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  1. I'm sure she was ready at that age, but still sad.
  2. Gosh your herbs look nice. We had extreme heat, then a couple of major storms with 4-5 inches of rain in 2 days, then back to extreme heat. Mine are really struggling right now. Not to mention the insects we've had this year. And I won't even mention my pathetic tomatoes. As tasty as some roasted mushrooms with herbs would be, please don't use those mushrooms. ☠️
  3. The husband ordered one that got here a week or so. I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I need to check again to make sure I'm alive.
  4. He was great. Fernwood 2 Night was hilarious with the combo of Martin Mull and Fred. I love this episode with Tom Waits.
  5. I've gone round and round about planting the few herbs and tomatoes and flowers I bought. I finally planted most yesterday, but ran out of time. We're supposed to get another frost tonight, but then it starts raining and is supposed to rain for at least 7 days. I figured if I didn't bite the bullet and put them out, it would be June and they'd still be in the little seedling pots. I covered what I could last night. Will survey damage in a bit. I am going to hold off planting the elephant ear bulbs until tomorrow and then will try to cover them if we get another cold spell.
  6. I got one for my birthday a few years ago. Have used it twice.
  7. Ruth Gordon (at Anthony's Pier 4, Boston) Nicholas Cage (at Musso & Frank, LA) The actor who played Grandpa Munster--can't think of his name (at an IHOP in KCMO--LOL!)
  8. I made it to 3:21. As soon as I'm done watching this paint dry, I'll watch more of it.
  9. Always so helpful and nice. RIP.
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