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  1. Has anyone attempted the yuca tortillas in DK's Oaxaca al Gusto? Anyone used a juicer to create the pulp needed? I'm very intrigued.
  2. Yes. It's also the same Culantro used in Puerto Rico/Dominica/Cuba and referred to as "Recao" which is used a part of the standard Sofrito/Recaito recipe. It is also referred to as Sawtooth Herb (ngò gai) as a Pho condiment in Vietnamese cuisine You are awesome! Thanks so much!
  3. Trying to confirm that Mexican culantro is the same as what Costa Rica calls cilantro coyote. By google image searching it looks to be yes, but thought I would ask the brain trust.
  4. For such a tiny book, this baby provides an exhaustive alphabetical list of Mexican breads and pan dulces.
  5. I've been looking for that chilie relleno book. Where did you find it? And bilingual too. What a score! Do you know how the DK book will be different?
  6. I used these flat wooden paddles in Oaxaca recently. They worked very well. Tamal Making
  7. shelora


    You're most welcome, Tsquare. Catherine Taylor chocolates. Ring a bell? I'm pretty sure she's from Orcas. Mexican-esque = Hernandez. The chef is actually from El Salvador. The menu is pared down but their concept of serving and menu choices is worthy of a look. organic, hand made tortillas for tacos (5 for $5.00) and huaraches. 736 View St., in the lobby of an office building. Cash only. And I totally insist you post after your trip. And as our friend Julia would say, " bon appetit!"
  8. shelora


    I haven't dined in PA for awhile. Sorry. To be frank, the wenches have left the building! You know what I mean? There comes a time when one must let go of delusions, and heaven knows we are trying to let that tired old one go. I'm hesitant to recommend any Indian restaurants here, because they usually go the way of the dreaded buffet. I will recommend Cafe Ceylon though, chef Tamara Bailey specializes in Sri Lankan/Pan Asian and her spice mixes and sambals rock. Okay I'll recommend Cafe Ceylon. I dig the coconut curry prawns on the dinner menu. She's got a website. The g
  9. shelora


    Or drive on at Anacortes. I don't know if this is too out of the way for you to get to, but the ole Black Ball Ferry from Port Angles to Victoria sets you two blocks from your hotel.
  10. shelora


    Where did you hear this because I don't think there is a shuttle from the dock in Sidney to town. You might want to check that out. You could take a transit bus from Sidney into town, or taxi to the airport and take a shuttle, but that's kind of convoluted. Not unless the hotel is coming to get you. The Oswego is nice, the freshly ground coffee to make java with in the morning is a nice touch. The hotel does a nice breakfast in the main room in the morning which always a good way to start. I'm not sure of your culinary focus but these are the hits: Zambri's, www.zambris.ca/lunch and d
  11. You know we spent one New Year's eve in Morelia and everything closed down early!! I think we were in bed by 10:30, it was soooo quiet. What do people do in Morelia on New Year's eve? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. shelora


    If you want, I can help you experience some very amazing things in Victoria.I'm in the thick of it. What do you want to do? Let me rephrase that, what do feel like doing? Eco-tourism, culinary tourism, spas, or just hang out in the city?
  13. Planning a nice big Mexico trip for December-January that will go something like D.F, beach, Oaxaca and then thinking about hitting Veracruz for New Year's Eve and doing trips up the coast to Papantla and other stops. It will be our second time to Veracruz city and our first time exploring the state. If anyone has any tips, they'd be greatly appreciated. Anyone been to Veracruz for New Years?
  14. All I can say is that was so f***ing hot!! The recipe is from the same My Mexico book. I'm assuming because the chilies is only toasted, ground and fried, not soaked that it retains more heat?? If you ever do make this dish, I would recommend a cheese like jack or mozzarella to tone down the heat, or have some crema or even plain yogurt on hand to make it just a tad more palatable.
  15. chilie costeno rojo? The iguana mole sans iguana turned out brilliantly. I'm currently trying some quesadillas with a mushroom, hoja santa, costeno rojo mix. They're almost ready, will post later.
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