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  1. I've missed all you alls so very much.
  2. It was great to see you both. A slight correction, Georgeanne wrote the book 100%. I just did the photos. We're planning more events and one is a series of dinners called When Mexican Women Cook. It's really in response to so many white guys doing Mexican, which they have every right to do, but where are the women? We're starting with the staff and they'll make all the money as they cook their best regional dishes. I'll keep you posted if you're interested.
  3. Thanks. I've been playing with the half-stock pot. I love a new toy.
  4. giggity. The Sitram set at Bridge is $169. Actually, the $169 is the online price which includes delivery. When you go to the store and pick it up, it's about $150. You are still everyone's hero, Stone. I came back here to find out how much I paid for my Sitram set. All these years later, I still love them and just bought a half stockpot and a 6" saucepan. These were more than the original set. What a deal this was! Supposedly they are dishwasher safe but I always hand wash. Am I being silly?
  5. Yes, but they're happy for the work in these tough times.
  6. There are no orphans. Once my children were old enough, we got rid of the orphans and my kids do the painting. As we became more successful, you notice the push towards solid color beans. We can just dip those in a vat.
  7. I was enamored of him from his first book and liked much of his second. Then I saw the show about him (Netflix?) and I started out enthralled and then it felt really dark. I recently watched it again and it's pretty dark from the start. I do believe him to be a talented dick who is no where as interesting as he thinks. But I love that kind of cooking and his food aesthetic.
  8. In case you find some in the wild (which isn't so hard to do), here's how i clean them.
  9. re slime, tomatillo skins with the boiling paddles and cooking in copper both help. http://www.ranchogordoblog.com/2009/07/fun-with-nopales.html
  10. It's very hard for me to be objective about it all. I'm sure Redzepi is sincere and means well and I'm sure I feel proprietary about something I've worked at obsessively for years and now it seems to be appropriated by others and yet that's exactly what I've been doing on some level. I hope people dig deeper and way beyond Tulum and even Mexico City. I'm still a guest there and as I've said many times, I think I know less every time I go, which is often. It's an amazing and exciting country and cuisine and when you "get" it beyond nachos and berry margaritas, you want to tell everyone who
  11. I just got back last night (Gawd how I love saying that. I wish I could say it much more often these days....) Apparently the USA has reclassified sugar in order to protect the US sugar industry. Where would that be? Hawaii? California? Piloncillo isn't sugar as it isn't as processed but we're pretty dinky. I confess: Now that my personal stash has long run out, I'm getting testy about it. My Mexican partners tell me very soon. I'm sorry but some cliches are justified. Soon means nothing. Sorry.
  12. No beard but true bean to bar. I like her better.
  13. The response has been terrific. Imagine the failing New York Times finally focusing on something other than FAKE NEWS! Sad. No wait. Good.
  14. I ate some thin mints and they were not good. Then i had this peanut butter chocolate cookie and it was like a glob of fat in my mouth. Really nasty stuff! I think we can do better for our girls.
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