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  1. Thanks - It was and I did.
  2. I find it interesting that the promotional materials have the title spelled out phonetically - rat - a - too - eee. Almost like a focus group showed them that no one knew what ratatouille is or how to pronounce it.
  3. bilrus

    The Sopranos

    It is After Hours with Daniel. It is also shown on Mojo on HDNet or InHD.
  4. There is a new album of covers on Lennon songs to benefit Darfur.
  5. bilrus


    I wasn't all that disappointed in the fight. The last time I bought a pay per view was Tyson Spinks, when Tyson knocked out Spinks in 91 seconds. At the time it was a disappointment but in retrospect I'm glad I got a chance to see one of the all time great knockouts. I wasn't expecting a knockout this time, especially given Mayweather's more defensive, counterpunching style. Although I was expecting De La Hoya to be able to mount a more extended attack. Even in the late rounds, he would start to rally but couldn't keep it up. He'd get hit once by Mayweather and that was it. He'd go back to his shell and stop even throwing the jab. And in the second half of the fight, De La Hoya started fighting small - all hunched over, negating his size advantage. I thought it was actually pretty interesting that I (like Tommy Kaczmarek) had De La Hoya winning seven rounds to five, but the whole fight, at least from the sixth round or so on, felt like a Maywether domination. The rounds I had De La Hoya winning were all close but De La Hoya pushed the action. The rounds that Mayweather won, he completely dominated.
  6. bilrus

    Tiger Woods

    And six of his last nine dating back to the end of last season. I know some people get tired of seeing him win, but I am fascinated watching his domination and greatness continue to unfold.
  7. Yes and Yes. My impression is that Ryan is about 5'7 and Jordin is about 6'1. Isn't it time for Chris and Phil to be leaving us? Of course this is a week to expect a surprise exit - Lakisha Jordin ?
  8. I'd much prefer to hear Sanjaya's cover of the classic "She Bangs" by William Hung.
  9. bilrus


    My wife, who has been 'taking up the game" for about the last ten years prefers to keep score with smiley faces. for a hole with some good shots, for a hole with some bad shots.
  10. bilrus


    I've been playing since I was five years old, played competetively as a junior golfer and, at one point while playing on my college team, was a 2 handicap. Work came along and the lack of playing and practicing every day like I did in college took its toll. I went up to an 18 and started getting frustrated and drifting away, but I've since come to accept myself as a decent player who isn't ever going to go on tour or win any USGA amateur tornaments. I'm now comfortably a very inconsistent 10 handicap and I love the game as much as I ever have.
  11. But playing with NBA referees who actually know how to call a game with big men is going to help Oden a great deal. I get the sense that he is still learning how to play the game, which means a huge upside. Hopefully he doesn't get beat up too bad the first few years playing for a crap team.
  12. Not necessarily musical, Prince Paul was featured pretty prominently on the recent VH1 White Rapper Show, hosted by MC Serch.
  13. And make sure you don't drop it so it doesn't break again.
  14. Taxi Driver, From Here to Eternity, Annie Hall, An Inconvenient Truth. All new to me. Nothing else because a lot of regular shows have been in reruns since sweeps ended.
  15. I don't think you're the only one with a Duke Lacrosse grudge.
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