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  1. Ahhh, squeaky cheese curds. The joy of my youth. When we were small we used to go to my grandfather's trailer on Rice Lake (Ontario). In the nearby small town of Warkworth there was a cheese factory. There is nothing like freshly made cheese curds. The only other time I've had them that good was on a trip home from Collingwood. We traveled along Lake Huron from Owen Sound and stopped in Pine River at their cheese factory. Squeaky curds are a treat indeed. As for Poutine, I second the chip trucks. Never had them in Quebec, but the best I've had in Ontario came from a chip truck i
  2. I've had that! It's very, very good.
  3. Ah, St. Lawrence Market. One of my favourite places to be when I go to TO. Of course, I won't be going there for some time now, since I have the little one who eats every 2 hours and a husband who hates to drive in Toronto. Someone please have some sourdough and a mustard sample for me?
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