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    Or get the Criterion DVD. You should already have it. It's one of the great films from one of the great directors. (The DVD also has a marvelous biography of Mizoguchi.)
  2. I'm glad Lee made this because: *documentaries over the past decade have became worthy of write-ups in even such trash as Entertainment Weekly, I love docus, Lee is a big name, this helps docus in general *he did a good job: great images, great editing *story needs to be told IN BIG BLOODY LETTERS However, I am afraid it will have no impact that matters. Not to wax p0litic@l, but if in Canada, the UK, Italy, France or wherever a government rep said, "If you don't leave we bear no responsibility" it would mean morally, not financially. Anywho...
  3. About which, I highly recommend seeing both Blind Spot and Downfall relatively soon together. Bah, I've seen some bad stuff lately: "Cellular". Fie. "Transporter". High fie.
  4. That's an excellent book, omni. Behometh, the portrayal of Schenck is the key to my interpretation of the film. But, of course, it's just my interpretation. And I do indeed think it's a very good film although I'd not want to see it again. (I prefer the Alec Guinness version.)
  5. Self-serving to the German people. The basic tone is that decent Germans had been hood-winked, seduced, blinded to and by madness. Instead of it being something that many people felt comfortable living with and some indeed chose. As it was a German film, and having lived in Germany, one of the first things I thought of was how it would be felt by that audience. By the way, the documentary of interviews with Traudl Junge, Blind Spot, played soon after on another channel. Tremendous documentary. I can see how, as she said, at the centre of a storm it can seem calm and it is pe
  6. Nick, my primary impression of Downfall is that it was tremendously self-serving. Dr. Ernst-G√ľnter Schenck, who experimented on many victims in the camps, is portrayed almost as the representative of the poor German people trying their best to care for each other in a bad situation etc. The acting was great. The scene of Frau Goebbels killing her kids was amazing. But I felt a bit queasy and almost complicit. edit: Here's what I mean.
  7. cabrales, both are very good films. I just saw the Enron doc last evening. Today I'll watch Kuosawa's The Bad Sleep Well for the eighth or so time. Unless I play the recent Deadwood ep that's recorded.
  8. Hm. Not to everyone's taste, I know. Still, I like umeboshi.
  9. Haven't read the book but have done many others. I agree that J the R was the spirit of the Times and other papers. There never seemed to be any compelling evidence that the "canonical" murders were committed by a single individual. Heh. Remember that episode of Star Trek that Robert Bloch wrote about Jack? He occupied the body of the guy who did the voice of Piglet. True fact. That he did Piglet, I mean.
  10. Recently: Joe Kubert's "Gangster Jew". Cliched story but the telling of it, panel to panel, page to page is amazing. Will Eisner's "Contract With God" trilogy. Robert Kirkman's "Invincible" superhero stuff. Hilarious. Published as monthly floppies but collected in trades and in hardcover collections. Godland. A Jack Kirby inspiration. Also hilarious.
  11. Do onigiri (rice balls) count as cold cereal? If so, then they're my cold cereal of choice. A bit of rice vineagar and bonito shavings folded in, roll in palms. With just about anything really. A poached egg. Some leftover salmon or prime rib or roasted mushrooms. Nice breakfast.
  12. You know, I've taken to swilling Red Rose orange pekoe prodigously. After Typhoo, 'twas the tea of my youth. The circle of life and all that jazz. Adult diapers seem to be in my future.
  13. Honey? Holy smoke, that's so bizarre it's kind of interesting. Wow. Chipotle mayo, yes. I've never actually tasted Old Bay seasoning. The name reminds me of Old Spice aftershave and I have never found a pre-mixed seasoning (even various masalas) that I don't adjust in various ways. Honey? Wow.
  14. Does season 3 take a jump three years ahead? (I've heard that.)
  15. Canuckian content regs? Thanks, eh.And Ben Mulroney? Thanks. Fly QED, eh? Thanks.
  16. Ketchup is too sweet to be useful as anything but a prop for practical jokes. Aioli, just mayo with lemon, sirraca, ngoc mam with chiles are all fine, Dijon, malt vinegar (white vinegar is for cleaning bugs off of windshields). But salt is the gist. While I understand soggy chips and believe they have a place in the world, not next to me, thanks. Gravy? That's not really gravy, dude.
  17. Mazhler 4, Chailly, Royal Concertgebouw, Bonney. Early Berg songs too. Nicolas Repac, Swing-Swing. Check out "End of a Love Affair". (Gives me the winces though the way the French bandy about "noir, black, Harlem, voodou" etc.)
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