them get their goals met in ways other than leaving victims strewn about the place. A "harm reduction" method. There's a whole branch of mental health theory devoted to that these days. Even seems to work on internet boards. Sometimes.
  2. If they stuck to their advertised criteria, the Hall would be almost empty. Or totally empty.
  3. Nope. And Ginny (my wife) has me restricted from lewd videos such as the one you've posted. (I did see the movie though.... were you giving me a hint?)
  4. Steve R.


    Well, who the hell sticks to the thread topic around here?! Nevermind.
  5. Steve R.


    Actually, I wouldn't recommend not going (how's that for a double negative?). After all, my mediocre review was based on 4 visits to date, which wouldn't have happened if it "wasn't very good". Its just not as good as it should be and has left me wanting a bit more each time. And that includes the wine pairings, which are also "okay", nothing more (or less). However, each evening has been fine, as I'm not looking for superstars, just worthwhile dining experiences. The room is nice, the staff friendly, all food is from good ingredients, prepared very well and tasty, and its been a plus to
  6. Steve R.


    Nope... and may not. We like them & the format but the meals have left us wanting a bit more, both with the food & the wine pairings. This was true at our visit in Paris as well (where we met the guy who’s now managing the Bklyn location). However, within that, the last chef got more out of it when he first arrived. Our subsequent dinner with him still there wasn’t as good.
  7. Steve R.


    That’s clearly been the problem with all 3 of the chef rotations thru there to date.
  8. Steve R.


    Her stint at the Greenpoint, Bklyn location of the Paris restaurant Fulgurances (called "Laundromat") last year wasn't that great either. At least, not for us.
  9. As I said to Ginny when she asked me to explain why the OT rule didn't give Buffalo a chance to have the ball: "that's one rule that'll change before next season".
  10. Already saying that he doesn’t want to be part of a re-building effort at Green Bay. Maybe the Giants can use him? I really wanted to like him but this wasn’t a good year for that.
  11. Well, I figure you know the answer(s), but: 1- all tipping is basically arbitrary & not based on "ease of service" & 2- is my steak harder to serve than my hamburger?
  12. Or just leave them home and avoid the need to undo the radiator chain.
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