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  1. What happened there? was there a mutiny by staff? Not to mention "it's" for the possessive. That error drives me bonkers.
  2. JPW

    Amy Winehouse

    Amy Winehouse jokes will get old.
  3. JPW

    Amy Winehouse

    What's the difference between Amy Winehouse and Amy Winehouse jokes?
  4. Bring It On with one of my favorite pieces of eye candy - Eliza Dushku.
  5. Exactly. Plus the minor league players will usually line up in front of the stands before the game and sign autographs for all of the kids. When I was in upstate NY watching AA ball, the guys in the bullpen would even play catch with the kids during the game while waiting to be told to warm up.
  6. I'd agree with RP's take - not a bad list as far as these things go. I'd say that the omission of Old Ebbitt is the major failing. Not that it's a great place, but it is one of the most well known DC restaurants for those outside DC. No Jaleo is somewhat of a surprise, but at least Zaytinya is there to give Andres a nod. I'd say CityZen is pretty far from essential. Well prepared food, but with no character. I'm hard pressed to remember anything that I've eaten there 5 minutes after I walk out the door. There's just nothing about it or its place in the DC dining scene that screams
  7. Which park were you at? Shaw Park (remember, I live in the sticks). New learning--Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall now lives in the same neck of the sticks as I do. And he's a hockey (step)dad. I haven't gotten around to stalking him, yet, but one day I shall find his house and squish his head. Minor league ball is the best. I'd rather see a double-A league game than a major league game any day. The atmosphere is so much better than it is in the bigs and the prices make it affordable to take the family.
  8. In Dupont - Pizzeria Paradiso, Bistro du Coin In Woodley Park - Lebanese Taverna (not the best food, but great for a 6 year old with lots of options) In Cleveland Park - the cafe room at Palena, Medium Rare (steak frites is the only dish on the menu). Dino was already mentioned If you go to Cleveland Park, be sure to pop into Weygandt Wines The Palm and Cafe Milano are THE two power spots in DC. Central is also good for celeb spotting, as are the spots around Capitol Hill such as Bistro Bis.
  9. I enjoyed Dumbarton Oaks Gardens greatly, even in October. Can only imagine what it looks like in May. Didn't have time for Hillwood, but the surrounding neighborhood (Upper Georgetown? Forest Hills) was also nice for strolling. Hillwood is great. And I'll second the National Building Museum as well - I think that it's my favorite museum in DC.
  10. I lived in DC for 4 years - it can be crazy hot from May-October. July and August are just always hot. My college graduation was on memorial day - it was 98 degrees. I was at a wedding there last year, same weekend - it was 95 degrees. And it isn't a dry heat. I can usually make it until June before I put in all of the window AC units (yes, I live in DC without central air). There are definitely some hot nasty days in May, but it's not consistent and the nights are usually mild enough to sleep with the windows opens. July and August suck. You occasionally get a break in June and Septem
  11. Lots o' business travel coming up. The amuse is a trip to Portland OR tomorrow. Then it's OKC, Portland ME, and a return to the armpit that is Albuquerque. Can someone please tell me something redeeming about Albuquerque?
  12. JPW


    Caught the broadcast of Paris-Roubaix last night. Very entertaining race.
  13. To the woman in the toyota this morning... No there was not enough room for me to pass between the parked car and the garbage truck. Yes, I heard you honk the first time, so I moved up a little bit to let you know I was paying attention. As you continued to honk, there was still not enough room. When there was enough room for me to proceed, I did so. As I went slowly over the speed bump and you honked again all you were doing was pissing me off. So I did drive as slowly as I could down the middle of the street. As you continued to honk and gesticulate I was grew more and more amused at how
  14. Focused on things close by... Top two choices -- The Oval Room - Probably my best restaurant in DC right now* Can almost always get a table or a seat at the bar. Moderate price by NYC standards. Chef Tony Conte worked for JGV. On Connecticut, a block from the White House Corduroy - My favorite restaurant in DC. Tom Power worked for Michel Richard. Makes the best soups around. Not exciting food, but well executed. The $30 bar menu is a steal. 9th and N(?) - next to the convention center The rest -- Central - Michel Richard's bistro at 10th and Penn Ave. Bibiana - A relatively
  15. Registration only needed for the dining guide. The forums are all open.Jesikka - what neighborhood will you be in?
  16. 1 year anniversary at my job today. I love my job. I love my boss. I love my boss' bosses. I love the work that I am doing. Hell, I even like my clients and my commute. I don't think that I've ever been so happy to go to work in the morning. Given the mess my life was when I was at my old job, I'm tempted to write a note to my miserable misanthropic POS manager there to thank him for showing me the door.
  17. Only in North America. There is almost no fighting in European leagues or in international play. Having played in high school and college, I really wish they would get rid of it. However, the fighting has almost nothing to do with the concussion problem. Just as in the NFL, the major problem is that the players have gotten so incredibly big and strong and fast. Zdeno Charo, the perpetrator of the most recent controversy is 6 foot 9 and weighs 255 pounds. Ovechkin is 6 foot 2 and 235 pounds. Even Sidney Crosby, who looks tiny compared to many players is 6 foot and 200 pounds.
  18. I left NY in 2000. Got a new license in Virginia. In 2002, I got a new license in Maryland. Renewed it in 2006. In 2010, I went to renew my Maryland license and was told I could not because NY had put a hold on me. Turns out they wanted $50 to remove the hold because I failed to turn in my NY plates when I left in 2000.
  19. The highest Jimi is back at #14. "Foxy Lady"
  20. I can't believe that they left "with my ears" off the list. Jeez, what kind of publication is this?
  21. Although datasets used for weighting have started to include the ability to select multiple races - a) the proportion of those who identify as multiple races is still pretty small, b)allowing multiple races makes weighting more difficult, c)survey researchers are creatures of habit. If the phone operators had been trained well (which from his response to your "including alcohol?" query he obviously was not), they'd know to file anyone who insists on multiple races under "Other (Specify)".
  22. Just logged in. Something that I hadn't done in a long time. Up and running, but negligible traffic.I imagine that SP is more focused on his guide and that part of his blog and just hasn't been paying much attention to the forum. But then again I may be entirely full of it.
  23. JPW

    Superbowl 2011

    Now that my rage and disappointment have died down somewhat I can post rationally. It's as simple as 3 - 0 You can lead in just about every stat and still lose when you turn the ball over 3 times and get zero turnovers. The last person who sang the National Anthem as badly as Christina did got booed. (see Barr, Roseanne) Agree that Black Eyed Peas stunk. However, Mrs JPW noted "Man, does Fergie have some guns!" Thought that Usher was even worse.
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