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  1. CBS Sunday Morning. Waiting for the Rancho Gordo segment. Maybe Steve will mention Mongo?
  2. Anyone else watching CBS Sunday Morning, waiting impatiently for the Mr. Gordo segment?
  3. Steve R.


    This has nothing to do with us making dinner (surprise), but is being posted to a)try to post a picture thru dragging & b)to show that "old Brooklyn" aint dead yet (read the last line of the menu).
  4. Daniel, I think that, as a species, we've chosen to set up systems to feed ourselves without (or with minimal) regard to the suffering it causes other species. That you want to make a dent in that is admirable and will, no doubt, keep causing you angst because it'll never be 100%. As an individual who has chosen to eat meat, I think that I'm certainly part of a system that causes harm to other sentient beings. Of course, I feel even worse that I'm part of a system that relies on other human beings suffering to produce just about everything I use. We suck... as individuals we try to choos
  5. Ginny & I we’re walking to the rear of a very long voting line yesterday when we were stopped by the line monitor and informed that seniors could go to the front and get right in. After asking the monitor why she thought we were seniors, we did so. Finally, a perk!
  6. Seems to be a nice guy with good perspective, but I think that the matchup with the Rays' bats is not good for him.
  7. Better choice of closer helped.
  8. Steve R.


    Ok. Maybe now we have good reason to try it again. By the way, we live 5 blocks away & have a phone (you know that). Even if it means dining with vegans. And "Happy Anniversary".
  9. I’ll miss it. When anyone asked about it, I’d tell them that it was red sauce Italian home cooking, if Nona bought the ingredients at Key Food. (wonder what they’ll get selling the Keno software. Or is that a subscription service they used?)
  10. No we don't have an "obligation".... but many have been willing to do so for a # of years now, regardless. However, in the hierarchy of who should step in (if anyone), I'd rather the government not & that the industry try to get more from us. That's what I was reacting to in your original post. At least then the consumers will have a direct voice and decide. The government has more pressing places to put our tax money. I'll decide which place(s) is/are worth my additional $$ and, given how we're all talking, lots of folding is gonna happen.
  11. Ok. Sorry. It's all hollywood's fault.
  12. "No, I'm not" .... wait, that's not what I meant. And, cynicism coupled with being politically active is not all that bad. And, as I'm fond of saying to those closest and dearest to me, Trump is a symptom & not the disease. Clearly a serious symptom requiring an ER (at the least), but... (and that's already too much politics for this board, right Admins?)
  13. I'm sorry, did you just use "moral justification" and "government" in the same sentence? To be fair (well, sort of) the government did get dealt a pretty awful hand at a time when those running it (on almost every level) were the least likely folks to be able to handle it professionally. And, since hollywood snuck a post in between us, fado is exactly the wailing music needed as soundtrack.
  14. It seems to me that 90% of the "new economy" is about as attractive & profitable as "New Brooklyn Cuisine" was (is?).
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