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  1. Yeah. We’re here. And, from what I can see (& read), leading pretty good lives.
  2. Yep. Totally agree. Really important to keep on top of kidney (& liver, for that matter) functioning.
  3. File this under "I'm not a Doctor but..." I have a lot of experience with sciatica and other nerve issues. My 2 cents is that its important to keep the bone and disk issues separated from the nerve issues when thinking about what treatment is/isnt needed. Lots of things cause tingling, numbness and even tuning fork sensations throughout parts of the body where nerve endings reside. These symptoms are nerve endings telling you that the nerve is inflamed. Sciatica is, specifically, the sciatic nerve speaking to you. What caused the inflammation is another thing entirely & that coul
  4. They've done a great job restoring the room and I'm sure the upstairs Cocktail Lounge will be similarly well done. The crowd, at least on the night we were there, was very upbeat & more diverse in age & race than almost any place we've gone in years. And, yes, some folk were dressed up (I actually wore a sports jacket), but by no means was this universal. There were men in shorts and lots of pretty everyday clothing being worn. And there was a walk in guy sitting at a bar table with his date who looked downright suspicious, but seemed friendly and safe enough to talk to. The food
  5. If you get a chance, here's a description of a place we spent half a day at: https://naturalwineco.com/romeo-del-castello/ & its website (in Italian): https://www.romeodelcastello.it
  6. Steve R.


    Bothering me is no bother (or something like that). Although we haven't been to Tanoreen since before the plague struck (maybe a year before), the last 2 or 3 visits didn't impress me. If we make it into the outer borough of Manhattan for dinner, Q-Anon sounds like a possibility. Is the chicken cooked with a Jewish space laser?
  7. Steve R.


    They’re opening Masalawala in Park Slope, probably in the fall. Wonder if it’ll be like the original or more like Adda, Rani or Dhamaka.
  8. “Completely nuts”. Good one Stephanie.
  9. The last time I ate at EMP was a verrrry long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that Greg (co-owner with Rob & Meg at the MF clubhouse) was still working there. We enjoyed it a lot and would've gone back if the format didn't keep changing. Maybe, this time, if he serves mock duck?
  10. Not that I'll be buying, but this doesn't look THAT bad! 😎
  11. not so true of me vis a vis tennis. But, turns out he is really good at that too.
  12. Maybe. I've liked what I've heard, but my interest is/was that he's someone I play tennis with. Just curious - he seems to have a great reputation. Thanks.
  13. Don't ask how I wound up back in 2013 on this thread, but there I was and there was your above selection. So, are you familiar with more of Aaron G's work? Do you like it?
  14. Ok, so back when I was a teen, I became a vegetarian for 2 or 3 years. Two things ended that experiment; first was my realization that, since I wasn’t a pacifist & could justify killing other humans in specific circumstances (albeit not for food), I’d think of it as hypocrisy to get all morally outraged about killing cows, etc. And second was my theory that broccoli is smarter than chicken. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the one to create the “ethically justifiable” list.
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